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Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

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Chasing Light – Love Story

Posted on : 10-06-2009 | By : admin | In : Romance Love Story

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It all started whenever my family and I had moved to Lancaster Pennsylvania- the sixth school district of my short 13 years of life. I wasn’t expecting much- it was just another move. But I was so far from being right.. On the first day of school, I met this guy.. I couldn’t describe the way I felt whenever I’d first met him really and I wasn’t sure why I was acting so absurd. I felt foolish- childish even, over a boy I’d just met. And as the months passed, I had tried to focus on other things, but I honestly didn’t feel this way for any other guy I’d met. It somewhat embarrassed me. I remember him always turning to look at me during class and trying to make me laugh but I never really thought of it, and then he started walking me to the only class we had together and we started becoming extremely close. And then on February 7th, he handed one of my friends a note-a note for me, and this note would change my life forever.
We started dating that day, although I wasn’t allowed to date, so whenever I’d arrived home, I called my mother and explained to her what had happened. She was absolutely thrilled! Although, my dad didn’t react the same way as I’d pleased. He was going to watch out for me, and he ended up not liking this guy of mine. Not at all.
So one night, after 2-3 weeks of dating this guy, my dad talks to me about him and tells me these exact words- “You’re going to break up with him tomorrow. I really don’t care. I don’t like him and you should respect the fact that I feel that way towards him.” He said other things as well, but I’d rather not put them online. I was OUTRAGED. I wasn’t going to let my dad get into the way of my relationship I was having with this guy, so the next day I emailed my mom telling her how upset I was that I had broken up with him- even though I hadn’t. I’d lied about that
So because of this, my parents got into a huge argument.
I felt horrible, knowing that a lie I had given out had caused such a dent in my parents relationship. Because it didn’t end there.
Later in time, (we’ll call him David) and I had fallen in love. (although it may seem impossible because of our young age, it was true. It was definitely true). We’d thought of our future, where we’d live, our kids names, and just about everything imaginable. We trusted each other to keep the promise we held for one another, and that was to never let go. Ever. We wrote notes to each other during classes, texted each other 24/7, and talked on the phone until the other had fallen asleep on the line. It was perfect, and I was incredibly happy. But my dad disliked this completely.. And he had forced me to not see David’ outside of school, which gave me no choice but to sneak out of the house. I’d went to parties with him, I’d gone out eat with him, and we’d gone for a walk- and all but once we weren’t caught. But whenever I did get caught, (whenever I snuck outside and went for a walk with him) I had gotten everything taken away. And by this, I mean my cell phone privileges, home phone privileges, computer privileges, or any other device that would let me talk to David’. In other words- talking to or about David was illegal’ in the household. Although months passed, and nothing changed between David and I. We kept strong, and no matter what my dad would tell me, I stayed with my boyfriend.
Until the summer of 2007 rolled along.
I couldn’t see David at all during the whole summer break. I wasn’t allowed to talk to him either. I’d gotten my cell phone back, although my texting had been taken off of it, and my dad had written down David’s number( so whenever I’d call him- he would look it up online and know). I felt as if I were a bird a caged bird without a key. And whenever my father had done this to me I refused to talk to him or anyone else in my family really it didn’t seem fair. The only communication I secretly had with David was email, and my parents didn’t even know I had an email address. I wasted all of my summer at my brother’s baseball games and tournaments- because I wasn’t allowed to go out with friends (my dad was afraid that David would come over my friend’s house as well). Although ongoing through this horrible summer- we still stayed strong, and I ended up talking to my uncle Michael about the situation. He told me this: The fact that you two are away from each other like this is just making you stronger, and I do believe you two are in love- I can see it by the way you talk about him, and the stories you tell me about you two I find it inspiring- your story and I believe that if he really does love you the way I think he does he wont let this get in the way of you two. Don’t let your dad influence your life- you need to make your own decisions in life, and if your dad doesn’t like it then he’s going to have to accept the fact that he can’t control you.
I saw David once that summer- I snuck out to see him while my parents were away and we still loved each other and we were still strong- maybe even stronger. So my uncle had been correct about us and this overjoyed me.
My dad then realized what had happened, and that I was indeed in love- so he somewhat accepted it.. And he let me (whenever summer had ended) see him outside of school.
Until our parents got into a fight.
And David was forced to break up with me.
I couldn’t breathe.. I couldn’t think I couldn’t live.
Although, David had given me a promise ring- and just because we’d broken up now didn’t mean it was actually over.
We decided that we were going to test our love for two years.. And see if we were really meant to be like wed thought.
All of our freshmen year, we dated other people, and yet nothing felt the same. All of the relationships lasted for a month if even that- compared to our 7 months together. And whenever we were single, we’d go to my best friends house and spend time together there- and even at other parties like we had last year. And rumors spread throughout the school about our story, and for the people who knew about it, our story seemed like a fairy tale or an impossible movie to them. Although some things weren’t so perfect as others imagined.
I’d hurt him- my David by dating someone he absolutely hated and this horrified me. I couldn’t take the fact that I’d hurt his feelings this badly.. And I did something stupid (This won’t be listed online), and I pledged to him that I wouldn’t date ANYONE else until I could date him again.
But the exact opposite happened.
That summer I met this guy (we’ll call him Alex) and I fell for him- hard. He seemed unreal.. Impossible, like everything I’d always wanted wrapped up into this entirely perfect figure that only could stand in any girl’s dreams. I was so overwhelmed and joyous, and because of our separation over the summer between David and I, the impossible seemed to happen
I’d fallen in love with Alex as well.
So here I stand now.
Confused and so lost. David does indeed know that I’m in love with Alex but David had told me that he just wants me to be happy.
That just makes this so much more complicated.
If you have any feedback, please respond to this story I would greatly appreciate some advice- especially from those that are my age.
And yes- my story is being created into a series, I’ve started to write it already!

Author: Anne

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