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Amazing once in a lifetime lust/love

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : admin | In : Secret Love

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I don’t know how many people experience that one partner in their lives that stays forever in their memory . To me it seems realistic to say that it’s rare chance happening that two people meet and without any words at all you both know that you  physically want to connect, hence why the lingering effect of those encounters remains haunting your thoughts for at least a moment of everyday . Whilst the relationship was never destined to last for sensible reasons, one thing that made the union fast and furious was the undeniable intense sexual compatibility/chemistry that kept us practically aching for more at that time . Eventually reality inevitably applied its harsh breaks and forced the relationship to an abrupt end however for that short blissful time it was enough to carve , to burn ,the memory in our thoughts forever . This person and I accepted that we weren’t meant for each other in the long run but we were sure meant for each other in bed . Replaying in my mind our bodies grasping at each other’s flesh , running nails down skin , kissing like we wanted to eat each other , having sex 3 or 4 times in just a few hours , every touch like a blast of delicious electricity . It all seems exhausting but at the time it was all we needed and the memories of it is nothing less than incredibly powerful. We burnt each other out only to come back for more as it was the sweetest most addictive drug . People told us that we weren’t good for each other as they could see the relationship for what it was, in their minds , just lust and deep down we knew it too to some extent but the forces of nature kept us physically close to each other, as close as we could possibly get . In my opinion the experience is rare . The memories are  so intense and sublime yet painful at the realisation that it had to end and probably will never be experienced again but I have to accept that fact for logical personal progressive reasons . Every now and then I’ll hear a song , smell that delicious certain scent that she used to wear , see some one who resembles her , and for a second or two my body burns with excitement but then it’s gone . That feeling is something money simply cannot buy , our union was priceless . I don’t like to say it was just lust  . It was being in love with the way we touched each other and tasted to each other but it was being in love for a limited explosive period in time . It was a rare type of love that very few experience but I was lucky (or un lucky in the sense that I can never forget ) enough to have enjoyed those sexually charged moments but endure the remaining memories of something that’s gone forever . If I ever ran in to this person again I couldn’t confidently say that I could just walk away which is why as much as yearn to connect again I sensibly hope I never do as our union would not only be catastrophic for the surrounding furniture but for those we love not to mention our mental health  . Love isn’t just sex but sometimes that sex is so amazing it scars you for life and nothing else will never be quite as amazing . Your soul mate is a portion of everything which is why you love them and would die without them. It’s what makes for a long successful relationship  ;However , to have a full dose of that amazing sexual chemistry must remain as private thoughts that we both know we still have  . The vibrations of that powerful attraction will remain , and if they ever start to fade , which they haven’t in nearly 20 years yet , I’ll know that they have faded for her. Until then and IF that ever happens she’ll be my one secret that keeps bound and turned on in fantasy . Please let me know if you’ve had a similar experience ; does it feel like mine ? 

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