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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

All i want for christmas is………you!!!!!

Posted on : 18-12-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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it was november 14 and my best friend had just got her ex boyfriend back his name is kayce but thats not who this is about its about his best friend phillp it was the end of 6th perid and i was walking to 7th and i saw him he walked right up to me and started to tickle me so much i almost peed myself but i didnt the next day me and mt best friend destany ate lunch together we were in a line that was right next to them then they both told me to come up to them and i said no stupid me then i had aske ddestanys boyfriend what he wanted and he said that he wanted to go out with me it was a sorta hard week because i had got asked out by 3 or 4 people i had asked him out 1 week after that then he said no i was so sad then i went on thankgiving break i thought that he had forgot about it but no he didnt he hadnt forgot about it until the 2nd week before christmas break we were decorating the door and i saw him in the hallway and we were messing around and pretending to fight i went to the batroom and destany had talke dto him and had asked him if he had liked me and he said yes i was so happy then he was suposed to ask me out the next day but he didnt he had started to tell everyone he liked me it was so cute then the day he asked me out and i said yes but the said never mind i was so confused then at lunch i had asked him if we were going out and he said sorry but no i started to feel my eyes getting wattery and my heart droped walking to class so dizzy and tired from all the confusion it was reading time i had to read for a little because of the stupid state think our reading scores are low i cryed over a stupid guy i didnt even go out with i cryed all through 5th and 4th period good thing i have izzy sami and my little make to make me feel better but now it was friday the last day of school for christmas break and i didnt even think about him until the last period of the day i saw him as i walked out to my bus all he left me with is a i gotta talk to you when we get back and a tap on the sholder and from the time i got home and the time i started writing this i can and couldnt stop thinking about him

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