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LOVE……my love is gone

Posted on : 27-12-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story



LOVE my love is gone….
Time : 12:49am
Date: 18/07/11

Sudheer is from india….went to Ireland for further studies with his elder brother satya . There he meets a beautiful Korean girl sun mi at his work place. This was his first crush with her , later he feels he likes her very much and loves her… he always helps her at every situation when she feels a difficult…she too likes him and were very close to each other .One day sudheer propose to sun mi… and she asks for a time to think.. later accepts his proposal..they loved each other very much… this love made them for 3 years with fights and joys … and were happy all the time . Both mentalities are good and gud with every one .The day has come to break there relations.. its time to leave to their countries as their studies were finished. So firstly sun mi left to korea with heart of tears … some days later even sudheer came back to india…but when Chandra use to live in Ireland he use to have chat friend name Sneha .. a friend of sudheer ‘s brother satya’ lover swat.
Few words about sneha ( sneha was very sensitive character, hurts for every sensitive issues, calm going, has only few friends trust them vey very much, unfortunately she lost her father, stays with mother, hard worker , intelligent, cute)
Sneha and swat are best friends had a good relations for years and they leave in india..so usual times sudheer and sneha use to chat when they come to online .. and later on they became good chat friends , sneha trusted sudheer as a good friend and use to be in regular touch in online and calls. Sneha is working for an MNC company in Bangalore with good pay.
Sudheer planned to leave Ireland on 5th of jan 09, but an week before (28th dec08) A unexpected call from sneha .. she proposed to sudheer… he was in a situation wat to do? How to respond to her proposal .. for time being he asked her a time to wait for an week so that they can meet in india and to decide to settle this proposal.. as I said sneha was very sensitive..because of this reason ( time for 1 week).. she was depressed cause of keeping her proposal in hold… she was unhappy and resigned her job without an intimation.
So, sudheer was in india, he went to his village and stayed for an couple of days with his parents and returned to city to meet sneha.. by the time he came to city sneha left to her grandparents village on angry on sudheer . There was no communication for an month, later she came back to city . Desperately waiting sudheer has decided to accept her proposal and was angry for resigning her job and advised her to find a new job in same city, Basically sudheer‘s plan to setup a business as he was interested to do. Now both were happy for couple of months and one day sneha has told there love to her mother … but there is no response from her mother. They (sneha , sneha’s mother , her mothers brother family )all live together , as this love matter was known to sneha’s uncle, he decide to find a groom to sneha and get married. Her mother initially angry on sneha for loving sudheer.. because of some personal reasons. For some days arguments were going on sneha’s house about there love.
So , sudheer asked sneha to find a job until he settles at business so that he can come and approach sneha’s mother to accept for marriage. sudheer’s bad luck is that he is taking longer time to settle and in mean time every day issues at sneha’s home.
Few words about sneha’s uncle.. he was looking after sneha’s property and their family , very cunning because if some unknown groom comes to there house he may lose all the property in name of sneha, so he decided to find a person who cannot oppose him on his activities , so decided to find groom who settled in foreign so that they were least bothered about things happens in india.sneha has realized about her uncle character, but her mother always use to trust her brother.

