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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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My Teddy Bear

Posted on : 27-10-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Fictional Love Story, Romance Love Story

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People remind me of teddy bears. Some are full of stuffing and little else. Some are kept out of reach of the masses, only being able to be viewed but never touched. There are generic bears that share such a striking resemblance to each other that we could be forgiven for not seeing the individual beauty within each one. Like people bears come in a multitude of different sizes and colours; the possibilities are endless.

Some bears are old and tatty, while others appear to have been made yesterday. Some have jointed limbs while others cannot move their limbs at all. Some stare at us with unseeing eyes while their counterparts’ fur is so thick we can’t even see their eyes through their fur. Some teddies are matted, some soft and silky. Some can growl while others have no voice.

So if I compare people to teddy bears you’re probably wondering just what sort of bear I see you as…

You are a very special teddy bear indeed, though not everyone can appreciate that fact. Some choose to judge you at face value and that is their loss not yours, for if they really thought about it, they would see in you what I see when I look at you.

Your fur may be partly matted, some even having been worn away leaving bare patches that are scratchy to the touch. One of your ears sits lopsided; the result of someone’s attempt to ‘fix’ you. Your eyes are beautiful, well at least the one you still have is. The other long gone, leaving a stubborn thread hanging; the only reminder that it was ever there in the first place.

You might be grubby and in places your seams have split exposing the straw on the inside. A flat row of fur the only telltale sign that you once proudly wore a ribbon secured round your neck.

For some people that is all they see when they look at you before their eyes discard you. Yet while I see the same things that they see, I see you as being so incredibly beautiful and it makes me want to hug you all the more.

Those signs of wear and tear that some seem almost ashamed of, they show me how special you are. For while many might view them as flaws, I see them as signs that you have been loved so very, very much; and I know that is true because I am the one who loves you.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about you. To do so might risk losing your charm, your uniqueness and your personality and besides why change you when I already love you just the way you are.

I love you, so beary, beary much.

