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The Unresolved Examination of Love

Posted on : 21-07-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story

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It was a Birthday of his girlfriend and he planned a surprise visit to her crossing 2000 miles across the country.
A surprise by which the lovely couple spent long time hand in hand, as they were more than anything for each other.
The top majesty God watching the story smiled and decided to test their love.

As soon as the Boy returned to his orginal destination. There was a quarrel in his profession.
No salary for next 3 months, work or leave. The boy was in a bad mood, how to pay the EMI of education Loan,
how to pay the rent, what to eat and savings !!! Thoughts terrorising every moment. He was about to speak about
this to his girlfriend. with this conversation on phone ” Did you had ur Dinner ?”
The girl anxiously shouted… “what do you want, how do you care for me just by asking for dinner. I need a job, I have no time left tojust think about what to eat.
Parents forcing to return and I am unable to get anything.”

With two drops of tears the guy couldn’t speak anything and put the phone down.
Soon the girl realized what she did and she called back and said “Sorry”.
But this time, the guy yelled and there was a kiosk… God smiled again.
Things never got controlled after that, They were not speaking to each other since long time.
The girl decided to leave the guy, but the boy was not ready to accept this decision.

After few weeks, the clock was 10.30pm just a day before the boys birthday. The boy eagerly waiting that his girl will return to him as the best ever birthday gift of his life.
It was 11.45pm the Boys friends were ready to celebrate but his eyes were constantly checking the phone. At 11.59pm, the boy was still with phone, no reactions what so ever.
Clock struck 00.00 …….. No call
Tears trembled. Friends caught him before he fell on the ground.
No one aware of what exactly happened. But there was no call.
The guy looking at the photograph of his beauty in his laptop, crying, speechless, sleepless…
The other side, girl standing with the same situation in her balcony, crying wishing his moon “Happy Birthday Baby”… m sorry.

The day began, boy with a whole night of frustration called his girl, standing on the roof top. “Final Question Are You Coming Back Or Not”
Girl said “No”. The Boy cut his wrist with a broken piece of axe. Guy Questioned again “Now are you coming, this time i will jump off”
The Girl put the phone down and within few minute her mother called the Boy. A great discussion went on.
Boy said sorry for everything on his own Birthday, cried more then ever in his life of 28 years. The girl was actually hiding her face of tears, pretending she is a different girl now.
Day past on. Girl not ready to return, Boy ready to die any second alone now. It was 11.45pm The day is gonna over. The boy crying still looking on to his mobile.
At 11.55pm, Boy was in the arms of his friend crying when the mobile ranged. Yes it was the Girl.
The Boy started all again, with apologies and all and the girl accepted when it was about to end the day.

Few days passed, life was not so easy for the both the love birds. Girl searching for Job, and always asking his love to be here with her so that we can be together and live happily,
Boy trying to cope up his life without penny. Both frustrated, Both wana meet, but no money with either to come.
Girl trying her hard luck, frustrated said to the boy one day
“See I am a different Girl now, You will be unable to accept me what I am today, I am jobless and just because of you I am unable to get any one, Its better for us to stay away”

Before continuing, a small question… Did we ever thought, why the Girl is reacting like this when she too cry for her love when she is alone and why the boy has become so possesive and violent ??
Its all together the frustration being developed in their individual lives. They need each other but bound to stay a apart. Both of them have some negative qualities.
“Boy with his Anger, Girl with her Frustration” and the almighty targeted their love with their negativities for Testing.

Boy after hearing this, as usual reacted… less of violent but more of control. He said, this is not justified to blame.
Having a great past memories of 3 years were blowing as the days were passing. Boy started accepting everything from her. Cried thoughout the nights but didn’t responded.
He was not being calm but he was wearing the sheet of calmness which was controling him. The talks were almost no no between them. The boy do message her but the girl didn’t replied any of those.

One fierce day, the Girl replied… “Got the Job joining on Monday”.
Boy after reading smiled and replied… “Congrats and Be Happy Now”. It was a day among the best Happy days for both of them. But still both were speechless.
What they actually want from each other. No one can ever know.
Girl expecting a good reaction from his love received another message.
“As I am out of your life, your dreams are coming true, Good luck and be Happy and bla bla….” the girl cried and replied “You will never ever change yourself and your negativities…” and started the flames of blames again.

The boy was silent but could not control himself on a point since she has the job now, everything can be resolved but still she is blaming.
A word war with all sort of words… bad, worse, worst etc all were in… a battle of tears for both of them faught.
The Boy then declared with anger in full swing, your job is not your job. Its a gift purchased, keep it with you. The girl was stunned.
The Boy then declared your salary package, your designation, your reporting authority… everything was known to him. The girl was quiet with no earth below her feet.
The girl put the phone down, doesn’t know how to react. It was no Love, it was now a battle to give reply or does she deserve a gifted job while she cannot get one by proving herself !!!
The girl with tears called the Boy, Tell me the truth frankly, if you have realy buyed the job I will leave it right now…
The boy was confused but full of thoughts.
….Its gonna be a year now for her without a job,
….if she leaves it the frustration will grow exponetially,
….professionally the market is gonna close the hiring soon,
….this company will not allow her to appear again,
….he will loose her forever.
The Boy replied “No”,”I was telling lies, its your effort, its your job. To get you back in life i said that but dont leave the job as it is yours, only yours.”
And the chapter of love was almost closed after this incidence. The Boy cried a lot and the girl joined the Job.

