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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

Im Yours 2

Posted on : 21-07-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story



Love, you never who it is inside and who it isn’t. It hides and disfigures itself all the time, simply because it is scared, just like us. If love gets in the wrong people, what are we to do? How are we supposed to react? Love isn’t visible to the human eye because it is distinguished and acknowledged to much, so many people have to many different views on what it is that there is no way it would ever be realistic. For us, being human beings; we dream about cupid and all the things associateship with love; romantics and fantasy s; there all real in our dreams, but everyone deep down wishes and prays they become true and for some, it does. But the rest? Well, it doesn’t. You see, love isn’t something we can physically feel, only mentally. Love isn’t something we can smell physically, isn’t something we can see physically and it is certainly nothing we can touch physically. But it’s there, all the time. When your around someone you love, someone who creates the very daylight and sunrise for you. It is always there, love. You don’t realise it, but when your arguing with someone you love, it’s there. When your shouting and yelling at someone you love, the most depressing and torcherous arguments; it’s there. It never arrives late or to early, always on time. The minute you begin to dream, its there. The minute you begin to feel butterflies and a few seconds before hand, its there. When your happy with your family… how do you think you get happy? -LOVE. And guess what? -Its there too. You can turn your head to disagreements, fights, abuse, hatred, envy and pure astonishment in hate but you cannot turn your head to knowing love is real. People don’t believe in fairies, Santa and other comical characters but isn’t love something real? This is what makes us who we are, obviously getting born was a starting point, but after that, we grow older and wiser with the knowledge of being hurt and growing from it. Think about the world, without love. A dreary, old fashioned, workaholics, boring people. No one would be how they are today; all the love advices from agony aunts, all the love posts in all the magazines, all the gossip from celebrities; it would all be dead. There would be no children, a lack of a new generation barely waking. The existence of life in humans would be down – populating quicker than you blink.
Do you honestly think it is easy, bringing up the courage to go and ask someone out, to go and possibly end up embarrassed yourself; just to please your inner hormones for one night or possibly the next 50 years? No, it is not. But that little meeting could mean the whole entire world to you. Love is a disguise, like the example I just used. Picture it, a man walks up to a woman (not being sex est here) and talks to her about how beautiful she is and how they should see each other again, etc…. she replies with a good response, they hit it off but why? Possibly because she feels its time for her to settle down and meet someone nice? Or because she just wants him for the evening? -A pure example, of what my point is. Right there, the image you just instantly captured is the image of love being disguised, two weeks later or days even they could be so madly in love you wouldn’t think they were too strangers. Why? Why you ask, why is love so disguised? Because love cannot hold the figure of a human or object in this life time, it would be impossible, there would be so much talk of it that people would be sick of it. This way, well… this way people get a shock, people get heart aches, but people always memorise it. Love never gets ended, ever. Your first love? Never gets forgotten, and the lovers after that? Never erased. FACT. Are we supposed to just sit here everyday of our lives awaiting our soul mates, or are we supposed to go out there and find them ourselves? Possibly awaiting a huge disappointment. Love is too precious to be wasted around, I suggest you do something with it and never forget your loves, they happened for a reason and that reason being; love. A familiar friend, best friend in fact and sister to me. And to you to.