(Screen) Name: Vicki Kay



Posted on : 05-10-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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The pain in his eyes as he gazed into mine made my heart throb so painfully in my chest, I couldn’t breathe. We were floating in a never ending abyss of colors and mist, a world where we could be together if only for a few moments. My arms were wrapped around his neck, his skin flushed and warm. His whole body was pressed into mine and I could feel the warmth of his body melting into mine. His arms were possessively and protectively encasing me to him and I had never felt so safe in my life. We gazed into each other’s eyes, his with pain and mine with regret.
His heart was throbbing in his chest; the vibrations went straight from his bare chest through to my own, where my heart throbbed back an equally painful tune. He knew I was going to be the one to break this moment, and both of us knew I never wanted to do it. But if neither of us did it, we would never separate, and sometimes, I thought that was the best thing in the world. I wondered what it would be like if we stayed in each other’s arms, where we belonged…..But we couldn’t do that. I couldn’t let him do that.
So I spoke. “I need to go. I –”
His arms tightened around me and he brought his head to the crook of my neck, his warm breath washing over my neck. Everything about this man was warm and hot, like a blazing fire only I was allowed to touch. His sweat soaked, black hair fell lightly into his face and gently framed his cheeks. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I knew exactly what color they would be, forever imprinted in my mind’s eye: an oceanic blue so deep and clear, bright yet dark, a woman could lose her soul in them. His skin was still slightly flushed, but he was naturally a little pale with a small tan coating his perfect body. He was taller then me, about four inches, eight at the most. He never failed to joke about the height, about how I fit him so perfect because I was so short compared to him.
I didn’t care how short I was, as long as his arms stayed wrapped around me and I never left his embrace. However, I needed to, and the big oaf was being rebellious. He was like that. Sometimes, playful yet loving when it was time to go. Like now, where I could feel a small smile tugging at his lips. Ah, those lips. They could do dangerous things to me. When he kissed me, it was like a fire had seared my lips and branded my heart. My blood felt like liquid fire, rushing and shifting beneath my skin until I couldn’t take it anymore.
It was then he would –Bad thoughts! Shouldn’t go there. I sighed then, remembering why I spoke in the first place. “I can’t leave if you don’t let me.”
Then I heard it, and my knees became wobbly, and ever so slightly, his arms tightened as if he knew the effect his voice would cause on me. “That is the point.”
I laid my head on his bare shoulder and closed my eyes. “Point or not, whether I want to leave or not, you know we have to….”
My voice caught, and as it did, his hands on my back moved in slow circles. His hands, oh so much larger then my own, caressed me gently and lovingly. Hands that could hurt or kill me were so soft and gentle, I thought he was rubbing my back with a feather. Then, he could be like this. Sweet and gentle, like I was made of glass. And sometimes, it was scary how inside my head he could get. He knew when I got wobbly kneed because of his voice, and there would a appear a boyishly wolf-like grin.
He knew when I was about to cry, when my heart felt battered and bruised, and he would wrap me in those strong arms and comfort me in a way no one else had the power to. When I was angry, a raging woman of fire, he would shelter me and his eyes would light up with a fire to equal mine and he would calm my rage until I was but a sputtering flame. When I was in deep pain, his heart would be in his eyes and he would whisper to me over and over he would protect me.
And when we were loving, joined together, as we were moments before, when things would crash into the sky, he would steadily look in my eyes and tell me he loved me. When I was happy or elated, his eyes would shine with happiness for me and he would get a grin that could melt even the coldest of hearts. Many poems could be written about this man, but nothing, no words, would ever do him justice. He’s much to perfect for that.
But perfection is not perfect without flaws. He’s a sweet talker, and can talk his way out of many things, even arguments. Sometimes, I think he could be a con artist. He does have a temper, and so do I. We butt heads, nostrils flaring and hearts protesting, but later, when everything is calm, there are no apologies. There is just me and him, our hearts, our souls, and that is enough. This man also has family issues. He’s scared of starting a family, of becoming a part of something, because his family meant pain and suffering. He knows nothing else.
We fight and sometimes, words are thrown and said that shouldn’t have been, but always, we return. Our souls cannot separate, and nor would we want to. There are troubles, but I love this man with everything I have. I only wish I could remember.
Remember. The thought of it wakes me from my thoughts and his deep blue eyes are staring into mine, his gaze knowing and understanding. His lithe fingers take a strand of my matted black hair and he brings it to his lips. Once my hair has received proper attention, he moves to kiss my beating heart, causing shivers and my heart to thump so harshly in my ribcage, it was almost painful. I feel his smile, and I know he felt it. My face flushes.
Even after so many of our meetings, of time spent, he still makes me blush heartily and over the small things. His lips ghost over my own, pulling me back once again. Then, there are those eyes again. We stare, enraptured.
“Don’t think, love. Let it be.” His eyes are pained again, and I hate myself for making that look appear. “We’ll find each other again.” His hand smooths over my hair to caress my cheek and jaw. “We always do.”
These are the words he speaks every time, and every time, tears pool in the corners of my eyes. I remember to miss him, I remember to love him, but I don’t remember him. It’s always like that. “But I’m so lonely. I want you to be there, to hold me, I –”
His lips soothingly connect with my own, and I feel my near hysteria calming instantly. My heart speeds up slightly, before his lips part from mine and our breaths mingle. “You think I’m not? I miss you every damn day, and it hurts, __________. So much, love. I don’t remember, but I want to, I need to. I will, and when I find you, I won’t ever let you go.”
His eyes are strong and burning as they gaze into my own set of hazel, and I blink back tears. His hands reach to cup my cheeks, ready to catch my tears. “……Will you catch me if I fall?”
An ongoing saying. I always ask him, and he always replies: “I would never let you fall in the first place.”
His mouth is in a thin line, and the mist starts to haze over us. There isn’t much time left. I never once look away from the eyes staring into my soul. “I love you, _______. I love you.”
I don’t need to hear him say it; his eyes are staring so intensely into my soul, I can’t move. There is only him, and as the haze completely engulfs us, I hear his last words: “I love you too, darling.”

