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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

Endless Love

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : admin | In : Romance Love Story

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Its goes back to 10 years ago.About to leave for Montreal,Canada for masters in Computers Science.I was above average with highly passion in Computers 23 years old.Going first time out of India, Delhi Airport my parents look at me I look at them happy and following up last minute instruction from my father.Got text wishes from my 4 years relationship girlfriend from my college.In my mind new world new life adventure starts.

Saw Gurvinder at terminal with his 25 people family from a small village came to drop him at airport.Everybody was crying including him (Met him 2 weeks ago going to same college), I looked at them then I looked at my parents chill and I was happy.Thought time to run away from drama.Flight to Montreal freedom had drinks in flight.


Reached Montreal, my friend backed out, no one came to pick me at airport.I was always strong to cab to address.and found him at house.Small Condo with 3 people living.Life started, university paperwork , time to say goodbye to ex (mistake broke her heart).Parties started, clubbing and all fun.First semester finals, KARMA hit me back and failed in project.Kind of dreams shattered but felt to be strong.I was really open minded all time all religions but one thing I always believed KARMA.Went to club again and in the lights of club and drinks up found my crush Maria (Latino older than me.). I don’t  speak french and she don’t speak English fun part. Still our eyes met and really found a connection and she did too.

Always was a geek, used google translate all time from English to french back and forth.Met her next day and next day and again at weekend.Moving forward and moved to her place.There was love but it was different.With university pressure of my results, got kicked out of university.I was really sad and discussed Maria,we talked a lot and she gave me option to marry her and stay in Canada.Had a love, but still was big decision , got out of options and just did it.Started again new life (By the way didn’t told my parents, typical Indian but still way cool than other ones).Found delivery job, good cash money and filed my residence.Things were going all smooth.Living like happy couple.Just big wait for residence now.


We started  hating Montreal, I mean beautiful city but low incomes and opportunities.I need to rise and think big.Friends moved to Calgary and we felt that is our destination.Just waiting for residence patiently and when time came we moved.

New city and again new life.But things started to feel good and bad both same time.Got excellent job made 3 times what I was making in Montreal, BUT Maria health got bad, she got arthritis, changed in behavior life was going better economically but relationship was falling day by day.And one she said tell your parents and solve everything.It was time I guess, told them and my father stopped talking to me.Maria started going to Columbia her hometown for her treatment 3 months a year.I took responsibility for all financial situation.But the relationship was pretty much done needed just a spark for fire.

I quit my job and looked for change, already was top salesman in my company and reached the limit.Good or bad decision , I just took it needed a change.Started working in furniture store.Maria and I were just on edge of relation, that moment and she was about to leave for Columbia for her treatment.I was happy , really needed peace in life for a while and she felt the same. And just then the miracle  happened in life.


All right friends need support if you like my half  story please comment and rest will write after that.

Just some keywords for coming part. Soulmate, Respect, Suicide attempt,Blood Love letter,Insomnia, depression, Emergency protection services, Tattoo , CHANGE of RELIGION , Wait for 7 years and counting,learning arabic, kids,guitar.




Old Haunted Love

Posted on : 26-08-2013 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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This is my Love story, not sure if this is love or what. Pleas enjoy

I am 18 years old. I am average 3rd year IT student at the university. I had girlfriend and lots of friends to talk to and consult. I am also a musician in many orchestras around the province. Everyone around me was very friendly and helpful, they help me during my study and sometimes ask whether I come for a dinner under their dorm. My life was happy, everything was in the right way.

Till sometimes later in my life, I broke up with my girlfriend. My friends start to think that I have no time for them for example study after class or have some foods before I go home, because at that time I have many things to get it done such as concert schedule, part time job, study(my grades for midterm are in about average), family and etc, so they start to leave me by myself. Everyday when I come to my faculty, no one greeting me like before. Once I have math problem, no one bother to give me any key(I know that let someone do problem for you is not helpful) and I keep struggle and so on.

