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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

The most beautiful day I had

Posted on : 07-07-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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Today was one of the happiest days of my life; it’s going to go straight into the beautiful parts of my memories. After all the confusions I finally came to decide with whom I am going to spend my life with. I now know that what I have for her is real love. I care for her a lot, I love to spend time with her, I am over protective of her, I take care of her needs, and I usually ask her what she wants or whether she is comfortable, I go out of my comfort zone just to please her and her family. What else it would be other than love. I know that she likes me because she lets me hold and caresses her hand.

I love her immensely with all my heart; I don’t exactly remember how it all started. I think it all started when I first saved her from drowning. I still remember that day when we were on the pool in floating tubes. We fished our round and were just leaving, when I recognized her (she was floating on water, her back facing us with her head submerged into the water) I ran as fast as my feet would let me and grabbed her arm and got her out of the water. I was really afraid; she was like coughing and panting and I was like wtf is she going to die? I was glad when she didn’t.

After that day her mom would be careless of her, because I was looking after her. When she’s out of her mom’s site, her mom would look at me and find her with me. I think her mom told things about me to her and her little brother which made them both to develop a liking for me.

From the day I saved her from drowning, she started to be close to me and we would always be together. I would always hold her hand and would stay close to her. I felt responsible for her. I also felt good in a way that I am able to look after her. We don’t talk much though because she is painfully shy. She doesn’t let any guy (not even her own father) near her or touch her. But she lets me touch her; she considers me special and holds me in a special spot in her heart. She always does things for me which she doesn’t do for anyone.

We sat besides each other while traveling on many occasions. A particular occasion was when we went to a water theme park. We sat besides each other and I had a sudden urge to hold her hand. I slowly started to caresses her fingers and soon I found myself playing with her hand and slipping my fingers in hers, interlocking our hands together. I just played with her hand and when I got tired of it she started stoking my hand. This continued for a very long time. When I was stroking her hand, she was like constantly starting at me passionately. I tired not to look at her face because that would be really awkward. That is the point when we acknowledged that we both are attracted towards each other. I felt guilty after a little while for acting like couple because I knew that it was wrong and moreover she was 12 for god’s sake.

Our other cousins came to know that something is cooking between us. One of my cousins teased her once about us being together and us getting married in the future. She started crying and till date I don’t know why she cried. Is it because she was shy and was broken because our relationship came to light or is it because she doesn’t like me and would never wanted to end up being with me, well I do hope to get answers to those question someday.

A year ago she and her big sister came to stay with my family for a few days (11 days to be exact) that was the luckiest time I ever had and we quite spent a lot of time together back then. I would always stay close to her, I would make space in the couch and we would lie back on the couch besides each other holding hands watching movies. I held her hand at every opportunity I got. That was the time her sister was so jealous of us being so close to each other.

She is super sensitive and possessive, when I took her sister on a bike ride. She got really mad at me and didn’t talk to me and didn’t let me touch her for the whole day. It’s a really big thing considering the fact that she can’t be far from me when I am around her for more than few hours.

Last time when our entire sept went on vacation, I kept my distance from her. I didn’t go near her. She was like constantly around me, she stayed near me hoping that I would take her hand or would come close to her, but I didn’t. She eventually could not resist and asked my sister why I wouldn’t talk with her. I guess I was afraid of our families finding out that we are so close to each other, because we have a 7 years age gap between us and they would consider it highly inappropriate right now. But I can’t help it, whenever she is near me I am attracted towards her, I feel like taking her into my arms and cuddle with her all the time. I have this urge to take her in my arms and protect her from the cruel world. I have to tell myself from time to time to maintain a relative distance from her till she becomes 18. I would never want our relationship to end up in lust. We both have deep respect for each other and I would never ever do things which could spoil it.

This time when she came over to my place with her family, I did kept my distance from her. She was always near me. When we went to exhibition, all our family members were moving forward but when I was at the back of everyone she decided to slow down and was walking just in front of me, she was expecting me to hold her hand. But I did not; I had to tell myself that it would be awkward and uncomfortable for people around me to see myself holding her hand. After seeing the entire exhibition it was time for us to leave, at the end of it, I could not resist anymore, I grabbed her hand and held it as our fingers intertwined. She on the other hand was waiting for the opportunity and held my hand tightly. While coming back to home in the car, we seated next to each other and I held her hand there also. She slightly caressed my hand. That night after returning home, both my sister and her big sister were playing badminton outside of our home and I seated myself outside on our house steps. I invited her to sit besides me which she gracefully accepted and seated herself besides me. I then took her hand and started caressing it and after some time she went to play the badminton with my sister. When she came back after playing she sat besides me and this time she grabbed my hand and took it in her hand. Then I went to play for sometime, when I came back I placed my hand between us and she placed her hand on my palm. Oh it was soo cute and I had such a beautiful time with her. Still now I get butterflies all over my stomach when I think about it. But when holding hand if I ask her about something she gets all nervous and never replies to me properly. When I ask her something she just makes a face and says “I don’t know” like she is not able to comprehend the words coming out of my mouth. When we do get old we are gonna have a good laugh about the silly things we did together. I am sure we are going to have a great future ahead.

