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A true Story of Love & Betrayal

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : admin | In : Romance Love Story

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Once a pakistani boy named Ali living in Kuwait fell in love with a pakistani girl named Sehar who lived in canada through facebook. Though he was not the guy who believed in love and more importantly long distance relation and all was not his piece of cake as he was the party guy, spoiled and was into alcohol, drugs and stuff at a very young age of 18 or 19. Also he had the choices of girls who were even closer to him and in the same city, much beautiful, educated still he choose the girl who was very far. Whom he never met. All this started from one random message from a stranger girl from canada. The guy replied and soon they became friends and started chatting daily. After few days the guy realized that only she is the one whom he was looking for and proposed her. Luckily, the girl accepted the proposal and they fell in love. Everything was going fine till one day when the boys father passed away and the boy got shattered as he was very much attached to his father. After this tragedy Ali went into depression and nothing remained in his control. He was not able to even remember anything his family, friends, also Sehar whom he recently started loving all because of this tragedy which left him shattered. On the other side Sehar was trying to contact and speak with Ali. but he just dint gave her a chance and walked away and actually he went into darkness. He completely stopped talking with his friends, left work, turned off his phone forever and all he wanted was to stay alone in a dark room. This went on for almost 2 years. His mother was worried because of Ali’s behavior but he was not even speaking with her. She tried every single thing and prayed day and night for her son and after 2 years Ali started recovering after he himself started praying. He started feeling lighter and then he realized that he is the eldest son and his mother and younger brothers and sisters are his responsibility and he has to get up on his feet. He spoke with his mother and he realized that she has struggled alot because of him. So, the first thing he did was to get a job which luckily he got in his first interview. After he got the job he started meeting his old friends also who were aware about his condition and everything became normal for him except Sehar. As he was lacking the guts to talk with her and apologize for whatever happened. However, one day one of his friend motivated him to atleast talk once and apologize. He did the same. He called up the girl and upon hearing his voice the girl started crying and she told her how much she missed her and stuff and they both started again. 

Now everything became normal for Ali. His family was happy, his friends were happy, he got his love back. He started focusing on his career and soon got promotions and they both started planning to get married. They both used to be on phone for hours. And also because of Sehar he was on the right path and had left all his bad habbits of alcohol, drugs, late night parties and stuff. In short, he was happy and matured by that time. He also started saving money and investing to get profit so he can fulfill all her wishes of buying a house in canada and even he planned to move there and start his own business as he wanted to keep her in the same country where her parents live. He planned and started working for it without her knowledge. In between they fought alot for small reasons but they couldn’t afford to spend 1 single day without talking with each other and sharing pictures and videos of each other. Also one reason for the fight was that in that 2 years when Ali was in depression while Sehar claimed she missed him and prayed day and night to get in touch with Ali. She was actually in a relationship with a guy named Shoaib and more surprisingly he was also pakistani and living in the same country where Ali lived. And also shoaib claimed he loved her and also that he knows her from more than 2 years. However, Sehar convinced Ali that he was only her friend and he used to like her but she loves Ali only and cannot live without him. As Ali was blindly in love with her so he ignored and there relation was normal again. This went on for another 2 to 3 years things were all good. They both were happy and Ali was madly in love with her and was planning to visit her country to meet her for the first time as they they knew each other for almost 6 years and they haven’t met. and now Ali had to go back to his country to settle few things. While he planned to go back to his home country he got into a big mess. He was caught by immigration officials in another country where he was for transit due to mistaken identity and also he lost his passport. They put him in jail and for almost 2 months and he was not in contact with anyone not even his family. After 2 months pakistani embassy helped him get out of jail after it was proved that he is not the guy they were looking for and they deported him to his home country. The first thing the guy did after getting out of jail was to call his mother and Sehar. His mother cried and he told her that he is on his way and will be with her very soon. But things were not good at Sehar’s end.. at first she disconnected the call after hearing Ali’s voice. Ali was shocked and tried again but he was not getting any response from her. However, the next morning he got a call from her and again she started crying. And said that he left again without her knowledge and now no one in her family will accept Ali. And they are planning for her marriage with someone else. Ali was shocked! Sehar was crying and what she said to Ali was shocking. She asked him to leave and never talk with her again. 

