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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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(This is inspired by a true story . All events are true, I just added and edited some cute details. So okay, this is a story about my dad’s unmarried bestfriend. Excuse the way I wrote this, I’m not really good at writting stories. So I would call this freestyling baby haha )

7 years old

Watching my outside the window from my mother’s office, I saw this pretty little girl about my age. She was no ordinary girl, to me she looks like an angel. Pale skin, black hair, and a very weak but beautiful smile. Yes, she smiled at me. My heart leaped and I smiled back at her like a little kid about to be given a lollipop. I bolted out of my mother’s office and ran to the bus stop where she was standing, my mother’s secretary chasing me. “Heeeeeeeeeeeey” I jumped and waved at her. She giggled and waved at me from inside the bus. “You’re pretty” I called out she smiled and stuck her head out of the bus. I Pointed at myself “I’m trent”.. “I’m Emily” She called back. The bus started driving away she smiled at me “Bye Treeeeeeent!” we waved at each other. I had this puppy dog pout while waving as the bus drove away until it was out of my sight. “Gotcha!” My mother’s secretary grabbed my collar and dragged me back into the building calling me a “Little devil”.

17 years old

I was kicked out of the private school for causing too much trouble. “He would get in to fist fights, pull pranks on the teachers, turn the whole classroom into a circus . He influenced a lot of students to be more like him and one more thing, he’s a heart breaker he broke almost all the girl’s heart , even my daughter’s.” enumerated the school administrator purposely. “So You are saying this school is incapable of disciplining one child?” My mother raised her voice. The school administrator told my mother. “Your child is beyond discipline Mrs. Stanford. all his offense filed up together is more than enough to kick him out, I’m sorry”. My mother stormed out of the office angrily. “Well jack, it was a real pleasure doing business with you” I took his apple and chuckled. “Why You heathen” He turned red and I ran out of the room laughing.

The drive home was long and quiet. I kept trying to start a conversation with my mother but she wouldn’t talk. She just had this angry look on her face. When we reached home, My mother gave me a long hard pinch on the side . “Owwww! mum I’ll behave I promise” I pleaded then she released me. My mother was the type of mother that would choose to believe whatever excuse I have than others and I love her a lot.

Public school

My first day in school, the teachers in every class started off by introducing me to the whole class and I immediately gained friends. There was this one classmate that caught my attention though, she wasn’t interested in me or wouldn’t even look at me . I sat next to her to find out that mystery. “Hey” I extended my hand to her, she continued reading her book and shook my hand without looking at me. “I’m Trent” I said confidently. “Cool. I’m emily” she said plainly. I was gonna say something more but she told me to hush. No one ever told me to hush before. Why isn’t she attracted to me? oh maybe she’s lesbian.

Next day

“Hey lesbian Emily” I greeted her while leaning on the locker beside hers. She stared at me, it was the first time I saw her face clearly. She looked really familiar but I couldn’t remember who. I searched the back of my mind while staring back at her until I remembered. Pale skin, Black hair, Pretty face, and Emily. “You’re Emily!” My eyes widened. “Yea you knew that since yesterday brotha’ now will you please vanish” she waved me off. I had this shocked happy face on that creeped her out. “Emily, Don’t you remember me?” .. “…No, I don’t know you and you are creepy” she replied with a creeped out tone and started walking away. A lot of people started looking at us and the girls gave her an annoyed look as she walked past them. “Remember that kid from 10 years ago who ran outside the hospital just to say you’re pretty” I followed her. She stopped on her tracks , turned at me with wide eyes and smiled. “But you were chubby then” she stared at me curiously. “You find me attractive now aye?” I said cheekily. “No that little chubby kid who looked like a penguin has always been my ideal guy” she smiled and her face turned soft. “Isn’t this weird, like the chances of us meeting again after how many years.. Wooow” we were so amazed ” Well The penguin never had the chance to hug you” she chuckled and hugged me. “Will you walk me to class mr. penguin?” .. “I’d love to” then i walked her to class , leaving everyone curious.


Emily and I started dating when we were in college, and we never got bored of each other even though we didn’t see each other as much. She was busy with her studies, she made me busy with mine and thanks to that I was able to graduate on time.

2 years after college

“You’ve been working too much again baby” I hugged emily from behind and kissed her cheek. “I have to” she kissed my lips softly. “Is it just me or you look more pale than usual, you look so frail” I eyed her. “You’re thinking too much, go back to bed love” she caressed my face. “Okayy…” I sighed. “Actually, I’m not going back to bed unless I take you with me” I lifted her and took her to bed . That night we made love.