(Screen) Name: ShawtyLikeCee



Posted on : 07-03-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story



Keep smiling. You never know who is falling in love with it… Just because they tell you not to doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. I mean would you honestly jump off a cliff if someone told you to? Love isn’t always about finding someone you can live with.. its about finding someone you can’t live without. It’s about knowing who your one and only person is. Whether that requires suffering in silence from abuse or having a confession inside your heart knowing he/she cheated on you but your love has taken over your life so you can’t express how you feel. Love comes, love goes but whatever happens love is always in our hearts. Explaining love is like trying to smash a hard rock with a toothbrush.. impossible.
Boys break hearts, cheat and lie. Girls flirt, act like a slut and break boys hearts. The difference? Girls feel guilt, guys just hide it. Not one person on earth apart from God can ever describe what love actually is because in every ones eyes, love is something different. We could all say ‘well I been in this and that position in a relationship’.. but it ain’t going to get anyone anywhere because it’s not what Love is. Everyone has expectations of what love is, everyone has expectations of how love is portrayed, but not types of love end up in heartbreak. Young childhood loves could carry on for years, marriage and children and forever whereas others could end quicker than you blink.
You think you know someone until there true colours come out. Never give up on someone if you truly love them, but if they tell you to basically ‘go’. Then your only option has just been said to you. You must ‘go’. Being told you are no longer being loved by the other person is like getting stabbed repeatedly, then that person takes your heart out your chest, stabs it in front of you laughing and then puts it back in your chest, no hesitating or debating about it. Just doing it.

Would you really risk it? Risk your life. Suicide attempts 13. Pills taken 114. Therapist talks 100. No longer have you got the energy to put on a fake smile and tell everyone your going to be fine. No longer have you got the confidence to force a laugh when a joke is said. Thoughts that run through your head, images that pass in and out of your mind every second your alive. Sleeping turns into sleepwalking and no-sleeping nights. We all want someone there to hold, we all want to be someone to be loved. Families, friends and outcasts no longer understand how your feelings. An ashamed look in your appearance turns to hatred and no one looks at you the same. Friends turn into outcasts and nobody. Your family have given up on you and then you realise your alone, no one else, just you.You start to realise life isn’t what you planned.And you realise having the planned out life isn’t the best thing you had done in your life. And something come up in your mind THAT YOU HAVE BEEN A IDIOT for letting your life be put in the hands of someone totally untrustworthy, unhelpful, useless, a liar, a cheat, a sinful person and under the eyes of God watching; a waste of a life. Every breath you inhaled and exhaled was for that person and now is all lost. You may a swell give up now. BUT then after years and years of torture, you see the light finally. A realisation hits you like a brick. Life isn’t as crap as you once thought.
Hiding in your own home turns to being in the crowd, gain of your friends family and outcasts begin to become a major helpful bonus.

You see, not everyone loves and not everyone is being loved. If you were told to die for someone, would you? If you were told to get back with the person who destroyed every inch of your whole life, for a million pounds would you? Life-holding questions.. truth is.. if you got million pounds.. that can go easily but your lover can’t…

(Screen) Name: Yours.


Was it Love, or Me Being Gullible

Posted on : 25-07-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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I remember the first day I layed my eyes on your beautiful golden dirty-blonde hair, your gorgeous sky blue eyes had me under a spell, it seemed. I thought I was in love. I was 12, and your were 13. A year apart wasn’t so bad. I was in 6th grade and you were in 7th. I can still see the day we met when I closed my eyes. You were walking by my house, me and my friend asked you for a hug and you let us touch your Justin Bieber like hair. I loved every second of it. That night I began to have a conversation with you on Facebook and we made plans to do a foolish thing. We sat with each other on the bus every morning and some afternoons and talked all the time. We texted for hours on end and you were my bestfriend. I loved you and I was positive of it. I thought you loved me back. That night when we were ‘uncontrollable’ you were my first kiss. And it was great. I thought we would do that many, many more times. But a week after that, we got in trouble for being idiots and done what we did. You texted me when I was in the principal’s office that we shouldn’t talk because you didn’t want to get arrested. I was heartbroken. You knew that you were everything to me, right? That you helped me and minimize the times when I’d cut myself. Now that you’re gone, I don’t know what to do. I mean, you did so much in so little time and you didn’t care what everyone thought when we hung out. You were hot, sweet, caring, and everything a girl wants a guy to be. You were perfect in my eyes. I was in love of course, my heart pounding when I see you, hoping you’d randomly walk over and tell me your sorry, hug me, and we’d be happy again. But instead, I sit in my bed all night, crying, thinking of you. Was it love, or me being gullible? I’ll never know.

(Screen) Name: AlexisxxBieber

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