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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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My love his hate

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : admin | In : First Love



My love story started from my window.It was my 1st time that I used to watch someone and blush.he also used to see and smile at me from his balcony.I got his number from my sister bcoz he used to talk to her and even said my sister that he like me.so I just started chatting with him on what’s up and use to wait for eachother to come online everyday.we used to sit and look eachother for more then hours from my window and his balcony and even wait for eachother till we close our window.It was July 7th 2016 when we were talking normally and just sended a forwarding text to him in which different colours of heart were there and what feeling u have was written so I just sended him a white heart for which it was written’ I like u’ and then it was his time to reply to that forwarded message and what he choosed was red heart which was for’ I love you’.And that’s how are realtionship started from that day.It was best time of my life.he was a gym trainer so he used to go early to gym at 6 clock morning and even I used to wait for him to go bcoz whenever he used to go out he always looked back from his bike and says bye and give a smile and flying kiss.this was like a daily routine for us bcoz we were like a start of day and end of night for eachother.we even never had any fights on any topic bcoz of anyone or anything.we were like a perfect couple.3 month passed to our realtionship but we never even meet eachother Face to Face bcoz I wasn’t allowed to go out anywhere bcoz I was a school student of 10th std.

It was 18th September 2016 when I meet him some how bcoz of my sister and we both as a couple went to Mandir and I just said him that I m getting bored.his reply was let’s so to my frnds home,he lives nearby.so we went there and for me it was my 1st time that I was alone with someone.we got very close to each other at our 1st meet only.The things were distracting me when I came back at home.and in evening when we talked he said don’t worry baby I will be there with you forever.

But after 1month he said let’s brkup which was a shocking news for me and I started crying and convensing him to be with me and after 1hour of our talk he said that he is just joking and at that time I made him sit all night out with me in his balcony and me in window in a winter weather.again all was good we meet for 5 times after that.again all went good till Feb 28th 2017 but on that day he shifted from there to somewhere else.i cried in front of him while he was shifting but he promised me to come to see me every morning and evening and he followed whatever he said to me.it was my board exams from 9 th march and I had a wish to be fulfilled on 8th march and I just told him that I have a wish from u so just think and in evening he was in front of me as it was my wish to see him. As my papers where going on it was my bday on 25th and even my paper so he wished me 1st at 12clock  and brought cake for me next afternoon and a watch as a gift.i was happy and use to pray to God to keep we both together forever in every way.

But on 26th as I called him,I wasn’t aware that he was at home and his mother picked my call and then mother said to elder sister and the family drama started.from that day his behaviour also changed towards me and use to ignore me.so as my paper got over I asked him why was he behaving like that so he told me everything that my parents won’t accept u bcoz of caste difference and said he won’t go against his parents.i was hanged and I got unconscious after sometime i again started convincing him but he was like we will be together but never marry each other.i was frustrated and used to convince him everyday to be with me bcoz I was having fear that he will leave me.but still after some months I thought that just go with the flow and started being calm and talked properly with him.again for 6 the time I meet him and loved eachother as much as we were able to.but as I used to sit alone and  think about things which had happened with me after he left me from my society was very hurtful for me.just to be In relationship with him I wrote his name with blade on my heart and used to think of he is not mine I won’t live my life alone without him.i did many things to convince him but what I was doing wasn’t right.i cried everyday which he never saw.he wasn’t the person I used to see in front of me,he was totally different.

One day I got a very high fever bcoz of whatever I used to do for him to be with me.bcoz of which I got a lump on my neck and still he was not picking my call and no reply of any message and I was on bed that time bcoz of fever.i got frustrated and went his home and said everything to his family.his mother and sister were already knowing abt me but elder sister and father came to know when I said them everything.he was very angry on me and still just bcoz of that incident it has been year but he still doesn’t talk to me.

I tried every way to contact him but he changed his number.no clues to contact him.i begged to his frnds for his number but they said they don’t have.

I see him going from front of me but he runs away from there and says his frnds that he doesn’t like faltu ladki.

He never understood why I was at his home.he never understood my feelings,my love,my respect,my trust.

Still his frnds says that he has a girlfriend but I don’t even like to trust them.bcoz I know that my love towards him cannot be wrong.

I still miss him a lot?.


My love and his hate towards eachother may never fail.

I love u lot Abhishek gaikwad Patil.

Will wait whole life for you to come back.

  1. Come back soon



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