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innocence of love

Posted on : 01-10-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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i was 13 when i had my love @ first sight in my schooling life, i’m a romantic idiot since my schooling days,always in search of love n keep listening to romantic love story films, specially inspired by shahrukh khan.

That was the 1st day of my 6th class,I came to school at early hours started waiting for my friends near cycle parking so that was the first time i saw my love,she is “sufia” with cute little face with spectacles,pink wrist watch,pink hair band,pink bangles oh gosh pink was her favorite colour n she was most cutest in the pink combination.

sufia was a new joiner to my school, i was just flatted to her, from the day 1 i’ve ben observing her daily in the mornings her dad used to drop her, then after few days she started soming to school in pink bicycle 😀
this was funny n crazy world for me to see her daily passes through my streets.

one fine day i spoke to her through my closest friend shehnaz she is another sweet gal in my schooling life she was a very good friend of mine. so she helped me a lot in making friendship with sufia.

finally i became close friend of sufia, we started to roam on bicycles daily n she used to come to my home, my sis was her frnd too, she was even a good dancer,so our meetings were often,this is how 2 years passed.

i was in love with her deeply n decided to marry her, i kept all these feelings in myself never got guts to propose her,days ended that was time she was shifted to another school n i just remained empty with out expressing myself.

It took time for me to digest this, but some how my schooling life was very colorful with my friends.those days were so innocent n my love was even innocent n so pure.

now i dont find any such kind of pure n fresh feelings in this day to day life, thats why i keep rolling my memories how sweet n innocent days i had spent in my life.

this may seem sunny to read but just wrote this to tel u the innocence of love is very pure.

— sajid ali

(Screen) Name: sajid

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