She is more mature than her age; I guess it is expected of her since she is a Capricorn. She understands how to behave in public. She even understands that I need to study and make my career a priority. She even visited two of my other cousin’s family (my father’s side) with my sister, even though her big sister did not go along with them. I think she knows that she have to get to know my clan members sooner or later and she has taken the first initiative by visiting them. She stayed late in each of the houses and I was really moved by her action. That was really sweet of her to do. As a Capricorn she gives high importance to family and customs and I think that is the reason she visited my family members, otherwise why would a 14 year old go to houses of people she doesn’t know.

I don’t know if things could work out between us or not, but I am sure that she holds a special spot in my heart. The famous cricketer M.S.Dhoni is 29 while his wife is 21 years old, this gives me hope that when she become 19 I would have a chance to be with her and we could end up being one of the happiest families out there.

I have many dreams and plans for us. I do understand the age gap and that she is young, but I would give time till she’s 18 or 19 and then ask her out. By that time I would have become financially sound and would be able to provide her all the things she needs. I would gladly wait for her to become mature so that she can decide whether she wants to be with me. Right now she has strong emotions towards me and I hope she stays the same and above all “us” to remain same now and forever.

(Screen) Name: Syed Idres


I finally meet him ( MY SOULMATE )

Posted on : 05-07-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates

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June 13

(I made an account to a website that i don’t even know hw it works all i know about that is it is a dating website ^^ )

“Before i slept i was thinking that, why i made such account ?”

Next night June 14 I open again that account and when i open it after a few minutes someone chatted at me . OMG ! he’s so cute:x so i hurriedly reply at him ( him: HI! me: HELLO:) with smiley ) *blushes* just a simple HI makes me blush . hahahaha 😀

While were chatting i feel like we really know each other and thats what he feel too he said when i told him what i feel! after an hour of chattin i asked him how webcam works in this website ? then he told me that he don’t know because he is just a newbie there and just created an account yesterday (june 13) Oooh ! “DESTINY” (I’m starting to think that maybe i accidentally made an account there because its the way to meet my SOUL MATE ) and i finally met him YEY !!!

After 2 days of Chatting we finally meet *HE GAVE ME BUTTERFLIES DEEP INSIDE* He is so cute, gentleman, handsome, kind, funny, talkative everything in him is i really like and He is my dream guy also (true) but were together just a few hours 🙁

When i got home . We chatted again ^^ and decided to transfer chattin at yahoo ! he really have a good sense of humor that’s why i really really love to talk with him and he is so funny doing funny faces in webcam and dancing JAI HO ahahahha xD and that’s the reason why every second makes me fall in love with him . (now I am deeply shrink in love with him). We have lots of similarity our simcards, the way we think, likes and foods 😀 so iam so convince that he is my SOUL MATE :*

By the way i forgot to tell you at first how i call him and how he call me too . i call him NINJA BANDIT PROFESSOR SOUL MATE ^^ he call me BANDIT SOUL MATE ^^ or SM (short for soul mate)then turns to MAHALITA(me) and MAHALITO(him)
were happy now ^^ its enough for now but i will share you again gals what our love story will be LOVE YOU GALS ~tata~

(Screen) Name: banditsoulmate


first and last

Posted on : 30-05-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story



Okay i never had a real bf till i was 20. I was very shy and really didnt have friends til like nine years old. So in 2000 i meet him but he was in a relatship so i didnt really talk to him. then we go to a party and he been broke up with his gf he was flirting with me i just felt so comforable around him it was like i can talk to him all night but i wasnt looking for a man. so we saw eachother between years we said hi and hello. In 2002 i went to a party i was looking right. he was there and we hit it off he asked me out on date i was 19. i said yea with a big smile u gave him mu number. We talked all night and i keep saying to myself his the one. Everyone told me dont mess with him a bad boy but my heart didnt listen. we went out to dinner it was so amazing. then we kept going out in dates and we decided to be bf and gf. after like 3 months i stayed over his house It was really fun lol. He meet with my mom he told her he loved me and he would never hurt me.then we just talked about nothing i was rolling all night his so funny. i took a shower he gave me his t-shirt. we cuddled all night but thats all. we just stayed together then after like 7 months together it was valentines and it was beautiful i lost my virginly to him. he was my first and last. we got together in 2002 then in 2008 we married i love him so much. now its 2012 we been together for ten years married for four. we had our first baby its a girl shes’s only 5 months shes beautiful. We r so in love i love him s much when i think about it i cry. i was 20 when first went out now im 30 and im loving every moment.

