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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!


Posted on : 17-12-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love



I am going to tell a secret love story of mine..I call this a secret because I have not told anyone in my home about this.
My life is really very complicated, because many guys came in my whomed I met n they were not my love but ya they were my crush..
I remember it was 19th july 2010 when I met my first love..His name was Shivam..Illoved him very dearly..he was most important part of my life.. We were in same school, bt not same class unfortunately..on 19th July I told him about my feelings for him.
I told him ” shivam i wanna tell you ane thing..” he replied doubtedly “what??”..I told him “I LOVE YOU..”..He was shocked and surprisinly askedwheter he heard something wrong..but later I asked again “do you love me??” he thought for a while and then replied “yes”..
His answer took me in 17th sky..I was like flying and ruling the whole world..
Many days passed..We spend most of the time together…We were known as the most happiest couple in our tution..everyone knew that how much dearly we loved each other..
But as days passed, my love for him grew but not his love for me..One day he went tution but I didnt, but I went market with my friend and she told me to call up my love..and I did so..
That day was most unlucky for me..i called him..he answerd..
me: me,varsha is this shivam??
shivam: yes.
me: do you have girlfriend??
shivam: no.
me: but I heard that you have and her name is Bishakha??
shivam: no,she is gud friend of mine..we not in a realationship..
I started crying..
me: ok..will you be my boyfriend?
shivam: sure..
me: ok then now bye..have to go home..
shivam: bye..
that day I went to meet him and broke up our reationship..
After few years I started forget him n i was succesfull..
NOw, a new day full of surprise..I remember,it was 5th november..that day was most important day of my life..that day I went out of my home to roam..That day I met one boy.His name is Vivek…he proposed me…i agreed to be in a realtionship with him..And now we are happy couple..
I just hope that we will be in a relationship forever…Just want everyone’s blessings for our relationship..

(Screen) Name: love


My First Love/Heartbreak

Posted on : 13-12-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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My name is Mackenzie. I am 14 years old.

It all started September 9, 2009. I walked on transfer bus after a long day of school((8th Grade Year)). There was this guy sitting in the back… across from my cousin. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and walked back there and sat beside my cousin. Well me and the guy started talking. He asked me if he could listen to my iPod and I said yes. He started singing birthday sex really loud. It was funny.

When we got off the bus my cousin texted him and asked him if he liked me and he said yes! =] I was so happy because I liked him too. A LOT. My cousin and I hung out that day since he lived down the road from me and when I went down there my cousin was still texting him. He told him that he should ask me out. Later that night he texted me. We talked for like 3 hours and then he asked me out. I said yes without thinking about it…even though he dated one of my friends who walked around for the week before he asked me out, talking about how much she hated him.

When I got to school the next day she found out. She started crying and I told her that if she wanted me to then I would break up with him and she just called me a whore, so I said “Fine. I’ll be a whore with him then.” After that me and her didn’t talk much.

I dated the guy for almost 5 months and it was so perfect. I was IN love with him and he said he was too.

We broke up because I made a mistake and I was scared I was gonna hurt him again. He cried for days…even at school. It made me so sad to see him that way. Finally one day I got the nerve to tell him that I was still in love with him only to get a text back saying that he didn’t love me or even like me anymore. It was 10 months after we broke up. Well he told me that only 1 month out of the 5 he really loved me, but all of the rest of the time it was a lie. He only told me that he loved me because I said it first and he felt bad. Even though he said it, I don’t believe it because he wrote me love note, songs, he bought me a necklace for Christmas, and on Valentines day I was going out with a different guy and he still bought me chocolates. I don’t think that he would have done that and cried so much if he didn’t love me.

This month is the 11th month since our break up and I miss him like CRAZY. I would do ANYTHING to get him back despite the fact that what he said shattered my heart into billions of pieces. He is the only one who can fix it and I will wait forever if I have to.

(Screen) Name: xxxKenzieDaniellexxx


my love story

Posted on : 25-07-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story



i was 10 years old when it happened it was the end of the year and i liked a boy my friend had broke up with him and i asked him out (well his sister did for meh) and he sed yes and now we r goin to the dance togethr we have at school and when i see him i smile when i say hi he looks and says sup lol but anyways we went to lunch he went to the bathroom and i went to with my friend we waited outside of the boys bathroom and when he came out i smiled and my friend my friend sed your girlfriend wants to hug you so he hugged me we all wer tlkin and we all wer about to leave and he hugged meh we all went bck then i got in troble for pasting the girls bathroom and i was like well watevr and evryone was lik u got caught lol the nxt day r class went to libray and we had to go to all the rooms to get the books ppl didnt return (meh and my friend) and we had to go to his class who was in art and i sed hi he looked up and sed sup i wanted to hug him but i dnt and then we left but then later we wer in the halls (me and my friend) he was just goin bout to go in the art room we had just walked up the stairs and my friend was lik whoa! and i was lik wat i looked ovr and i seen and we both hided and he smiled then we got from behinde the door and waited for him outside the art room and wen he came out he hugged meh(he wanted too my friend sed hug ur girlfriend) then i hugged him bck and my friend was pullin his shirt as usual he was lik get off and she chased him in the halls all the way around the school i went the othr way to go find the and they scared meh then we walked him to his class and we walked bck to ours and the nxt day i sed i love you (weird to say it but i liked him for a long time) he didnt say anything he was shocked and the nxt day meh and my friend jammera wer dwn at r school with r friends haven and livia and havens sister and haven was tlkin to my boyfriends sister and i sed tell my boyfriend i sed hi he sed hi bck then the same day but at night my 2 friends called me ugly and a bakstabber and sed my boyfriend is goin to dump meh and idk but im not goin to see him all summer hes goin to alaska camp and football camp ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ima miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish meh luck love tatiana

(Screen) Name: lovenerd<333


my buddy and me

Posted on : 24-07-2009 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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Buddy and I known each other for almost half of my life, we are actually three in our group, all along my attention was wit jet our other friend and that makes buddy left behind as always, I had a big crush wit jet that I never kept from the two of them and as we became older this crush had truned into serious thing between me and jet, after so many hardship jet and I gave up, I had buddy to be my crying shoulder, then jet left for another place and only buddy and I stayed together so many years past, we had less time and talk wit each other, but from time to time buddy never failed to check on me, so I met this guy who is now my fiance, and I also make a move to put buddy back into the picture since my realtionship with my fiance has been on the rocks, he again become my shock absorber and crying buddy, as we became closer, I feel something that I havent felt with anyone before, I feel comfortable with the love and affection he was giving me, then I realized that he never left me, he was the only person who stayed with me all through whatever I am goin thru…
then i started confessing about how I actually felt for him, I told him dat this was just crush, and he smiled, a smile that has been locked into my heart, I dont I felt suddenly my heart beating fast… i felt sudden pleasure wit how he hold me CLOSER… and take care of me so much… I ask him if he do had a feeling same as mine… and he said yes but i cant… I already belong to someone else. and he was ignoring whatever he feels for me… after few weeks its confirmed I love him… I had fallen inlove wit my very friend… and once again I asked him.. if he feels something about me… and he said not at all… I feel the world falls on me… i cant move cant breathe… my tears fell down.. and I become weaker… I asked him to stay.. and he said i’ll be staying wit you forever, but I was never worth of this fight, you belong with him…

until now my heart swell wit so much much aching I was hurt… and I realized he makes happy more than anyone else…

(Screen) Name: pretty_yokuh

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