I woke up to the most beautiful face smiling at me, caressing me. “I love you” those were the first words that came out of my mind. “I love you until the day I die” she said softly. I sat up and pulled her to an embrace. she kissed my bare chest. “Emily?”.. “Yea?” .. I took a small box from the end table and took out the ring. “Will you marry me?” … “I … can’t” she started sobbing and I was so confused and surprised. She wouldn’t tell me no matter how much i tried. I suspected that she did something so I stormed off the house and went to leave with my bestfriend. I didn’t come home for two days, then I saw her leave the bistro with a fine looking man about my age. He opened the door for her then they drove off. I came home to our house that night, not to get back with her but to pack my things. She gave me a painful smile and tried to hug me but I didn’t let her. I packed all my things without saying a word to her, she kept crying begging me to stay. “Is he the reason why you can’t marry me Emily? huh?” I yelled at her. “No, It’s not what you think” she reasoned. “Then explain to me what’s going on?” … ” I can’t , not now” .. “Wrong answer, you just ran out of time goodbye” She was on the floor hugging my legs, still begging ang crying. I took her hands off me and walked out.

3 months after, 5:am

Emily’s mother called me asking me to meet her at the hospital and I did. The first thing she did was slap me. “You did this to my daughter”. she tried to fight the tears from coming out of her face. “What’s going on?” I was so confused and panic started flooding my head. “Of course you never knew, follow me” I followed her and when we opened the door. I didn’t recognize the girl laying down on the bed. She’s bald, so thin and weak. I convinced myself to believe that its not emily then recognized the ring she’s wearing. It was my emily, my love. I started walking towards her but her mother told me not to wake her up since, she needed rest for another chemotherapy. “Why did you just tell me now?” .. “She kept it to herself until she couldn’t take it anymore, We didn’t expect it to come back” she started crying. “She had it when she was just 6 years old, it went away but now it’s back. all the doctors could tell us is to pray for a miracle” she covered her mouth while she was crying. I bolted out of the hospital. I cried so hard inside my car, I went crazy, I couldn’t process everything. I kept screaming and pulling my hair. I was in a state of shock and denial. Maybe emily was just playing a prank on me? Must be like that yea? Emily is too strong to get sick. “I love you until the day I die” those words that emily said kept replaying on my mind. The scene at the house when she begged me. IT WAS ALL MY FAULT . I cried so hard inside my car. Can you imagine the love of your life about to be taken away from you?… I stared at the rosary hanging on the mirror of my car. I took it out, and started asking God why this has to happen. “God please send me an angel, make her well please, I believe in miracles please let one happen now, please” I kept begging God then my irrational side came out. I stared angrily at the rosary “Why are you taking her? Why?” I threw the rosary outside. I fell asleep crying. My mother came and woke me up and I started crying again. She hugged me tightly, trying to relieve me. “My baby boy, stop everythings gonna be okay?” she stared into my swollen eyes. “No it’s not mom” I was like a little boy. “We’re gonna get through this okay, Okay?” my mother assured me. I couldn’t understand her anymore. She Slapped me “Snap out of it Trent, do you want her to get worse? Don’t you think you being like this wont affect her?” I stopped crying and inhaled deeply. I went home with my mother to take a shower and fix myself. I bought the best bouquet the flower shop could make for me. It’s so hard not to break down and cry as I walked closer to her room. I opened the door , and walked over to Emily. She was surprised to see me , tears started pooling her eyes but I kissed them away. “I missed you” she pouted. “I’m sorry” she put her finger on my mouth. “I don’t want to hear that” her voice was pleading. I just nodded. I kissed her finger and she smiled. “I’m so ugly baby” she pouted. “Are you kidding me?, this flower is not even half as beautiful as you” I forced a smile. “Oh stop it” she chuckled. “I love you more than anything in this world emily”.. “I love you too , until my last breath”… I breath deep. The doctor came and took emily for chemotherapy. I released all the tears I was hiding then I shaved my head off. Emily was so weak when she came back , thankfully my new look made her smile. “Can you sleep next to me please?” she begged me. “Is it okay?” I asked the doctor. “I guess it’ll be fine , the bed is too big. just make sure you don’t impede anything” I slept on her left side since all the monitors were on her right side. I kissed her head and she kissed mine. As usual, she was awake first than me. “Emily?”.. “Mhm?”.. “Since you’re wearing that ring, Will you finally marry me?” she cried and finally said Yes , the biggest Yes. The next day I bought wedding rings, and brought the priests. Our wedding wasn’t that fancy but It was meaningful. We exchanged vows and finally became man and wife… for a week until she passed away…


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