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Impossible love with the perfect girl….

Posted on : 08-05-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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I am actually someone who is afraid of what people thinks about his feelings because that is very common, people criticize all that we think or do, and well my story involves all that…

I’m German Palacio a guy from Colombia and all started because my friend Juliana failed the year so we became very close and when i saw her with her group of friends i could saw a girl, a girl that was beautiful, her eyes just killed me his hair was beautiful, but nothig was more amazing that her eyes they were perfect, her name was Diana i think that with her it was the first time i actually experienced what is love at first sight, i just couldn’t believe she was beautiful.

I had a problem, i didn’t trust in myself and i was so insecure, so scared, i thought that i was ugly, i knew that if i talked to her i will like vomit or something, but i loved her, my friend Juliana told me that i had no chance with her but i already knew that because she was a year older than me, but that’s obvious. Thr o ly think i focused on everyday was looking at her and admire all the light that she gave to my heart as i passed right in front of her in recess, one day when i was in x-mas holidays i had the stupid idea of sending her a message saying her all the things that i was feeling but then i realized that was the most stupid thing i’ve ever done she told Juliana and when we returned from holidays she told me that i was very idiot because of sending her that message so i was pretty mad with myself because of 2 reasons: first, Diana woukd never pay attention to me so the message was useless, and second, i was mad because i just realized wih Juliana that the message was so stupid. 

Time passed and i was still in love with her i couldn’t sleep thinkig about her and the worst thing is that i didn’t knew anything about her because she was a year older than me so i screw it all up because i was in love with the wrong person but i couldn’t take her out of my mind.

One day Juliana told me that Diana wanted to meet me, i just couldn’t believe it i thought Diana wanted to give me chance, but that was BS, Diana wanted to meet me because Juliana told him i was a great person not as boyfriend but as friend so i was actually very disappointed, but i knew she would never give me a chance.

I tried to talk to her but it was useless because when i’m in love i’m stupid, i’m nervous so it was very sad to see that then i just couldn’t look a her.

Now we are in 2011 and i’m still in love with her, but believe or not she suddenly started to talk to me by messenger so i’m happy i know she doesn’t want anything with me but at least being her friend that for me is like flying have the chance to be by her side protecting her, i just dream of incredible endings for this story, but the real thing my friends is that i cant lie to you i’m suffering for her. And it isnt good but i just love her she gives me light to be happy everyday, her eyes are brighter than a thousand suns….


(Screen) Name: Impossible Love

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