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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

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Lucky and Beautiful LOVE

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : A-Pie | In : Soul Mates



Hai All

Love is a beautiful feeling, that can’t be expressed in words. I want to share this beautiful feeling with all of you. Thank you for reading this.

I am very much excited and felling like something to share my love with my lovely partner. I can really say, I am so Lucky to have my lovely dear in my life. We can know the real meaning of LOVE and Relationship, when we find the right person who knows the value of these things. By god gift, i got my dear in my life. I can say, ours love story is really great one not because of me, just because of my lovely one. He loves me unconditionally like my Father, he cares about me like my mother, he fought with me like my sibilings, he supported me like best friends, not all these he fights for me with his family, my family too. A girl can expect all these things from her partner, I can feel all these when I am with or with out him also. That’s why I can really say I am lucky to have you Nikhil.

Like every one our’s love story is also started with friendship, we were friends for one year. We both was worked for one small start up company, slowley he started friendship with me, after one year he proposed me. Like all girls, i said no. After few days I got good oppertunity in another company, so was resigned for that company, but still we were in touch. I was joined in new company just because of his support only. We used to talk for whole night and some times whole day. Slowly solwly I too fall in love with him, but surprisingly he said no just because of his family. At that time I was shocked, I cried for whole day continously. After 3 days I decided to stop talking with him and I stoped also. Just with in 2 days he came to me and said the reason for his answer. We two are from different caste, so we all know that, family will not accept this, so we decided to be as friends.

After that we were takling like normal and I was too busy with my new job. After few days he too resigned because that start up is going to shut down. I only suggested him to resign and he did the same thing. He took 6 months of time for his new job and these 6 months are most memorable Days in our life. He used to come to me every day to droping me and we used to fight so many times for silly and other reasons too. So, we strongly decided to fight with our families, because we can’t leave each other.

Days are going, suddenly my family called me with one marriage proposal, I was in tention, don’t know what to do. I know about my family that, they will not accept for intercaste marriage. We didn’t think about the result, at first he spoke with his family, his father didn’t accepted. Later he spoke with my mother, she too didn’t accepted. And my mother didn’t even told with my father and she decided that not to send me for job. For few days I was at Home. With the help of my frinds i spoke with him for every alternate day. I failed to convience my mother, but luckly she accepted to go for job with some conditions, that I should not meet him.

Again I came to office, the same day eveining I met him and we cried for lot of time. From that day onwards my family doesn’t know that still I am in love with him. We faced so many situations, still facing. He didn’t even said no in any day. He loves me unconditionaly from tha day one and I can strongly say he will be like this after my death also. I am so lucky to have you Nikhil, I never leave you at any situation. Every day I am praying the God that,our families should accept our love. We don’t want to get marraige with out our parents. So, God pleas help us to lead a happy life together.

Please give all your blessings to become together. Thank you.








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