And when I wake up in the morning, from a dream I can’t remember, I wonder why my heart is hurting and why there are tears running down my face. Instantly, the image of a face I’ve never seen filters through my mind before once again, everything is forgotten. I don’t know who this man is, and only recently have I remembered this one simple dream that haunts me. Our names aren’t said, as if canceled out, but my heart hears his perfectly as they whisper back and forth. And somewhere, out in this world, is a man who misses me when he wakes up in the morning, never knowing my face.
It is in these moments, when I KNOW, that the pain becomes the most unbearable. But it is also when his words whisper through my heart (“We’ll find each other again.”) and I love him all over again. Sometimes, I’m riddled with whether he exists or not, but my heart throbs and tears come to my eyes whenever I think like that. Whether he exists or he is a figment of my mind’s dreams, he has captured my heart, my soul. I wait for the day I won’t wake up alone, but will wake up to bright blue eyes and the man I forget to remember.

~This is copyrighted, because it is a dream I have had over and over and only recently remembered. I’m not sure how many people in soulmates, but this dream keeps me believing. So please, don’t take this and use it as your own. Something this important and precious belongs to me, and everything above is based on true events.~

(Screen) Name: Lost Soulmate


My one & Only love.

Posted on : 08-07-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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It was either the summer of 2006, or 2007. My old best friend Michelle and I used to spend every day together that summer. I would stay at her house for days, She would stay at mine for days. She soon introduced me to one of her best friends, Brandon. I soon remember that I had attended middle school with him, And me and him soon had little crushes on each other, and would spend a lot of summer evenings laying out in the grass relaxing. One day, Brandon let me know that one of his and Michelle’s friends was tagging along to hangout for a little while, And he only lived a few blocks away. I simply agreed not knowing or caring at the time who was tagging along, As long as I was with my best friend and Brandon, Who cares right? Soon, I glanced over, And that was the first time I saw tanner. When he approached us, Brandon and Michelle introduced him to me. ’’Eliz, This is my best friend, Tanner,’’ he said. I didn’t put much thought into it, waved, and said hello.
Tanner hanging out with Michelle, Brandon and I, Became an often thing. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on my old trampoline, And I had called Brandon, He had texted me, And asked for me to call him. So I did, And that’s when he told me he was moving to Pennsylvania. I remember being so sad, I called Michelle of course and told her the news. I was heartbroken. But I also had been texting Tanner, He had also found out the news, A different way. I could tell he was crushed by it too. Not to much time passed before he moved. Brandon and I kept in touch, But had broke up because he was moving away. In the back of my mind, There was tanner. We had always been texting, Talking, And I soon realized, I had a crush on him. Seeing as he was the first boy who had ever gave me butterflies and jitters like he did. Talking became a normal thing for us but in the beginning we couldn’t see each other, he was away in Florida visiting family.
I remember being so excited the night I knew he was returning from his trip, Because I knew it meant one thing – I could finally spend time alone with this boy who made me crazy. It was too good to be true – I was crazy about this boy who I had been talking to 24/7. He soon returned, And I was so excited to see him, I couldn’t sleep. And then soon, Hanging out together, Became a normal almost every day thing. I soon realized, I was beginning to love him. I thought to myself, ‘’Is this even possible?! I’m only 14…’’ Oh but it was, And I did love him. I knew I did the day I lost my virginity to him. Being together as much as we were, loving him as much as I did, made me think I was always going to be with him.
Things got bad soon after I began thinking that. His mom, AKA Hitler, And my dad who was a total doucher at the time(Okay so he really wasn’t, I was just mad), Had stepped in and basically ended our relationship for us. Soon, I also learned I was moving out of town with my family. I remember moving day like it was yesterday. I cried and cried, I wanted to stay with my friends, My family, And mostly, Because of Tanner. Seeing him at school during lunch for that 45 minutes was the highlight of every weekday. I lived for seeing him those days. I moved, And our relationship fell apart.
We began talking again in January of 2010, But that soon ended in a horrific car wreck I was in, To where I lost touch with him because I was in treatment, And working a lot after that. A few months later into the year, I had made a decision to move back to Littleton with my old friend Blair. And coincidentally, It was decently close to where Tanner had lived at the time. I had of course let him know I was moving back, And not often, But sometimes he would pick me up from a friends, And we would hangout and talk, But it wouldn’t last long, because of his work schedule. At the time, It was like hanging out with an old friend.
Hanging out with an ‘old friend’, Soon became much more then that. After a month or so of blowing Tanner off to hang out with my friends, I soon agreed to go out with him on Halloween, Of 2010. We went on a date, Which went great. Talking soon became a regular routine for us. Hanging out soon became regular also. He used to always come hang out at my ex – room mates apartment, Where I was residing at the time. One night, Tanner and I decided to slip away from the bull shit going on in the apartment, We went out on the balcony to chat and hangout. He soon after us getting out there, Told me, ‘’I like you.’’ Of course me being as I am, Jumped at it and asked him a million questions. (Which I realize now really wasn’t necessary.) Soon after that cute comment he made, We were inseparable just like the first time we had dated. For me, It was love at first sight. I was head over heels fast, I finally had Tanner.
Things moved quickly. Thanksgiving flew by, Then Christmas, And new Years, And very soon after new years, We found room mates, and immediately moved in together. Five months into living with those horrible room mates, We found our own little apartment, left the room mates and bullshit behind and signed a lease together. Now, I do not recommend that for every body, It was actually quite a stupid decision if you think about it. But stupid or not, It was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. We are now engaged, and happier then ever. Now, We aren’t perfect, Just like we have never been perfect. But in my eyes, He is perfect, We are perfect. Every mistake he makes, every argument we have, every clumsy moment he has, brings him so much closer to perfection in my eyes. He was always meant for me, And I will always love him.

