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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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I thought he is my everything but….its not

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : A-Pie | In : Lost and Love


hi my stories began here,

i was in relationship for 3 years ,

im actually a orphan girl which i dont have family memebers at all , when i was 21 i saw him  the day i saw him my heart was keep telling that hes for u go and talk to him… i join there on nov 20th 2014, i talk to him on the second day itself wic was on the 21st nov 2014. he response to me … and i do add him in Facebook and we do exchange our numbers as well. so the days ae getting better and better when we both used to be so close… he knows all my stories wic i was in orphanage home, i have no family my life is so miserable …he knows everything.. before we coupled he took me to his house which that i didnt expected at all…and im the luckiest person to get a family like that , i realy love his parents especially with his dad… they look after me very well and its makes me to feel for him deeper and deeper.. theres no words to describe my love for him. we was so close bt we havent coupled yet . i use to go to his house and he bring me all over the worlds , ,meets his close friends and at the same time i was close to her step sister as well. she is such a nice girls that i ever meet in my life. she change my life too. so when the things goes well .. i propose him i told him that i rely fall in love with u and i knw he loves me so much and he didnt wanted to show , at the same time he having a crush on another girl . he avoid her bcoz of me .. he fall for me and he started to avoid her. so after while on feb  14th he propose me together with a gold bracelet , i didnt expected this from him at all its was such a wonderful nite for us. he hug me , he kissed me we did all the naughty things after while. i decided that hes the one im gng to get married and i did not wanted to loose such a good family.the years pass well, we used to fight for litte things , i get jealous he too get jealous ,,, i try to change myself for him bt he didnt even change a single things for me only things that he changed was he avoid all the girls because of me n he didn’t even talk to any of a girls …..he hve to do that coz he sincerely in love with me so thats hes responsible to avoid flirting with other girls. so the times past…. we use to have so many probls , like keep figthing and we rare meet up…but i was so close with his family ,cousins his grandma and grandpa as well….our fights are getting worst and worst becouse of little things , wjatver happen i will find him evryday single day bcoz i knw i cant leave without him at all…even he had beaten me up because i raise my voice to him .. and one day he told lets break up and i feel that im gonna loose i cant even handle this situation at all , so i tries to meet him up he came n told infront of my face tat he did not wanted me anymore and that time my hearts ony feels tat i loose him alredy i decide to hurt myself insted of hurting him… i cut my hand and my pants was full of bloods he saw that and came inside the car and slap me for what i did… he took me to clinic and tthere was 10 stiches on my hand… and he only told me one thing that if left him free for one or two days he would find me back and he said itd hurt him so much…we hide all our figths to his family and his step sister as well.. hes very close to his sister after we both couple she maintain the distance frm us… nt he was so deep down coz she avoid him . i told him she will be bck to us soon bcoz we didnt did anything to her. its was 8th months that the step sister didnt talk to him … he told me that shes not his siter anymore and he hates her…..one day her sister call me and cries that she avoids us , she appologies to me … and she wanted to bck normal to him again,,,so i sit and talk to him and advise him and ask him to go and talk her sister… so he listen to me he went and talj to her so everthing was fine on her side but mine was getting worst and worst which that he didnt came and meet for one months and he stared to close with her step sister and he told all our personal issue to her…. and this where we both started to figth even more and i realise his attitude was chnage after he close back to his sister… so i decided to celebrate his birthday  , i call him and asked we gonna go for dinner on his birthday he refused to come out wth me and i ask why so?? no reason he said that he wanted to go out with his frenz ok fine….and i went to meet him on the day itself i was waiting for him almost one hour infront of his house …. and called him so many times bt no answer and i texted him and infroam that im waiting for u here… he refuse to meet me…and i wanted to knw whats the reason i just wait there for him to come bck home…at the same time his step sister call me and ask did he alredy told u that he wanted to break up with u ?? i was so shocked what the hell is this how she get to knw that he wanted to break up with me?? i told her no he didnt tell anything yet she makes fun of me and ask are u sure.. makes me irritating i jus hang up the call… thn she call and scold him tat i was waiting here… finally he answer my call around 10.30 pm ….and i told him i wanted to meet u baby … hes answer was only in bad words which the words is so disgusting… so i told wait i come there i went n meet him and the 1st time i saw that hes character is so weird …i told him why are u shouting with me …all the bullshits was there… but i was keep praying to god that i didnt nt wanted to loose him… and he called his parents and said that he dii not want me anymore in his life…..and ntg left only my tears and the fear of loose him only….and i hold his legs n told him that if i did anything im so sorry we sit and talk first he did nt wanted to listen to his parents aso…the worst day that i faced in my life..and he get so angry on that day wic no one cn controls him….so the parents decided to meet his step sister bcoz he was so close to him she came to hse n talk to us ..she scold me as wll. i dont bother bcoz i feels like she told him something and the problmes came bcoz of her!!!!!! bt i didnt gve up at all and i knw he wont leave me and he still love me the only thing was ruining on my mind!!! finnaly they decide to gve us 3 months period to not to contact each other and want us to realise our mistakes and after 3 motnhs we will get bck to nomal ok ….i agree on that time bcoz  i turst in god n he wont let me down…so that day the step sister told us to delete al our pictures in social media… i wondering why should i do that when we didnt even break up?  bt he only listen to her n delete everything and blocked me in all social media and didnt even save my number…i was so depressed till now which i didnt even knw who was there for me bt i was so lucky to have their family in my the parents cousins all supports me and said they will tlk to him….and untill now im waiting for his presence bt ntg change its has been 2 moths that we didn’t contact  each other n i miss him so much , i try to commit suicide for twice bt its failed bcoz of my roommate ..and in this two months he did alot of nonsense things , he contact my frenz ,,, chat with her out with gilrs …talking to alot of girls and started to avoid me and he tottally forgot me bt i use to go to his hse and still meets his parents i didnt not want to loose him at all i love his so much even he did all the mistakes im willing to forgive him….i dont know where this things gonna end but i still want him in my life…..i try to message him bt he ignore no replies n i realise he is happily living wthout me..how come a guy can be like tis???? and the worst part is the step sister didnt even contact me for this 2 motnhs, if shes a realy good heart people she would call me and ask  … so something wrong with her side.. he was happy with her bt he didnt think about me at alll……i dont knw what happen to me till nw i cnt even sleep well i cry all over nite i started to keep parying and praying i didi nt want anyone in my life only him yes only him….he promise me he wont leave me he did that , he promise me he wont lie , he did that , he promise me he wont play in girls feelings he did that he promise me he will alwyasbe honest bt he didnt tat and finaly he promised me he will married me and its turns up in this way…….its was worst feeling ever….i feel the same orphan feelings gain …i feel the loneliness …i was alone all the while…how he can forget me easily ??how he can cheat me and went out wit other girls how he can do tis to me …im blur nw i don knw what am i suppose to do i want him back please come back to me babe ..whatver happen whatver u have done i still can forgive u pls come bck to me im waiting for u here..i want my love back !!!wat was my fault?? my fault was only one which i love u truly and still loving u in the same feelings




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