Seeing all this, the almighty thought, this was actually not planned, why is this happening. The examination of love should have ended by the episode of job and they both should be happy now.
Need to look into this
The Boy started loosing his health, he became a patient of unconsciouness, low haemoglobin but he kept it with him. When the reactions of his health were seen by his friends… They asked “Whats Going On ??
He replied with a smile… I am in Love…
While driving a bike with tearfull eyes, the boy met with an accident and was taken to hospital, just a muscular strech nothing else.
A good friend visited his home after hearing the accident and forced him to get the things out of his mind. The boy explained
“No explanations required, I am a patient of love and no other disease i have, doctor says I have very low immunity of Blood Clot in my body, a single cut and the blood will flow like an unstopable tap”
The friend immediately went to the doctor and asked, What is the reason of his illnes of disimmunity ?
Doctor replied, Your dear friend gave 2 units of blood in 48 hours to a patient of kidney dilasys who require fresh blood. He did so because he was in urgent need of money.
We recommended him Not to do because of Low BP issue but he never listened and said it is to save his own life.”
The friend returned to the boy’s home where he saw a man taking some money in his pocket and boy bidding him thanks and hugs.
The friend with his anger asked “Who the man was whom you have given the money ? Can you explain me in detail, for what money is required ?”
Boy said “No explanations required from love, it is just a small amount to get a gift for my life and I am happy to present it. No matter the result is, am happy i took some amount from this person and i have returned it to him”
Friend said “Do not hide anything for the sake of ur love, tell me”
Boy explained ” Yes I got her gift by paying the amount which was out of my limitations. I had a saving collected since last six months to meet her, got some amount from the money lender on interest, the rest by selling my blood and i have no regrets to this
and I am ready to stay away as she want because if i’ll be with her, i wont accept the changes in her as she is not the one whome i loved but the sole remains the same and she is there in my dreams, I commited many mistakes in my life, gave her tears with no reasons. Its a curse on me to stay away from her
and I will stay away to let her life happily. Time will move and I will move with my dreams and if any how God feels that my curses are over I will surely get my Love back.

Time moved on, the boy onto his profession, now an all time thiest praying to god daily for an hour, no salary yet since six months now. Cannot pay the EMI of his loan, didn’t attend the calls from Bank and one day has to attend one when the bank called in office landline.
He was warned for the Police FIR and case registered for non payment of EMI’s and need to clear all the EMI’s within a week. Boy head’s down and discussed the issue with one of his Teacher, remembering his love and praying god for his love may come back and keep her hand on his hand to generate some power to face all this, but all in vain.
Days passed, Nothing can be done, Boy was just waiting for the blast from Bank and sooner the day came. Police and bank officials in office, the manager called him, not to be in office as they are in no mood of talks and will take you to cell.
Helplessly, Boy just cried, waiting for the people to come in and take him to cell as he droped all his hopes, but they didn’t appeared at his home. Next day morning the Police came in and called the Boy downstairs. They yelled like any damn cop style in the chamber of 3rd degree only didn’t used the physical haressment.
Gave the warning of next 24 hours and left. Collecting the pieces of himself the boy entered his room and saw his roomate on phone and make out that it is his Girl Friend taking the feedback what is going on with him. He could not control again.
He slapped his roomate, took the phone and shouted like hell out, what do you want now. Aren’t you happy now with your life. You are responsible for my situations, stay away and watch the music playing, in case more blood required from my body, Come and take it.
She replied I called up because the roomate messaged that you are in such a situation, but you and your anger will never change. you will not accept that I am happy with my friends, was planning to give you some time and by 3-4 months I will be back to your life, But You need money you will get it. Now dont even feel of any chances of us getting together.

Things were silent, tears blowing everywhere. What to do and what not… no one know. Boy need his life, Girl need changes in him when she has changed her way of thinking. Gift and circumstances of Boy were meaningless.
The Boy with only his moment of legs went to a temple near by and sat there. Asking the reason to god of this Examination of Life which Started from Love and now after his life, He kept on praying for his love, praying for his situations, praying for his mistakes, praying to get the evil out of his life so that he can live with his love if possible any more else, take his life now.
All mighty watching everything happening send his teacher. Boy “Go to Bank and take this amount to pay the pendings right away and clear it”
The Boy couldn’t speak anything but after 3 hours sitting in temple praying and crying, the Boy was with a different mind of acceptance and hope. He came to the temple after deciding to gave up his life but now the time has changed.
He went back to his home. Next morning paid the amount to bank and left for his Job. With a new spirit of life, keeping the heart full of tears behind went for his job after facing the crucial police drama and after yet another blast fight with his love which is now over.

The Boy enetered the office and with in 15 minutes, the manager called him, he went to speak to the manager and the manager declared… You need to get yourself relieve from your job Today. I am sorry for this decision, but company is unable to give you any salary and dont want to be responsible for your crisis.

The Boy speechless and smile with tears came out of office. Still couldn’t decide but now feeling like flowing into a wind of vibrations. Couldn’t hear anything, but still the voice of love passing by his ears. Eyes watching surroundings but can look his parents, sister and his Love calling him towards them.
His imagination power was disrupting the feeling of psychatric patient. He was more of smiling then bearing the pain and tears. It is now a usual fact of curse running right behind him. Some super natural evil which is spoiling every bit of his life but the other side god helping him to come out of it.
This Story yet requires an end and the game of almighty yet requires a completion to this love story full of Hates and Dislikes.

(Screen) Name: akki




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