(Screen) Name: Elizabeth Anne


Things happen for a reason

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So love doesn’t always turn out like you plan. I learned that from experience you see when I was in 8th grade I watched Cody the love of my life kiss his girlfriend in the hall I felt as if my heart had shattered. But Cody was my friend and realized what was going on him and his girlfriend broke up. The next year we started dating we did everything together we had a fight and broke up after 2years. I was wrecked my friend Jake told me it would be okay and held me on my home from school that day even though I was in full blown tears.
He was right I moved on and started liking this guy name Alex but Alex said we wouldn’t work and that it would just hurt the friendship if we did go out. We are still friends. Turns out Jake’s girlfriend V likes Alex as well so she broke up with Jake for Alex. I was there for Jake I let him rant and rant I just listened and tried to calm him down. Alex wasn’t interested in her either but here’s the twist Cody and V started dating. Jake and I were pissed that they could betray us like that. Cody and V broke up in less than a week though and V wanted Jake back they got back together, but a few days later Jake broke up with her he said it didn’t feel the same.
During the summer Jake told me he liked me at first I was like oh okay well than cause it was awkward but I realized I liked him back he is 4years older than me and has long black hair and dresses Goth but I don’t care I love him we aren’t together yet cause he wants to wait till my birthday he says he has a surprise for me. He comes over and we kiss and snuggle but we just aren’t official but I know he’s worth the wait he’s been there for me all along.

(Screen) Name: thedggirl424


About Us..(Part 1)