The day has come , they found a groom sandeep who was settled in London , he came to India and met sneha parents and sneha, as she told to sudheer , he asked to keep silent for a while and decided to talk to sneha’s mother about there marriage. It was sneha’s birthday sudheer was at his home town , this guy sandeep has decided to celebrate sneha birthday party grandly, he and with few friends of and sneha had taken to restaurant for a dinner, there he had given a gold chain as a gift, as sneha was not interested she rejected it, then he kept an condition to take or to bin, she took that chain for time being. She lost her privacy at her home and use to come and stay with her friend swat( sudheer brother’s lover) all the time swat knows what’s happening but she was helpless.. so solve sneha’s problems. Then sneha decided to tell her love story to sandeep about the things happened and with no fear she told everything to him in front of sneha’s mother. He had nothing to do, so he left back to London.
One day sneha came to meet sudheer but he went to swimming and could answer to sneha’s call as he left his mobile in car later he had seen 22 missed calls from sneha, and immediately he called back to sneha, its too late waited for sneha for one hour and left back to her house.
So, sneha decided to go to Mumbai for job search because of problems in home with her mother everyday so that if she finds a job in Mumbai she can postpone her marriage and lag time until sudheer settles in business. She left to Mumbai to meet her friends who are working, there she met her friends and told all the story to them everything what was happened in her city. One day she was alone and chatting with sudheer and one of her friend(male) asked about it and said sudheer was her lover. she went to interview with her friends reference to same company and done good performance at her interview, but the recruiter asked why she left the previous company ? she told due to her mother’s health problem she left it, this answer was not satisfied to the recruiter and made an enquiry to previous company they said she was head strong without intimation she left the job, for this reason they kept her in hold and told her that they will intimate next day for confirmation, on the same day this guy sandeep was totally drunk and called to sneha from London and assaulted sneha and her mother abused language .this call and interview, mother’s torture made her total depression and she has given very long off lines to sudheer in an upset way. sudheer had seen those messages in late night 2am and he decided something had happened in Mumbai he has no number to contact sneha, so he called up swat in midnight and she did not respond to the calls and left her a message to call immediately. Next day morning swat called to sudheer than he said that something wrong happening to sneha , than swat called to her friends ( common friend of sneha)to Mumbai. They said sneha had made an suicide attempt last night. In the late night she decided to suicide straight away went to bathroom and drank some concentrated poisons solution , in the morning there friends realized it and admitted in hospital. Police were there at hospital and enquiring for this issue, luckily one of her friends uncle was there and settled with police and discharged to friends house by night. sneha ‘s mother don’t know abt this they said it was an food poison . All these things sudheer was known through swat.. in the next day sneha came to online and chatting to sudheer and sneha did not say about this suicide attempt issue to sudheer. But even sudheer kept it silent because of her sensitiveness. Sneha asked sudheer to come to Mumbai to introduce him as a lover to her friends.
Even sudheer has planned to move to Mumbai … to meet sneha and the same day sneha left from Mumbai as sudheer has no intimation he was waitng in for sneha’s message . later he came to know she left Mumbai , sudheer waitng in the sneha’s city she was not here… 1 day passed… 2 days passed… 1 week passed no call or messages from sneha to sudheer , swat, sneha’s mother all are in tension missing of sneha .After a week sneha sent message that she was fine and living with her friends room in sneha’s city only. Only to make tension to her mother she even did not say to anyone. Even sudheer excused it because everything she is doing for sudheer . Than sudheer asked her to go to her home, sandeep came back to india to apologize sneha and her mother about his assaultment made. even sneha’s mother kept in hold and he left to London again. Sneha has an interest to pursue masters in America. So sudheer asked her to apply for an student visa to America and spend for 2 years so that sudheer can settle in mean time, by the time swat got visa and left to America , now sneha applied for visa it was rejected, applied for 2nd time and again rejected nothing to do, sudheer believe that if she applies for 3rd time sure she wiil get and proposed sneha to apply for 3rd time. By the gods grace she got visa , than sudheer decided to meet sneha’s mother and to talk about marriage, now the new problem has started in sneha’s house, her uncle real character was known to her mother,sneha decided to settle property . in the same time sneha’s mother was serious sick and admitted in hospital for few weeks, later to settle things all went to there grandmothers village, from than there is no call from sneha to sudheer, waitng for call, message…. Months passed none… later sudheer came to know that she left to America . one year passed no contact ..no messages… after one year she dropped a message that she is going to give some more time to sudheer that if he settles as soon as possible than she will marry sudheer otherwise she will listen to her mom’s words and marry someone else.. than sudheer left all the business trials and changed to work under some one …he was serious trials for job … the time was came … he did not find any job. Again she dropped message that she found an soul mate in America an Indian who settled in America,relative of sneha and going to get married with him and coming to india for engagement and later marriage…. After this there is no more contact with each other…


Sudheer was settled with job
May be sneha got married
May be her mother is fine and happy.
Hope sneha was happy.
Note: In this tragedy life story the important thing to say is that sudheer and sneha had never meet each other face to face . All the things happened only through chatting and calls.

(Screen) Name: LOVE…my love is gone

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