(Screen) Name: misscutie


My J

Posted on : 06-05-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates

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I’m a very reserved person. I am very cheery on the outside. You’ll never know if you offend me because I tend to forgive and forget almost childlike. About two years ago as a Senior in High School, I was getting more and more depressed. My grades didn’t show it, and the few friends I had didn’t know. Honestly I don’t know how my J figured it out.

I met J through a mutual friend of ours. I have never dated before, and this was no date…not by a long shot! My friends, J, and I were all out at a football game. I had found J attractive, though he was a bit older than me, and I was a bit embarrassed by that. I hadn’t found many people attractive before, and none were as sweet as my J.

I had also never flirted…and I know what you’re all thinking. “Wow this girl must be a freak or a recluse!” I’m not really, I was just depressed. Well, anyway, I smiled shyly at him, and to my surprise he smiled back just as shy. His happy blue eyes made my heart flutter…and they also made my hand drop my coke into my lap…

I was completely embarrassed- mainly because it was just me and him. Our friends had made a snack bar run. I tried to stand and wipe as much of the coke off as possible, but it was November and freezing out.

I hadn’t even dared to look back over at J until suddenly two very gentle hands had pushed me back down on the bench. I looked up with a deep red blushing face, and saw the calmest sweetest face smiling back. He knew I had just been stupid and clumsy, but he blamed it on “a sudden change in wind” and gave me his extra jacket to cover my cold wet legs. Of course that didn’t help the whole game…

My J fixed that too though. He told me we could sit closer together, and asked to get some coffee with me one day. I hadn’t said ten words to him, but evidently something about me caught his eyes. Because that first date was one of many, we are happily dating to this day. We’re now thinking of marriage after I graduate, but who knows when my J will propose. He always seems to surprise me.

(Screen) Name: KBethB12


This is my Love story..

Posted on : 20-04-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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This is my Love Story which I want to share with you all…


I will update this frequently.

Please share and comment… I will love to see them…

(Screen) Name: fools2011


Remember the First Time You Fell in Love?

Posted on : 19-04-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story



David George’s new novel, Remember the First Time You Fell in Love? is more than just a novel; it’s eight short stories which, since they turn out to be all about the same man, becomes a novel. It is also an invitation: these stories were collected from after-dinner conversations where people told about their first love – and also, in the process, what love means to them. So it’s also an enquiry: is there one thing we can call “true love” or are there only many different kinds of love? Is one better than the other? Read the book and then send your story to firstloves@westnet.com.au – and who knows, it may appear in the next book in the series?

(Screen) Name: David


My Mr.Darcy <3

Posted on : 13-04-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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I’ve had a very screwd up life when I was younger. My father desserted the family leaving my mother with 8 children in a house with 2 bedrooms. I was failing school. Liking this boy for years i was obsessed, the problem was i was shy and so was he. I used to self-harm and horrible other things I did to myself. But now he has saved me, everything I have suffered all the pain. being with him makes it all worth it, worth all of it. It took him 5 years.

I first met him when I was 9 yrs old, didnt quiet like him then so much but the more we talked I fell for him. 4 years and its been a secret I have never told anyone -ever! He;s got these other 2 bestfriends they are friends of mine too. i was told by bestfriend (guy1); that he likes me had has liked me for a long time and that guy 2 also likes me.–i cant understand why, I am a shy distraught, messed up little girl with massive life problems that you dont want to get involved in. They are all very rich and brought up in good families- and I would be an embarasment to be around.

Things get confusing afterwards as I hear from guy2 that guy1 and that the boy I’ve liked for years both like me.–I could not believe it! He liked me!! But then so did both of his bestfriends!!! I’ve stop meeting up with the 3 of them and would lie saying im sick, I just dont want to face awkwardness. Then, chocolates, flowers and ‘get well soon’ cards arrived at my front door. My mum could not stop laughing just reading them and eating my chocolates! Funny as I was not sick! I remember her saying that I just need to marry one of them and I would never need to worry about paying bills -LOL.