Posted on : 28-05-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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My love story begin when I was thirteen years old. I don’t know what is the meaning of love because I’m still young on that time. From kindergarten until that time, I had very large body or in a short word ‘fat’.There this one boy who had a twins. His name is Nold and his twin is Ken. He(Nold)always make fun of me by calling me ‘fatty’ and even laugh at me in front of my friends.His twin always on my side every time Nold make fun of me. I just ignore him and I cried a lot because of what he said. I keep ignoring him and keep on my carrier as a choir in church since 2000 until I really forget about him. On 2002 on December which is holiday, I went to church as usual to attend caroling practice or choir for Christmas. Again, I met him there and he smiled at me saying “Hi Ella! How are you?” I smiled at him and nodded “Fine, Nold. Thanks” But in my heart says ‘??Why’d he act so strangely by saying ‘Hi’ to me? duh!’
So I keep singing and singing and singing until I noticed that he’s staring at me! “What?” I said. “Nothing” then he smiled. “Huh!” I exhale. On break time, my best friend, Anne and I went to toilet for ‘nature calls’. I waited for Anne and in front of me Nold smile again and shake hands with me. He said “Why you look so sad? Am I doing something wrong? I’m so sorry, Ella” I look at him and said “No, you’re doing nothing wrong.” Then I walk back to the church. I didn’t talk to him. He just look at me and talk with my best friend. I just keep ignoring him but as time pass by and day pass by, he keep busy asking ‘how am I doing’ and ‘have you eat yet’ or ‘are you okay?’ I am really surprised why he’d treat me like someone? Why he suddenly care for me? I keep asking myself. Then I give him a chance to be my friend. We’re really happy and suddenly I forgot about the old him. We are now best friend. Wherever he go, I goes to..and wherever I go, he goes to. Then on 2003 at the exact time which is on December (holiday), my best friend, Anne told me to stay out from Him. I asked why? She said “You’ll see this evening” I was frustrated by her word. So I waited on that evening. Suddenly, there was this pretty women come inside the church and look towards at us all (choir). She’s really pretty and she look at Nold and smile gladly at him. I look at Nold and he smiled back at her. I’m confuse. I looked at Anne and she whispers in my ears “She’s Ana,her girlfriend since 9 years old and she is my friend. I’m afraid she will give you trouble. I’m sorry” I was shocked to hear her. Then after the practice over, I tell Anne “Why’d you tell me all of this? He is not my boyfriend. I don’t love him..” then she continued..”But he maybe loves you..I don’t believe you had no feeling about Him. I can see how you two doing okay?” she says that to me. I agree with her, my heart hurt when she tell me that and I don’t know if I am jealous or what. And again, I ignoring him. As time pass by, he come to see me and want to talk to me explaining everything. I smile and said “Why’d you have to explain it all to me?” He look at me and said “Because I can see it in your eyes you are not okay. I m sorry for not telling you that I had a girlfriend.” then I laughed,”Hah aha, why’d you even bother about my feelings? We’re friends right? I keep ignoring you because I don’t want her to think wrong things about us.Understand?” He smiled and said”I m so sorry.” I smile and we shake hands again. Everything seems normal to me even tough it hurts when I saw them always together. Anne asked me to be patience and pray so that I can live my life on. As usual I’m attending choir practice and meet up with Ken and Nold. “Where are you going, Ella?” said Ken. “Church, practice. You didn’t go?” They looking at each other. “There’s no practice for today because our choir master and our seniors attending a ceremony in the town. They didn’t tell you?” “Oh-uh yes, I see. No wonder Easter(our choir master) call me earlier but I didn’t pick up my phone because I’m too busy doing homework.” So I keep talking with Ken when suddenly Nold said “Okay!!!!!!! Boohoo!!! Goodbye!!!!” and run away from us. “Uh..what’s wrong with your bro?” I asked. Ken only smiled and said. “Let him be like that, I will talk to him later.” I nodded and feels really strange about Nold. “Why you run away?” I text him a message and he reply me “You’re too busy with my brother..!! So be it!!” I was shocked and the I laughed because I know what it means. He’s jealous! Ha ah! Then I went home with a big smile. Dunno why but I can’t stop smiling until I can’t sleep.

(Screen) Name: N2N


I know he was using me but i really loved him

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Hey i am 14 now,lebanese and i met this guy last year at school.His name is Elie Sarrouf and he’s bigger than me(his b’day is in February and mine is in April).He is so cute,tall and very funny.I had i crush on him months ago but i didnt say a word.I met him at class but the few first months we didnt really talk but my bestfriend introduce me 2 him.I guess it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!I told my bestfriend that i might like him(i was lying,i knew that i LOVE him)but she told him:(.I was so angry and jealous cz ma bestf and him always sat next 2 eachother(the principal indicates where we should sit).I used to see them laughing all the time and i was really jealous!
One day we went 2 the library and we had to do a project so he came and sate next to me and all that time his hand didnt leave my leg and when we watched a movie the same day he sate next to me and put hia arm around my back.My heart was beating so fast and i felt his hand on my leg for the next two days.I asked a BOYfriend that i knew for 10 years and he told me that i should ask Elie why he did so.So when we were leaving i asked him why you touched me?He said that it was just for fun!I didnt believe him(i dont know why).
After like a month,we sate next to each other in class and everytime he touched me i hit him.
Last week the same thing happened in the library when we had a research about Hitler.
I had a dream about us kissing at his house and having sex but when i told my bestfriend about it she said OMG!!!!!!
I really really love him but im just hiding it now.What should i do next?

(Screen) Name: Tamara


Miracle By Chance

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©Copyright – by Jeannette Gardner (December, 2007)

This is a “true story” about how I met my Husband on a dating site on the Internet. It’s the unbelievable story behind it that’s truly amazing!

