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A Gospel Of Kama Sutra

Posted on : 23-06-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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“So, do you believe in love?” Someone asked me once, and I replied, “ I feel, I am here, in this world, just to teach the world, “Love” and “The ritual of love making” , the essence of true love and how to create that sensational passionate Holy Kama Sutra……………………Poonaam Uppal.

It all started with my search for true love, which began not on the snowy beautiful peaks of Himalayas, which I originally belong to, as I call myself daughter of Himalaya. However, my search as planned by Gods, for a higher purpose, due to sudden shift in spirituality towards the west had started on dry land of Las Vegas. As of now, I am not sure when did my search for true love really begin? In adulthood, the realization or the search of my true love began in year1996, on my August trips to the ‘Magic’ fashion show at Las Vegas where I was reminded of my search… Although I am not aware, but strongly feel Las Vegas does have spiritual history. The whole west coast is vibrating with a divine energy and California, is the focal point, especially the city of Los Angeles, which is truly a land of “The lost angels”; it has a blessing of many Gurus.

Today is my last day at Las Vegas, and the final day of the Fall Magic Show which has become the largest, most comprehensive men’s apparel and accessory trade show. I know I am going to miss Las Vegas and its perpetual heartbeat, which never dies down. The snapping of shuffling cards, clicking of a roulette wheel, the clatter of tossed dice, the spinning of a slot machine, and a whispered prayer for 21—this is the doxology of Las Vegas. It’s a soundtrack that will haunt me until I return to Vegas and its music.

Excitement in casino floor is at its peak at this desert oasis. There were many dealers standing at those Black Jack tables, the tall gawky dealer whose nameplate read ‘Tim Destin, Florida’, had this look of a crazed loon out of a cage. He invited Goldy and in the next few minutes, the whole group was sitting at the table. I would have joined them too, but black jack was Latin to me. I moved far away from the table and tried to admire the lavish, Caesar’s Palace Casino, with its grand roman styling, massive columns, and sparkling fountains.

Pacing is everything in this seductive twenty four-hour city, Las Vegas. The lights are brighter, the colors are bolder and the bets are larger. As a matter of fact, everything is bigger, better and more extravagant in the Neon city. It is truly a city of excesses and over indulgence, nonetheless. I was too tired to indulge right now. I wished good night to Goldy and his friends and came out of the Casino. It was late and there weren’t many people waiting for the shuttle. However, Neon city stayed alive all night through.

Las Vegas is a strange land with peculiar vibration, every time, I traveled by shuttle, I felt déjà-vu that I have been here, when someone mentioned something, I felt that something similar had been spoken before, in this very spot. There was no way I could have been to Vegas before, as I was visiting the city for the first time, I was absorbed in my thoughts, when I heard someone calling my name loudly, I turned back, but there wasn’t any one. Once again, I heard a voice followed by a loud thunder “Moh, very soon, in 1997, you will be meeting your true love” However, I saw nobody around me. By now, I had grown accustomed to Mother Goddess, Maa Durga talking to me. Yet, this voice was unusual and very loud to be ignored, and it had come with a roaring thunder sound. I was wondering of all the places in the world, why I heard this forecast in the city of Las Vegas? There were very few people waiting for the shuttle but I had this strong urge to ask one them if they heard what I had heard, if not the voice at least the thunder, by this time, the shuttle had already arrived. As I stepped into the shuttle, the voice became more powerful and louder, “Moh, you will meet your true love in 1997”.

I reached my hotel room in a daze and gulped down two bottles of cold water. This broadcasting had shaken the life out of me. I kept thinking of the voice, which had subsided by now. Was this is the way; broadcasting was done in ancient times? Who could I share this strange occurrence with? I knew people might think I had gone absolutely, totally mentally deranged and berserk, I talked to myself “Oh my God. What’s happening to me?

This is a true love story of glamorous, stylish and fiercely ambitious Indian lass Moh Lal Rai who has only one cherished desire, aspiration on her mind to become an internationally acclaimed avant-garde Fashion designer. Destiny deceives Moh’s desires landing her in a sexless marriage in USA. During her fashion show at Las Vegas she experiences violent vibration followed by a thunderous broadcasting of her future “Soon in 1997 you will meet your “true eternal lover” on this earth…
Dragooned by powerful longing to meet her ancient lover she is now a solitary traveler of an abyss of unfathomable space and time where she is sent on a roller coaster ride to a bizarre realm of gonzo occurrences , happenings, visions, premonitions , déjà vous, divine visitation and startling revelation of her past birth and she involuntarily unravels the ancient most mystical secret of the extinct art of Kama Sutra and “Tantric Sex” once taught by Lord Shiva himself but now these cryptic writings are shrouded in the misty Himalayan valley. In a cruel game plan of higher she is compelled by a powerful goddess to become a Guru, a Love Messiah and give a prophetic message that “Art of love and love making must be learnt________ Kama sutra is the holiest of scripture and sacred most religion only through Kama Sutra human could reach Nirvana in this climaxing Black Age.
Did Moh united with her ancient lover? “How can erotica be a religion?

(Screen) Name: PAM UPPAL

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