What Ali thought was that he was away and she is angry so he started apologizing and promised that he will come to meet her very soon and that the same year they will get married also. They started talking again daily and somehow Ali convinced her and things were good again till Ali came to know that while he was in jail for 2 months she was in contact with some guy Irfan who already went to canada to meet her also and surprisingly he was also from Ali’s neighborhood and more surprisingly his childhood friend to whom he actually stopped meeting long back. But still Sehar’s convincing power was so good and Ali was madly in love with her. So, she explained Ali that they are just friends and she also knows her family from pakistan which was actually true. And because Ali dint liked she stopped any ties with him. And again they got back to normal. And Ali started planning to visit her and her family to discuss about there Marriage. He actually planned to give her a surprise on his own birthday. However, some things were not same like before. And Ali became suspicious. And somehow he found out that Sehar lied to him about her relation with Irfan. And they were actually still in contact. He asked Sehar about it and she started fighting and swearing that whatever Ali thinks is wrong and she is not in contact with Irfan. To prove the same she called Ali on Skype(video call) and held The Holy Quran in her hand and she swear upon The Holy Quran that she has no relation with Irfan and she will never contact him in future. After all this Ali had no choice except to trust her again. And the rest part his love for her played and he trusted her again.


They became normal again but Ali was still not convinced from inside and for the same he was guilty that why he is not convinced till now as she had swear upon the Quran and nothing is bigger after this being a Muslim. But in reality that swear was playing a big role and within 1 week Ali came to know every single thing about Sehar that she was actually cheating on him from years. 

Now there is a Twist. She was actually in love with Irfan. And Irfan knew that she was earlier in a relation with Ali but they had ended long back. And irfan was also madly in love with her and they both were planning marriage too. And they were in contact for more than 7 years and in relation was more than 2 years which proves she was cheating on both of them.


When Ali came to know the truth he immediately contacted Irfan. And after hearing from Ali even he was shocked. When they both asked her together so she had no option left but to choose 1 or leave.  And then she choose Irfan and apologized and left Ali and also abused him for speaking with Irfan. Ali was in shock that why she did this to him. Tried to speak with her but she never responded back. Days passed and Ali was back into his addiction of drugs and alcohol and this time because of his love. He spoiled himself again. He was completely shattered. 

After few days he recieved his passport from the Embassy with his canadian visa which he had submitted for a surprise visit for his love. Upon receiving the passport from embassy he planned revenge. He gathered all the information about sehar’s, her address, her workplace and all. And he went to canada to meet her for the first time without her knowledge. He planned to speak with her on face to know why she did all this with him and insult her. After reaching canada he was able to locate her the same day. He went in front of her with anger and questions but when he observed she got frightened. He just told Sehar to relax and dont worry as he is not there to harm her and just kept his promise that he will come to meet her. And he turned back with tears in his eyes. He dint even took 10 steps back and sehar came running and held his forearm from the back and told Ali to stop. Before she could say something Ali started asking her why she did all this and she could have told him to leave and stuff.. he burst out everything he had in less than 5 minutes.. he also told her that he never imagined there first meeting will be like this. now both were in tears and she was literally crying. He asked her to stop crying as they were standing in the middle of a busy street. She turned back and ran inside the place she was working in.


After meeting her for the first time and watching her crying Ali lost his senses as she was his true love, his weakness. And it was not easy for him to see her cry. He again started thinking that things can workout and he will forgive her and start a new life. He called up Sehar and asked her to meet him. After few No’s and why’s she agreed. They met and spoke with each other about what they want in life. To his surprise now she was not agreeing. And throwing at Ali that once the trust is broken it can never be the same again. So, This time Ali convinced her that he will make everything alright and they will forget whatever happened for a fresh start. Finally she agreed. And also promised him that nothing will happen again in future. They started meeting daily as Ali stayed in a hotel for few days and every morning Sehar visited him and both love birds spent the days together. She was spending time with Ali But he was not able to bring back that feeling of loving her back again. in between he planned to ruin her life by sleping with her and leave her as his revenge but they even slept together almost naked but he was not able to get the feeling of making love or something. He also started doubting himself as it came in his mind if he is able to make love or no. while actually he was feeling disgusted as the girl he loved has cheated on him and already slept with someone else. His mind was constantly thinking that now what will be her next move. Also because he was aware that she is still in contact with Irfan. Though he never told her but he was aware.

After spending few days when Ali was leaving they both met and hugged each other and promised to meet back again soon. Mr. Romeo(Ali) was actually confused about her and also made her confuse about there relation. He was actually fighting a war between his brain and heart. Finally after reaching back to his home they fought back due to same issues and blocked each other from there phones. What Ali actually did was to leave her with Irfan and walked away. He fought with himself for almost a year.. and was unable to trust anyone or we can say afraid to trust. But after sometime he decided to forget everything and move on with the help of his few friends and family.. 

While discussing his story with us. Ali recalled everything and what he told us was shocking. He said whatever she did she did good for herself. And she choose what makes her happy. And if she is happy with someone else i am ok with it. And when we asked him if he regrets it. He replied, everything in life happens for a reason. and when she was exposed at first at the same time he should have left her and move on. he trusted her again and it was his own mistake his own choice.


“You can never make a mistake twice. because the second time its not a mistake, it’s a choice!


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