I used to hang out at a country bar called the “Club Palomino”. I loved listening to good bands there, and dancing to their country rock music. I used to drag my friend out to see my favourite band playing called “Cheyenne”, who were amazing and always packed the place. My friend and I used to get up and dance to their songs. I was interested in the rhythm guitar player in the band, to me, he was the best looking one, and I loved his voice along with his rhythm guitar sound. Yes, I had the “hots” for him and would goggle eye him playing his guitar/singing while I was on the dance floor, or just standing at the bar listening and staring. I’ve always had this thing for bands as I play guitar too, and always wanted to play in a band. They played there for a long time and were the best band at the “Club Palomino”. I would go there as much as I could just to hear them play, and of course, always watching my favourite player. The sad part about it was I used to see him with a blonde girl, not knowing if she was his girlfriend or wife.

After seeing them playing there for a long time, the “Club Palomino” closed down. Yes, the club had been sold. Wouldn’t you know it a huge townhouse sub-division was put up and the club was gone. So were all the bands and my favourite band, “Cheyenne”.

When I first found out about the club closing down, I wanted to approach “Cheyenne”; particularly the rhythm guitar player and ask where they would be playing in the future. But I didn’t have enough courage to do that. I guess things happen for a reason.


As time went on I met someone and got married. That was a mistake. Eventually we got a divorce. I started going out to bars, again, got tired of it and not meeting anyone decent enough. I wasn’t crazy about the bands playing at other bars either. Later, a friend told me to join a particular dating site on the Internet, which I thought I would never do. But, I thought I would check it out for fun as I heard so much about it through people even meeting their soul mates from that site. Surprisingly enough, I had a few dates, meeting in public places, but just didn’t find the right one and thought I never would from a dating site. I sort of gave up on it until one night. After getting home from a bar, which I hated, I went on my computer. For some reason I logged in that site again which I was really glad I did. I got an interesting email from a guy and liked his picture. I was also touched by his email and that he was also interested in my picture and profile. From then on we started emailing each other quite a lot from that site. We seemed to have so much in common through our emails. We continued writing and eventually got on MSN, and chatted for quite some time. He was Bulgarian and I was Hungarian, how common was that! We discovered from our MSN chats that we had so much in common. It was really amazing. Our families even lived in the same town of all places. We chatted every night as often as we could.

And then, a miracle happened! We started chatting on our computers about music. Wow…we also liked all the same music and we both wrote songs. I told him I liked country music and used to frequent a particular bar about 15 years ago, which had closed down. Of course he asked me the name of the bar back then. I told him the “Club Palomino”. He was really surprised and told me he used to play there. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not! He said he would send me a picture of his band that played there. I thought, “yeah right” to myself as I waited patiently in front of my computer for the picture. Lo and behold, a huge picture came up on my screen, “CHEYENNE” “CLUB PALOMINO”. I freaked! I couldn’t believe it! It was him in the picture with “Cheyenne”. The guy I was interested in who was the rhythm guitar player in my favourite band. I was so shocked that I went crazy seeing this picture! It was just unbelievable! Like a miracle happened suddenly! Like a fairy tale! We carried on chatting every moment we had for some time, and eventually he gave me his phone number. We started talking on the phone every night. It was just amazing all the things we had in common about everything! Yes, it was too good to be true!

After about 3 weeks of talking on the phone every night, chatting on the computer & exchanging pictures, we decided to meet. I was brave enough for him to pick me up at my mother’s place as I developed this trust in him, by his voice and his honesty. I met him downstairs in front of my mother’s apartment building. He got out of his car, and the first thing we did was look at each other and start laughing, and laughing like crazy, and couldn’t stop laughing! He took me to the local Canadian Legion where we talked, had a drink together (still laughing) and we got more acquainted. Eventually we went into another room and sat down at a table. After a while, he asked me if I didn’t mind if he got up on stage to do a solo. Hey, a man singing with his guitar was like being in heaven. He got up on stage and started playing his guitar and singing in front of an audience. That did it for me. I was hooked! And the guy I admired 15 years ago was performing in front of my eyes, and, was my date! I was in heaven!

