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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

My First Teenage Love Affair

Posted on : 22-08-2013 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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Well it all started at my freshman year winter formal. At the time I had a boyfriend but our relationship was going down the drain so anyway we were dancing and having a good time but then he told me that he had to step outside for a minute and I was left alone and as soon as he left a slow song happen to play. And I saw my friends with their dates and the rest of the school and I panicked because I had no one to dance with and as I was about to leave the dance floor I felt someone tapped my shoulder twice and when I turned around I see this black haired, light skin, tall, boy ive never seen at school before and when I looked into his beautiful blue eyes I absolutely fell in love everything felt so perfect and I honestly I never felt that feeling even with my boyfriend at the time. He softly whispered in my ear “can I dance this song with you?” And of course I didn’t refuse so we danced and he whispered in my ear again and asked my name and he said my name was beautiful and that i was too and I asked for his and I thought it was pretty unique. So my date had not return and I was starting to worry so In the middle of our slow dance I had to confess and say I came here with my boyfriend and I did and he seemed upset and he said well “it was a nice dance” then he said goodbye. The next day I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I told my friends about Him and asked if they knew him but they never heard of him. I didn’t see him since the dance so I just I forgot about him and told myself you’ll never see him again … Then sophomore year came. I was ready and happy to start the new year then I went to my classes and it was my last period which was math and of course I was always late and I saw a couple of people there then the last person who walked in was HIM! I couldn’t believe it. But I don’t think he recognized me because I changed a lot since my freshman year and one day we had to partner up in class and my teacher had chosen us and he sat next to me and he kept poking my leg and kept smiling at me and Saying my legs were soft. I just smiled back then we started talking. And after class he ran up behind me and grabbed my hat and ran off with it then he came back and returned it and we started talking about our lives and how he plays guitar and I just fell in love even more. So later on that year we hung out a lot and ditched classes together and just go behind the school and talk. I founf out we shared the same passion for music. I love listneing to oldies and he does too. We just connected so much. He asked me to go to the movies with him. Then a couple days later he asked me to prom then a month later, last day before we went on spring break we shared our first kiss together and all I felt was butterfly’s and It was just perfect. Another month passes by, he asked me to be his girlfriend. So it was the end of the year and we were together for three months at this point and I found out I was going to spend my junior year at a continuation school called Montecito due to my bad grades. We were both scared because we thought we wouldn’t see eachother often and were known as the “clingiest couple” at school. It’s pretty funny I guess. A fee weeks past and j got a phone call from him and said “babe I’m going to that school with you!” I was shocked and I said “no you can’t spend your senior year at Montecito!” And he said “I don’t care all I want is to spend it with you” for three days I tried convincing him not to but he didn’t listen. So I spent my whole junior year with him. We did everythig together. When we were together for 7 months we said “I love you” then when we were together for 9 months we both lost our virginities together. He was 17 and I was 16. His birthday was two weeks away so I have him a early birthday present. Well during my junior year we went through a lot of battles together but we seemed to fix things, move on and love eachother. I messed up a lot and he did too. But we forgave eachother and kept loving eachother no matter what. We were too much in love to lose eachother. Well we we recently broke up. We were together for a 1 year and 3 months. A lot of stuff happened and it just wasnt working out. We talked recently about our break up and we are good. We’re mutual. And we still love eachother very much but right now were good as just staying friends and it honestly brings me great joy that we are in good terms instead of holding grudges and not talking. So that’s my first teenage love…

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& this is only the beginning.

Posted on : 07-10-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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& this is only the beginning.

It started off passing you by in the halls. Then asking questions about each other until the other one found out. I.M.ing each other like we were friends. Then texting like crazy. Sending each other smiley faces, making each other smile. Leading to those long conversations that would last till midnight.

I knew right then I was falling for you.

You told me you loved me. I said I did too. You came back home. We went to the movies. You treated me like I was the only one in your life. You made me feel special. It was only 3 weeks and it felt like a whole month. Then I left. & everything was going to change.
We still texted. We still had our midnight talks. We couldn’t go a day without talking to each other. Then everything stopped.

I didn’t care how far you were from me, or how long it’s been since we’ve talked. You were still what mattered most to me.

It had been a couple days since we didn’t talk text, or i.m. In one second it all came crashing down.

We were over.

I cried because the pain I’ve held in from missing you was just too much to bear, and my fake smile couldn’t cover everything I hid. I held you close to me with my mind wondering if anything in my life had been this perfect and knowing at the same it hadn’t.

I was in love, and feeling was even more wonderful than I imagined.

Days passed. I remembered all the late night talks and all the words I was comfortable saying to you, but I never would have been able to say to anyone else. I remember the games we played because we talked so much we couldn’t think of anything to say. I started to miss those midnight conversations. I watched my phone every night waiting on a phone call that somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I’d never get.

I didn’t know I could miss you this much.

Then school started. You walked into second period, and my stomach dropped. The day went by. Then the next. But that day was different. You ran after me when the bell rung. And that’s how it was for the next couple days. Except one day, you decide to put your arm around me. When you did that I got butterflies, I didn’t know I could even get. You asked me if I missed you. I said no. But I lied. Then one day, you walked me to 5th period. You told me you’d kiss me just to show how much you love me as friend. Of course the butterflies came back. The day went by, You saw me walking to 7th period and came up to me. I gave you a hug. When I least expected it you picked me up. I knew right then it was gonna be hard to get over you. I was walking to 8th period when you came out of nowhere. And walked next to me. You asked if I still liked you. I said maybe. But I meant to say yes.

You finally asked me to come back. I wanted to, so I did. I was completely head over heels for you.

The next day came around. It was after lunch, when everything happened. You said something that hurt me. I told you to leave me alone. We went through the day without talking to each other. Until I couldn’t take it anymore, and couldn’t help but think if everything was okay between us. I came up to you and said sorry. You just said its fine and it didn’t matter. I walked away and thought how could you think it didn’t matter? We passed by each other like we were strangers. Then you came towards me. And said it wasn’t going to work out and asked if I was okay. I was speechless. I was only able to say okay and yeah I’m fine.

I walked away hurt. & truth was I was nowhere near fine.

Everything came down, and I couldn’t help myself but cry. Everyone watched as I cried my eyes out for you. They kept telling me “You can do better; you deserve so much more; He’s not worth it.”

But I didn’t care about what they said. It didn’t stop me from loving you.
Facebook. Was where everything happened. They fought you, so you fought them back. But I didn’t know any of it was happening. Everything got worse. You were done. But I didn’t want it to end. I wanted answers. That’s all I wanted. But I was a coward for not asking you for them.

You then told me you had the ticket. I told you, how do I know you’re not lying? But you took it the wrong way and thought I was calling you a liar.

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. I walked into class and there you were. As I headed to my seat you walked by and handed me the ticket.

Then it hit me, like a stab in the heart.

If you had watched my facial expression carefully then you would’ve seen the hurt in my eyes as I remembered everything that happened.

I held onto the ticket half the day. Everyone told me I should’ve just thrown it away. I should’ve, but I didn’t. Why?

Because it was the only thing I had left of you.

I walked into your class, just to get my book. But there you were. & I had chance right there. I handed you the ticket, and walked out. Not able to face you. But if you looked on the back it said Sorry.

Sorry. Sorry for everything.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I am in love with you. You mean so much to me that it hurts. I would give anything to be with you every second of everyday.

When I told you I loved you, I didn’t say it out of habit or to make conversation. I said it because you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

(Screen) Name: Dianna Rose

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