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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

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Love at First Sight

Posted on : 12-04-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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When Me and Alex first met it was at both of our friends’ wedding. He was a friend of the groom and I was a friend of the bride. He is from a different state so I only met him the night before the wedding. We were paired off to walk together because apparently we looked good together…:).
The day of the wedding I found out that the girl that was helping with our hair and make-up that also came from a different state was Alex’s girlfriend. I was very surprised because it seemed like we had a connection so I didn’t think he had a girlfriend. But as my friend likes to say that didn’t stop me. Well to my defense I was bored so naturally since Alex was sitting next to me at the reception we talked the entire time. (I didn’t have to worry about being bored at the ceremony because I slept through most of it, they let the bridesmaids sit down since it was long).
Well naturally since me and Alex hit it off so great his girlfriend got jealous so when we went to take pictures afterwards she came with us and basically had him all to herself. So I felt left out. But I found another one of the grooms friends to flirt with. And I hadn’t seen Alex again or heard from him after. I did find out later that they broke up and she got married really soon after. The reason they broke up…that will come up later.
So about 2 years pass, and it just so happened that one of my friends that lives in Oregon (that’s where Alex lives also) was getting married. So I went to her wedding. And it actually was a last minute decision because I didn’t think I could go. But I did, and I am so happy I did…:).
I helped with decorations for the wedding, with the flowers and you name it, so during the wedding I was really tired. During the reception which was at the same church the ceremony was at. I decided to go exploring by myself. It was a huge and very beautiful church. Well it turned out that some people that actually go to that church were decorating for this big thanksgiving thing. So I went to check it out and who do I bump into? Alex. We recognized each other immediately and started talking. But I had to go back to the wedding. Later he came to find me and he wouldn’t leave my side. I was pretty impressed… he definitely knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. So he got my number, we hung out the next day, but then I had to go back home. We started talking on the phone every night and before I even knew it I was in love.
He later confessed that the first time he saw me he knew he wanted to be with me. And he said he lost interest in his then girlfriend right after he met me. Which is why after she started pressuring him to get married they broke up.
Now we’re happily dating…well as happy as you can be in a long distance relationship. And we’re actually pretty seriously talking about getting married in the near future.
So love at first sight really does exist, we just clicked that first time we met and fell in love pretty fast as soon as we reconnected after 2 years. :):)

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