We dated for about 2 years and it was absolutely wonderful. Eventually we bought a condo and have been living together for 2 ½ years now. Then, the final surprise! After moving into our condo, we looked out the window and to our astonishment what did we see? The office building of the dating site we joined of all things! What a coincidence that was! In March of 2008, it will be 5 years being together, playing music, and still laughing! We are just two peas in a pod!

He met my friend who I was with at the Club Palomino 15 years ago, and he also remembered seeing us dancing while his band “Cheyenne” played. He also remembered me standing at the bar at times. I used to watch him go to the bar for his coffee and I know our eyes met each other’s at that time. It sure is strange crossing one another’s paths some 15 years ago – and now, being together in a different time in the future, and remembering!

And by the way, that blonde girl he was with at the Club Palomino, was the girl he eventually married which lasted 8 years. He went through a brutal divorce. He did tell me that when I first saw him at the Club Palomino 15 years ago, that I should have approached him and told him “she was bad news”. It’s funny how life is – it just wasn’t meant to be back then. Fate brought us together. We found our “soul mates”!

We got married on Nov. 21, 2009.

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Love at First Sight

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When Me and Alex first met it was at both of our friends’ wedding. He was a friend of the groom and I was a friend of the bride. He is from a different state so I only met him the night before the wedding. We were paired off to walk together because apparently we looked good together…:).
The day of the wedding I found out that the girl that was helping with our hair and make-up that also came from a different state was Alex’s girlfriend. I was very surprised because it seemed like we had a connection so I didn’t think he had a girlfriend. But as my friend likes to say that didn’t stop me. Well to my defense I was bored so naturally since Alex was sitting next to me at the reception we talked the entire time. (I didn’t have to worry about being bored at the ceremony because I slept through most of it, they let the bridesmaids sit down since it was long).
Well naturally since me and Alex hit it off so great his girlfriend got jealous so when we went to take pictures afterwards she came with us and basically had him all to herself. So I felt left out. But I found another one of the grooms friends to flirt with. And I hadn’t seen Alex again or heard from him after. I did find out later that they broke up and she got married really soon after. The reason they broke up…that will come up later.
So about 2 years pass, and it just so happened that one of my friends that lives in Oregon (that’s where Alex lives also) was getting married. So I went to her wedding. And it actually was a last minute decision because I didn’t think I could go. But I did, and I am so happy I did…:).
I helped with decorations for the wedding, with the flowers and you name it, so during the wedding I was really tired. During the reception which was at the same church the ceremony was at. I decided to go exploring by myself. It was a huge and very beautiful church. Well it turned out that some people that actually go to that church were decorating for this big thanksgiving thing. So I went to check it out and who do I bump into? Alex. We recognized each other immediately and started talking. But I had to go back to the wedding. Later he came to find me and he wouldn’t leave my side. I was pretty impressed… he definitely knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. So he got my number, we hung out the next day, but then I had to go back home. We started talking on the phone every night and before I even knew it I was in love.
He later confessed that the first time he saw me he knew he wanted to be with me. And he said he lost interest in his then girlfriend right after he met me. Which is why after she started pressuring him to get married they broke up.
Now we’re happily dating…well as happy as you can be in a long distance relationship. And we’re actually pretty seriously talking about getting married in the near future.
So love at first sight really does exist, we just clicked that first time we met and fell in love pretty fast as soon as we reconnected after 2 years. :):)