The boy that I liked was the richest among them them all, I didnt know back then but he lives in a castle in Austria!!! It was like a fairy tale story and he was my prince. He was showing a lot of signs that showed he liked me; he would put his arm around me, long lasting hugs, stare at me alot and would talk to me almost everyday all-of-a-sudden. he started to attend daily mass because i was there and meet up with me after school. He didnt know that I liked him yet.

It mainly started when guy1 his bestfriend tried to ask me to go out with him on Facebook?!! I sadly rejected him, it was hard as we were friends for so long but i didnt like him and his bestfriend is the boy i like.i told guy1 who it was that i liked and im sorry. And the boy i liked was abit angry with me at this moment because of some silly misunderstandimg, which was a lie guy1 told him to get him angry at me. He also has my Facebook password and as the reads the whole conversation with guy1 which involes me addmiting to loving him and revealing that what he has told him was a lie and used it to get me!! ahhh it was crazy!

The next time we meet up to go up town and chill out, he holds my hand infront of both of them he tells me it was a sign to tell them to “back off she’s my girl”. Later on he tells me how he really feels that he loves me and i say that i love him too.

I’ve never loved a person so much before, i never knew i had the capacity to a man so much after my father had left. He’s been helping my family so much and its shocking how he does not care what sort of background I come from.

Just yesterday we’ve had our first kiss goodbye before he left for the holiday to Austria.

.missing him so much it hurts..

(Screen) Name: inafairytale


In love with my best friend

Posted on : 21-03-2012 | By : Liv1996 | In : Romance Love Story

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My family moves a lot. It’s mostly for my dad’s work. Our thirsd move was to a city in NB Canada and we stayed there for about two years, I’m very shy and dont make friends easily, I went to the same school from kindergarden to grade one so I made a few friends. At the end of grade one my family mved yet again.We moved about two and a half hours away from my old place and didnt return until my father got a premotion to my old place so we moved back in hte summer befor I went into grade four.
The first time I set foot in my new grade four class, I met a boy, Dylan.We quickly became friends.Did everything together, I was a tomboy, not afraid of anything and he was a trouble maker so we got sent to the office every day.We were unseperable.sat in class together and played soccer and basketball together at lunch.
In grade six Dylan tryed to teach me how to skateboard. Now, when I was yound I didn’t have much balance so I wasnt to good at it. But he stillgrabbed my hand and pulled me aroud the parking lot at my school. I remember when he grabbed my hand, i blushed like crazy, I could feel my face getting red hot and I was embarassed.Of corse Dylan saw how red my cheeks were but being the ten year old boy he was he didn’t notice that I was blushing. That same year my younger sister told him that I liked a guy in my class, Dylan wouldnt stop picking on me about it, no matter how many times I told him that i idn’t like this guy, he would still pick on me about it (Just playing of corse). I eded up telling Dylan tat my sister liked him.She didn’t and he knew it,but him and I picked on her together telling her that we know how much she likes him, we would do it until she ran after us and we would always get on his skateboard (He took that thing everywhere)and take off leaving her with one of my other guy friends Ricky.
Dylan and I never faught and we told eachother everything. And I mean everything when I say everything. HE told me aout him liking Heather, one of my other close friends.I remember hating her.Although i dind’t know why at the time.
The city I lived in was small (like every other NB city) so we could roam around town for hours if we wanted to. We use to et in trouble together outide of school aswell.I remember in grade six, Dylan and I decided to go to a construction sight with a few friends one night.They were building a row of houses attached to eachother.It was really dark outside so we were all scared to go in but we dared eachother to go inside the house and up the stairs, of orse being the twelve year old idiots we were, Dylan and I went inide. Our friends outside yelled for us to come out because one of the construction workers came back. But by that time we were already up stars. we ran down and out but my friends were already gona and the worker was looking for us.we ended up running as fast as we could past the worker and jumpped the fence. Luckally we got away and never got caught but we promissed eachother that we would never tell anyone about it.
In grade six, the game truth or dare was extreamly popular.My friends and I would play it every lunch.One particular day, Dylan, Ricky, Sarah and I were playing in a circle outside away from everyone else. Ricky was the only one who has ever been kissed. And Ricky and Sarah hated eachother, like the faught all of the time.Dylan tahught it would be funny if he dared Ricky to kiss Sarah.Ricky flipped shit, but eventually he gave in a kissed her hand.Lol thats as far as he would go. In spite of Dylan Ricky dared him to kiss me…and that was my first kiss.When he kissed me,I didnt want him to stop.I wanted to sit there for the rest of my life with my best friend’s lips on mine.But eventually Sarah buted in and ot us to stop.
Dylan and I never went out. He datted one of my other friends Heather.I moved in the middle of grade seven and I only saw him a few times a year wen my fsther went back for work.I mean we talked on facebook and stuff but thats the only comunication we had because calling was long distance and costs too much money.
A year later,Dylan and I got into a fight.I dont remember what it was about exactly but I was pissed at the world because my grandfather died.Dylan was only trying to help and I jsut snapped at him.I tryed many times to say sorry but for months he wouldnt talk to me.About 3 months after the fingt,y dad and I went back to my ld place and I met up with him, to talk to him.I told how I felt about him.I told him that I liked him a lot like a lot a lot.And he asked me how long i’ve liked him for. And I told him since grade six.He told me that he liked me since grade four…My heart sank,I froze.The only thing that was going threw my head was “Why didn’t he tell me?” I was so mad. right in the middle of my thaughts he kissed me.I still remember standing in hte middle of the side walk with his arms wrapped around my waist and my lips on his. we kissed for longer then I have ever kissed anyone.
The next day my dad and I had to go back to NS.I cyed the whole way home but I pretended to sleep with my jacket over my face so my dad wouldnt notice.During that car ride home I realized that I loved Dylan.I was thirteen years old and in love with my best friend.
I haven’t seen Dylan since that day two years ago.I still think about him,but we dont talk anymore because we know it will never work.He has a girlfriend that he has been with for 5 months and I have nobody at the moment.Dylan is planning on joining the navy when he is eighteen and out of high school.And I would like to be a nurse…who knows maybe we will cross paths again some day.

