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Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

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Please Read This I need Desperate Advise !!!!!

Posted on : 31-05-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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I was 15 years old when I started going for tutions. In this one tution this particular guy ( used to come. Tall and really good-looking. Mostly I never saw him. Would not pay any attention to him. Then one day I sort of see him and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I at first had a tiny crush on him. But he was a really shy guy…always keeping to his work . He would not talk to any of the girls. So I thought atleast I should be his friend. And I without asking take his number from the teachers phone. When I call him in the begining he is rude to me and doesnt like me taking his number without his knowing. So I send him a request on facebook. He accepts it and we are friends. Now when school re-opens one day I come to know that his childhood friend is my big time enemy. So she comes to know that I know him and she teases me in school saying that ” Ya he really likes you and all”. Ofcourse I dont believe her. So I ask him , what had he told her. He told me that he is not interested in this argument and I should sort it out with her. Apparently my enemy had spread a rumour in school that ‘I had proposed to him, he said no to me, but then took pity on me and said yes and we are dating.’ When you are in this situation even if ur friend is telling a lie you land up believing her and not the person who is speaking the truth.He stopped talking to me. We never spoke from august 2010 till march 2011. I still saw him in the tutions and he behaved as if nothing had happened. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I used to see him.
Now the horrible part was that I lied alot in this year. Regarding this guy. In my heart I wanted things to go in a particular fashion so I Lied about it. Even to my best friend. She figured out and helped me throughout. So I wanted to confront him about why he stopped talking to me without clarifying stuff. I started talking to people who knew him because I knew it would get him angry. By now it was sometime in feb 2011.
In March I had my std 10th board exams. Throughout them, I sent him “All the best” for all the exams and he replied to them. Finally after the exams were over, on 29th March 2011 he finally confronted meand he was damn pissed. He kept asking me questions on facebook and I was replying to them and vice versa. I cried throughout. Then finally it was peace and I still had not told him the whole truth. To make matters worse, a few of my tution friends told him things which I had lied about. It got him angered. Those girls told me to remove him from facebook and forget him. I tried committing suicide that day by jumping off a train. But luckily my mom called me and I did not jump.
Then in June 2011, our History teacher through a party it was a blast I danced whole night but my heart skipped a million beats when I saw Him. I still remember he wore a black shirt with blue jeans and black shoes. He noticed me too but I just could not face him. HOW would I ? But that night I did not bother much. During and after the party my school friends told me that he kept looking for a reason to come our way or look at me. But I did not give it a thought. The following week I sent him a message on FB and said that I was ready to tell him the truth if he was interested in knowing. When he agreed to hear me out. I told him everything. He only said that he didnt want to discuss this issue anymore.
Then in July we got addmissions in college, I promised my best friend that we would be in the same college. But when I got the news as to which college he was in, I took the college right next to him because I loved him and I knew I would never see him again.
When college started I saw him everyday sharp at 2:00 My college friends were very supportive of me. I always notice in college while passing in the canteen he always looks at me and I turn and look at him. Then there is a minute where we both look at each other and ttime stops. SO…in december 2011, I again ask my friend to message him and ask him what is the problem. He spoke to her and told her that he has forgiven me and he knew I liked him thats why he did not want to continue being friends with me. He also told her thats it was upto him if he wants to talk to me or no.
Now after all this I still love him and everyday my love grows stronger. And all he does in college is stare at me. I feel he just lied to my best friend about what he feels. He is a very education oriented guy and I know education is important. But I am not asking him to fall in love with me, I am just asking him to see how I actually am and not presume me to be a liar.

This is for u : You know I have been talking about you if you ever read this. I just want you to know that this happened when I was 15 and now I am 17, I have changed and you deserve to know me not the false rumours you heard about me. I really love you, and no matter what anyone says I always will wait or you.

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