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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

still love you..

Posted on : 03-11-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Internet Romance, Romance Love Story

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I was on the internet like every other day… I was depressed that year which I call being 2010.. It was 22nd November that year when he came on my friends account and without knowing I started the conversation.. without having said a single lie he told me who he was and introduced himself.. little did I know after talking to me for over 2 hours on chat he was head over hills for me.. later on that day he added me after he went home.. I got so excited to know it was him.. he had made a new account since he had deactivated his old account longgg time ago..
after a day he told me he loves me but I didn’t know anything much about him.. I talked with my friend about him and got to know a little.. it turned out that he had promised his first love that he will never say the girl he loves those three words if she was near and would never show himself to the girl who was far so I was far..
the next weekend I was chatting with my friend and he were there too but I didn’t know.. she asked me who loves me the most so I took my friends name.. just seeing that he went off to write my name in his hand with a knife.. I was so worried that I asked my tenants about what should be done when one does such things and they gave me some tips which I told him.. there wasn’t a time that week I didn’t think of it than he told me it was getting better so I was finally a hit relieved.. I told u yes on 26th November 2010 n that was our first time getting together..
he was the most romantic, kind hearted and the sweetest guy ever!
he told me everytime if he would be late or anything.. the next year in Feb he found out about some guys loving me and broke up with me on 28th of Feb…. I couldn’t have believed it.. it felt like my world had ended.. I cried and cried.. my eyes were entirely red.. the tears kept rolling down and I couldn’t help them but somehow I managed to get him back… on March the 5th I broke up with you cause I didn’t want him to be with someone who lives other side of world from him.. I wasn’t even able to be there for him or wipe his tears when he needed someone….I still loved him with all my heart but there was this guy in school getting bullied from everyone and only had me to hang out with.. I asked him around 10 times before dating him n he had replied I could and that I was doing good… I helped that guy as much as i could than stopped dating him..
I didn’t realize that my guy was getting hurt.. sounds stupid but I was immature than.. I was 12.. when he said he was gonna leave me forever after 15 days, he also said he will make me hate him before that.. my world was falling down me…how could the person who promised he would never leave me so many times leave me? how could the guy who didnt go a day without telling me he love me leave me forever? I cried over nights .. as hard as it was for me I know it was for him… my heart had started aching.. my breathing problems had grown worse…
each time I asked him why he gave me different reasons but my favorite was ” everytime I talk to you i realize how much I love you and I realize I can’t have you which makes you love you even more.
it was his birhtday beteeen those 15 days n he didnt celebrate it.. that broke my heart even more… he eventually left me without me bekng able to hate him…

he still came back to me a few times but left after a few days… Oct 2 u purposed me to be your gf.. it was my birthday the next day.. that was the best present ever!
in December he broke up cuz both of our parents had found out n yours told him to do so. but still we were completely in love.. this year 2012, in Feb I was out of my mind so I asked him who r u? he than left me again n time giving me no reason at all.. he came back again 7months and I still love you the same way that I did n I know its the same with him..he loves me and thats the best feeling.. even if he leaves me again its ok cause all i want from him is to be happy..I am always ginna be here for you no matter where or go , i dont care how you look but just be yourself. soon its gonna be our 2nd anniversary and i just cant wait . .

