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I crush on someone so badly, but he never notice me..

Posted on : 25-08-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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The first time I had a crush on somebody is when i was 7 years old. because my siblings and my cousins are all girls, i think i become so attarcted to cute boys but at the same time, i am also too shy to talk to boys too. so you can tell, since 7 until now, i have crush on gazillion of guys. however, when I turned 13, i went to a bording school. there, i met this one guy. he was so cute with his charming smile, fair skin, smart brain, but most importantly he was very pious. this guy don’t talk to girls much including me. but i always eyeing him. his personality attract me the most. at the hostel, i always talked about him until all my friends can detect the HUGE crush i kept for him. yeah, sometimes he annoyed me by refusing to talked to girls except for important matter. during 5 years of being in boarding school, i have to admit… he was not my only crush. but, the other crush seem to come and go and none can really attract me except for him. i don’t know why i kept thinking about him on those days until i figured out i truly have fall for him. he was my first love! my friends really did a great job on trying to hook us up which mada me happy but so shy and finally turns to shame. the guy tried to avoid me. its not like i tried to catch him, except for the gossip my frinds made. his act really hurt me. i wonder, why can’t he just act normal??? i not an ugly witch who tried to cast a spell on the guy she likes. i would never chase after guy although i like them so badly. so i repeat, IT HURT A LOT! after i finally end my high school, i thought i would never see him again. it does hurt too,because everyday my eyes will fix on him and watch every steps he takes, but not being able to see him again is nothing compare to the scars he made on me before. so i would prefer not to see him. however, we met again in college but he won’t be long there. he will continue his studies in medicine in egypt. i think my first love isn’t as wonderful as the other but thinking of him always made me feel ease. he never knew he had left a deep scars on my heart and he had become a part of my history but i still can’t stop thinking about him. hopefully, i’ll find someone better than him who would always notice how i feel, what i think and what i want. hope you’ll find someone! best of luck my ex-love….

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