I come home and have a conversation with my ex, realised that she has new one and start to fade out and hardly ever chat to me through Skype. So yeah, everything is gone wrong. It was really really terrible and effect everything in my life.

The clearest effect that caused from that is I become so cold-blooded and so devoid. It reaches the point that when I walk pass pretty student in my faculty, I feel empty and thinking I am not worth her I am not handsome not smart like others. Some day I become hallucinogen thinking randomly why no one love me and stuff. I was so lonely and really isolated in my own room with one gaming computer. I think that there is a method to avoid the reality which is play computer game, which I did. I play computer game since 11pm till like 4am everyday. It goes worse, when i go to faculty, my friends see me like a walking dead. They didn’t say much but just told me to reduce playing game and more sleep. Finally I have depression and Insomnia.

Later on, while i was checking facebook and instagram. I saw my old friend in the instagram. Her name “Prim”, She is my friend since I was in International School and she is in high status family. Since year 9 during registration time (8.40am) I came to school like 7.20 to sleep for a while. I met her came inside the classroom with her friends, she’s so cute and lovely. Her smile is so pure and makes me fall in love. Then we start to talk, since at that time I was using msn to communicate with her, took me about 2 months to get used to each other. One day I was planned to confess her after school finish, unfortunately and obviously, my whole year friends knew that I was interesting with her. There are 2 sides, support me and anti me to go for her. Her friends might told her(My thought). It is real, then I went on normal habit of msn with her. Then she asked me “Do you really like me?” The most stupid answer I gave to her was “no”. And then we didn’t ever talk again and everyday was so awkward. Later, I finished IGCSE and left school to the university(my university minimum requirement is IGCSE) while she was doing her A-level till year 13.

First year of university(Freshy), 3 years later since year 9. I was brave enough to message to her in facebook. Good thing that she replied me. We recovered our conversation, everything was getting better and better. We became close-friend at last.

My another friend from another school (long lost friend) called me to congrats that I got the university. I introduced Prim to him. Somehow, my friend start to fall in love with her, so then I become a Matchmaker for them both. It took me about 3 months and finally they became couple. They were happy and love each other so much. As I was a matchmaker for them, I was happy too.
Another 9 months, they broke up. I was trying to convince them to come back but failed. So they separated, also they studied in the different university which was really far from each other, but both were studying Bachelor of Business Administration and Prim got education scholarship. During that time, I was really busy on study and work so I had no time to contact both of them from first year to second year of my university’s life.

On second year of my study, it had been a long time since I talked to her, so I contact her via app Line, she responded. We talked for like a month now, then she told me that she got her new boyfriend which he was her senior(Senior in her university have to take care of the first year that come from election, so those senior will give them their used text book or notes). She was in relationship with him for 3 months (which is before I contact her via Line). At that time, as I am her close friend, I congratulate her. Logically, she has her boyfriend; we talk to each other for about couple months then we fade away.

From now on, according to what I write from the beginning till now, my life was in critical and so depression. The only thing I can think is her. She is only one who can cheer my life up with her smile. I really miss her so much, I contact her. Something inside me told me that she is the one who will change my world. I talk to her for a month now; I try to flirt her like before. I sent a doll for her birthday and also I made albums of her picture to impress her. Everything is smooth, but then during Line chat, I asked her why come back to condo so late, she replied that she went to meet her “boyfriend” at the faculty. At that point, I am so empty till now. Everything in the past. I felt really aggrieved, asked myself why always be me why not me. In the past, I cheered everything for her, and now, I am really depressed of what I did in the past.

I don’t know how I am going to stay in this world though. I want to be everything for her although I am not in a high status people. I am scared that whether my life and status worth her or not. Every time we talk to each other, she always cheers me up when I am down. I really love her but it would be impossible to be with each other. Is this one sided love?? Nowadays, my life still haunted by my past life of her and I. What I did and have done.

Thank you for reading my story and sorry for the grammar, I am not 1st language English.

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