(Screen) Name: true lover


Guns and Roses

Posted on : 08-05-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story

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I once believed that life makes circles,we jump from one to another not knowing if the previous one came to an end or if we’ll find ourselves again in familiar ground.This story is my biggest emotional circle,the deepest,the strongest…What others call “the first cut”.I guess it all started when i was 21.Who seeks a romantic beginning will get disappointed by mine,as it was not a love at first sight,on the contrary,it didn’t feel like love at all.I thought of him as a very nice guy,warm,polite,tender and somehow familiar,pleasant to be around although extremely shy.Bottom line:not my cup of tea at that point.He was great for a friend,but back in the days my wild nature was seeking a “dark prince”.And friends we became.He was in love with me and i didn’t even notice.All i knew was that i could forget everything when i was around him.I felt extremely comfortable,i was free and i was entirely myself.I wanted to be with him all the time,we spent hours talking,the days became nights and we didn’t even notice.The whole world just magically disappeared,every time we were together.We became tender and affectionate,holding hands,hugging all the time.But no,we said to ourselves,we were just friends.One night,after spending the whole afternoon together,i went home and i called him,asking if he would like to come over and sleep with me.I still don’t know why.But he came.And we slept together that night,and the night after that,and all the nights after that for almost 3 years.Though it took us almost another two months till we called it a “relationship”.Our first kiss was a drunk kiss.We tried to stop it afterwards,but we just couldn’t keep off each other.Still we kept claiming “friends”,our private moments were a secret till we couldn’t hold our horses anymore.Passion was blinding us both,more and more.But he was 18,and i was a fool to really believe this was going to work.I guess we should have called it off when he left for the army some months after.But back then,we couldn’t,we felt that the only thing we could do was try to make it work from a distance.I went for Erasmus a while after he left.I remember now,the feeling was breathtaking.I couldn’t be without him.And we made it.We were still together when he came back,but he had changed.He wanted out,he wanted freedom.I wanted the exact opposite:gain back the time we’ve lost.I suppose we had lots of things in common,but we also had lots of differences that led us to fights,we were so much in love that we became blind and egoists,and we both had strong personalities that couldn’t step back and say “you know what,i don’t care.i love you”.At the same time,we had a lot of exterior problems to deal with,my parents didn’t want him as he had lower education than mine,his friends hated me as i was stealing their childhood “belonging”…In three years we broke up twice but there was always something holding us together.We’ve tried a lot,i admit.We’ve tried so much to make it work,tame our individual needs to make it better for one another,so much that it had the opposite result in the end.Love turned to frustration,pressure,hate.We’ve always had a major difference.I wanted to travel the world,live abroad,explore.He felt safe in our home town and didn’t want to leave his family and friends.I was about to finish my bachelor and i knew that i only had two choices.Find a job in my hometown,forget about my dreams,try to make our tormented relationship work and lose my parents forever as they were not willing to accept him.Or apply for a master abroad,follow my instinct and lose the love of my life.I chose to leave,and as i expected,he didn’t want to follow.Breaking up was not easy,happened during a stupid fight that turned into a disaster.I admit that if he had,in any moment,tried to win me back he could have done so.But he didn’t.I started seeing somebody else for a short while but of course it didn’t work out.It was my safety pillow to keep my mind off him.Few months before i left,i knocked on his door,asking for a last chance.It was always me who returned,always me facing his rejections and trying to break the protective shield he always armed his heart with.It didn’t work out either.All we did was fighting and hurting each other,killing every hope remaining for love.And suddenly he disappeared.I left,i settled,i kept calling but nothing.Now i know he tried so hard to take me out of his mind.He was hurt because i left.And i know now,knowing him back then,that if i had stayed,we would be still walking our parallel circles.He found a new girlfriend instead,only a month after,claiming to have fallen in love again.”She’s way better and she’s the only one i care about”,he said.My heart was broken to pieces.My mind couldn’t cope,and although it’s been almost a year now,i still think about him quite often.I tried to move on unsuccessfully,probably knocking on one wrong door after another. Subconsciously,i just didn’t want to let go.Falling in love is one thing,and can happen many times in one’s life,but there’s one chance in a million to feel how i felt with him.And that i can’t forget.We had no clue what love was before we met,and we discovered it together,we taught each other about life,sex,passion,comradeship,support,devotion,care…But we also discovered how much can we hurt the one we care the most.We both made plenty of mistakes,but we didn’t know how.It sounds stupid but one part of mine is happy he found peace in the end,even if i was not the one to do so.The other part is envious of that 17 year old girl he calls “love”.But if love is a game then i lost.And i’ve learned to live knowing that he’ll always be a part of me.I’m single,not available,trying to make the best out of my days here.In the end,it was my choice to leave,and it feels like the right one after all.I couldn’t find love,but i found my peace of mind in other aspects of life.I guess i’m happy with that.

(Screen) Name: Stalitsa

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