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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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dream love

Posted on : 09-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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after breaking up with my long term boyfriend, i lost hope of ever finding love again. Thus i just told my mother to find anyone she likes and I’d simply marry him. she didn’t take any action about it until she found the exact carbon copy of my ex. we both didn’t know each other then but he used to visit a relatives house we normally go.

mom and the relative, both together tricked me into texting him, saying that he gave his number and that he wants to marry me. i tried my best not to text him but they persuaded me to do so. upon texting him we both found out what had really happened. so i said sorry and he said its okay. and thus i told my mother that it was over. however after that we remained as friends and also exchanged our email addresses. the best thing he liked about me was that i was honest to him. he trusted me as if i was an angel.

he was very caring and helpful. THE BEST!.. one day he brought up the topic on how we met and i said in reply ‘that’s long gone’. and he said ‘yeah it was nothing’. after some more months, someone called my mother and asked for my hand in marriage. mother asked me whether i was willing to do so and i thought, ‘why not? that guy doesn’t like me anyway’.

i did feel like i should tell this to the guy at least indirectly but thought he wouldn’t care anyway. and i knew it would hurt me if he didn’t care, because i had started to like him. so i said ‘yes’ and both families began to talk about marriage. just about 2-3 days after, he asked me in a conversation whether my mother found me someone. it was the second time he was asking me. the previous time[sometime back], i had said no and he had replied with a simple smile.

this time, however, i replied with a yes and he went silent. he wanted to know what was my response to the relationship request and i told him that i had said ‘yes’. he got angry and said if he knew that he wouldn’t have talked to me this way and asked why i didn’t think it was necessary for him to know it before i said yes. and thus he called me a cheater and wont call out to me online.

i didn’t dare call him out either since i knew his anger was because i was going to get married and that was something i couldn’t change. we spent like a month without talking. from the beginning he was very much concerned about his privacy and had asked me not to even mention his name to anyone. however, upon knowing that he had feelings for me, i ran to my mother right away and cried.

it was totally not me to cry in front of anyone and so my mother took it very seriously. She discussed about it to my brother and he asked for the guy’s details. when i refused to tell, my mother told him about one of our relatives who would know. my mother assured me that i could still have my way, but i didn’t want to do anything that would lower the status of my family in front of everyone. that’s why i chose to sacrifice my love. one day while i was online, that guy cursed me and called me a liar. i begged him to tell me what was going on but he wouldn’t. he told me to delete all his msgs, emails, etc and got offline.

i was shocked. what really happened was that my brother got the guy’s email address and actually shouted at him online[the guy was abroad by then]. my brother didn’t shout at him for calling me a cheater or whatsoever untold love between us, but because during those days when we talked, i used to ask my brother things that which used to contradict his beliefs and when my brother would ask who said that? I’d simply reply, ‘someone’.

my brother was curious to know who i was talking to and this was his chance to get back at him and so he did. i asked my brother what he had said at him about me and my brother replied that the only thing he said at him about me is that ‘you are the one who is brainwashing my sister, so its you whom i want to talk to’. i quickly sent him a message and explained that i didn’t tell my brother anything about him. and that it was my mother who discussed about him. i also told him how my brother had reached him.

however, he just cursed me again and called me a liar and got offline. i was shattered. just two days after he had cursed me the first time, i had a seizure while sleeping. doctor said that it i must’ve been in high stress because all the other factors were normal. i was admitted in hospital and had to go through a lot of tests, during which i missed him so much but i didn’t tell him anything, because i felt he wouldn’t care. i also had counseling to forget him but in vain.

anyway, when i had seizure my going to be husband and his family drifted away. we didn’t care about them n so we didn’t care checking on them. after like 2 months we heard from them and by then my father was angry and he refused to take this relation any further. i was so excited! felt like i should rush to the guy and tell him everything but now we had some other reason of anger between us which wasn’t very clear to me.

lately, my brother told me that, that guy is trying to be very friendly with him and calls out to my brother himself. i felt jealous. whatever reason he hates me for, it is [atleast partially] because of my brother. if he can be so cool with my brother then why not me? i didn’t get online much after my seizure and we rarely met online. i decided that i should tell him what I’ve gone through, and that i was single again. so i tried talking to him online and he did respond to me every time i called out.

however he seemed so distant and he kept his reply as short as he could. i didn’t get much of a chance to really talk about it anyway, because i was afraid to. finally i thought that i should rather not tell him anything and just forget him. so i called out to him and asked whether he was busy. he kept writing, writing, writing until i got disgusted and said, ‘i want to talk to you. wont take much of your time, allow me’.

i wonder what he kept writing for about 2-3 minutes, because he responded with an ‘OK’. i told him that whatever i wanted to tell him before, i think its better not to tell. and i also told him that its better i dont try to make him understand things anymore, but to know that I’m not a deceiver or a liar. he kept saying ‘OK’ in reply to whatever i kept saying. finally i cut it short and finished it with a ‘be happy’ to which he said ‘OK’.

since then I’m trying my best to pretend I’m happy and cool. i did show my relationship status on my profile as single too, but he didnt seem to care. neither did he greet me on the previous festive season, when he greeted everyone else. And perhaps i’m thinking of agreeing to marry someone who has been begging for my hand in marriage. you know what they say: be with someone who knows what they have when they have you..

(Screen) Name: Anne


I crush on someone so badly, but he never notice me..

Posted on : 25-08-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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The first time I had a crush on somebody is when i was 7 years old. because my siblings and my cousins are all girls, i think i become so attarcted to cute boys but at the same time, i am also too shy to talk to boys too. so you can tell, since 7 until now, i have crush on gazillion of guys. however, when I turned 13, i went to a bording school. there, i met this one guy. he was so cute with his charming smile, fair skin, smart brain, but most importantly he was very pious. this guy don’t talk to girls much including me. but i always eyeing him. his personality attract me the most. at the hostel, i always talked about him until all my friends can detect the HUGE crush i kept for him. yeah, sometimes he annoyed me by refusing to talked to girls except for important matter. during 5 years of being in boarding school, i have to admit… he was not my only crush. but, the other crush seem to come and go and none can really attract me except for him. i don’t know why i kept thinking about him on those days until i figured out i truly have fall for him. he was my first love! my friends really did a great job on trying to hook us up which mada me happy but so shy and finally turns to shame. the guy tried to avoid me. its not like i tried to catch him, except for the gossip my frinds made. his act really hurt me. i wonder, why can’t he just act normal??? i not an ugly witch who tried to cast a spell on the guy she likes. i would never chase after guy although i like them so badly. so i repeat, IT HURT A LOT! after i finally end my high school, i thought i would never see him again. it does hurt too,because everyday my eyes will fix on him and watch every steps he takes, but not being able to see him again is nothing compare to the scars he made on me before. so i would prefer not to see him. however, we met again in college but he won’t be long there. he will continue his studies in medicine in egypt. i think my first love isn’t as wonderful as the other but thinking of him always made me feel ease. he never knew he had left a deep scars on my heart and he had become a part of my history but i still can’t stop thinking about him. hopefully, i’ll find someone better than him who would always notice how i feel, what i think and what i want. hope you’ll find someone! best of luck my ex-love….

(Screen) Name: nicky

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