(Screen) Name: Liv1996


If this isn’t love tell me what it is.

Posted on : 22-01-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Long Distance Love, Romance Love Story

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One boy and one girl. They had been passing each other in the hallways for a year. It took them a while to notice each other, but once they did they instantly became friends because he, a football player, was the male equivalent to her, a smart girl who enjoyed several extra curricular activites. They quickly became close. They were best friends who shared everything with each other. They simply called each other “best friend” because that’s the only thing that defined them. Towards the end of the school year the boy got news that he would be moving. The girl was distraught, because that was her best friend. The only male she trusted. At a party the girl had gotten a little, how should I say this…hmmm, drunk. While the boy was walking her home from the party she admitted that she had other feeling for him, that night they shared their first kiss. At that point sparks started flying. The boy had been feeling the same way lately. But there was nothing that could be done about it because five days later he had to move. The two stayed in constant contact. Calling, texting, skyping. But after a while the girl decided to give up on the boy and go find someone else. The boy let go, as boys easily do, and did him for a while. After the girl tried dating a couple of times she realized that no one could make her as happy as her best friend. Because not only was her her best friend, but he was the only one who knew how to truly love her and make her as happy as she could possibly be. So to this day, they still keep in constant contact. They often screw up time to time, but they trust each other to say “hey, I messed up. Will you forgive me?” The two plan on getting married one day. Some people don’t believe them when they say it, but hey, who cares. They truly are each other’s first, and most likely, last love.

(Screen) Name: YepShesInLove


innocence of love

Posted on : 01-10-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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i was 13 when i had my love @ first sight in my schooling life, i’m a romantic idiot since my schooling days,always in search of love n keep listening to romantic love story films, specially inspired by shahrukh khan.

That was the 1st day of my 6th class,I came to school at early hours started waiting for my friends near cycle parking so that was the first time i saw my love,she is “sufia” with cute little face with spectacles,pink wrist watch,pink hair band,pink bangles oh gosh pink was her favorite colour n she was most cutest in the pink combination.

sufia was a new joiner to my school, i was just flatted to her, from the day 1 i’ve ben observing her daily in the mornings her dad used to drop her, then after few days she started soming to school in pink bicycle 😀
this was funny n crazy world for me to see her daily passes through my streets.

one fine day i spoke to her through my closest friend shehnaz she is another sweet gal in my schooling life she was a very good friend of mine. so she helped me a lot in making friendship with sufia.

finally i became close friend of sufia, we started to roam on bicycles daily n she used to come to my home, my sis was her frnd too, she was even a good dancer,so our meetings were often,this is how 2 years passed.

i was in love with her deeply n decided to marry her, i kept all these feelings in myself never got guts to propose her,days ended that was time she was shifted to another school n i just remained empty with out expressing myself.

It took time for me to digest this, but some how my schooling life was very colorful with my friends.those days were so innocent n my love was even innocent n so pure.

now i dont find any such kind of pure n fresh feelings in this day to day life, thats why i keep rolling my memories how sweet n innocent days i had spent in my life.

this may seem sunny to read but just wrote this to tel u the innocence of love is very pure.

— sajid ali

(Screen) Name: sajid

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