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Forbidden Love

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When I was 17 I worked in a hospital cafeteria, it was a pretty good place to work at. This really tall,dark and handsome guy who was about 6 months older than me started working there soon after I did. At first we didn’t like each other, he thought I was too annoying and I thought he was too full of himself. But working together a lot and sometimes not having anything better to do got us into talking and soon we were great friends.
I didn’t have a car, and since it turned out that where I lived was on his way, he started giving me rides home after work. And sometimes he would even come to my school and pick me up from there to go to work together. We never spent time outside of work though.
Later it became pretty apparent that he had a thing for me. When he wasn’t working he would come to see me anyways and bring me coffee or chocolate or something. He was the sweetest guy. So I started to fall for him, but was too stubborn to admit it. I come from a different culture and I know this may not sound good to some people, but where I come from you date a few months and get married. So if started dating an american guy who didn’t even go to church (thats a big thing for us too) then of course people would talk. And I stay clear of doing things that make people talk. So I did everything I could to fall out of love with Nick. But it just wouldn’t happen.
By then he had already told me how he felt and he knew my reasons for not going out with him so we just kept it that. But he always found every second we had together to just hold me and talk and sometimes we would just look at each other. I couldn’t not tell him how I felt. So I did. But I refused to date him.
One thing that made things harder for us was his mom. She also worked in the hospital where we worked but not in the cafeteria. So she knew who I was and what was going on. She also knew that I was a flirt before I fell in love with her son. And she did not believe that I had real feeling for him because I didn’t go out with him. She didn’t understand me like he did. So she gave him a hard time about it. She told him he wasn’t allowed to give me rides anymore but he didn’t tell me that at the time and continued doing it.
So there we were, almost done with high school, crazy in love but couldn’t do anything about it.
The saddest thing was that Nick was going away at the end of the summer to the air force. So we didn’t have much time left. We kept getting into fights but always ended up making up really soon after.
I just couldn’t handle him leaving soon and he kept asking me to at least go on a few dates with him before he leaves. so I did. We kept them secret though because my parents and his mom would not have been happy.
But his mom was pretty set on making me suffer so she convinced Nick that I was talking to half the guys in the hospital and that he is leaving and doesn’t need a girl like me so we weren’t talking for the remainder of the time we had left together. Of course I regretted wasting so much of it, but in the end it didn’t matter.
He left and I didn’t see him until he came to visit on christmas. He wouldn’t talk to me and it completely broke my heart. Apparently he was mad at me. When he went back I was very miserable so I called him and texted him, I can be very persistant, until he finally talked to me. So we got things cleared up and talked on the phone every night. He told me that he still kept my picture with him all the time and that all his friends there knew about me. He said he couldn’t forget me. So were both very happy.
Then one day when we were talking on the phone he said his mom was calling him and that he had to go. So we said our goodbyes then after about 30 minutes he texts me and says that we can’t continue talking. He did not tell me what his mom told him, and I know for a fact that whatever it was was a lie, but he believed her. So that ended things for us. Of course his mom was very nice to me and acted like nothing happened but I still even to this day do not like that lady.
I called Nick and left him a mean message because I was so mad and left things at that. Then after a few months passed he came to visit again. But I had absolutely no idea he was coming. I was on break and as I was walking to sit down to eat I saw him eating with his mom in the cafeteria. I could not believe it. He looked amazing and he looked straight at me. So I did the only reasonable thing I could do. I completely ignored him and walked right past.
Time passed and I missed him like crazy. I have no idea how he feels about me. I still have his number but I will not call him. I don’t know where he is at or what he is doing. But I do think about Nick a lot. Even though I’ve been in other relationships and have an amazing boyfriend I’m completely in love with right now.
I just can’t forget that dark, handsome, strong guy who was so sweet to me and loved me so much.

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My Second Girl.. My First Love.. My First Loss

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I Guess it All started in the 7th Grade.. I Dated a Girl Named ” Katie ” she was One of the prettier Girls in are Class. Anyway… She Was bestfriends with another girl in are class named ” Czarina ” Who Was Also Best Friends with my Sister Stephanie.

One night i was on my computer and Katie Asked me on msn if i would like to Go out with her kinda as a joke to Get Back at this other guy or something so i agree’d so we were basically pretending to be a couple.. i dont remmeber why it was a immature random gr.7’r thing anyway.. We ended up staying in this ” pretend state ” for months maybe 3-4 ? probably around the second she actually said … so i guess we really are boyfriend girlfriend so i guess we were Awsum..

Anyway are school Was Going on a Trip to Ottawa just the gr.7 class. Long story short in ottawa katie ended up cheating on me With a Random Kid Named ” nick ” My Friend Caught them making out behind one of the animals in the museum we were in… so i dumped her.. Note during the time we were going out ” Czar ” was always around us kinda like a third wheel sorta thing i never minded because she was a really cool person to hangout with , after i dumped katie.. grade 7 was over and it was time for high school.. i go threw grade 8 normal school year blah blah.

Half Way Threw Grade 9 I Started to begin feeling very very very depressed from the kids that would bully me in EVERY single class i had and the kids that would bully me use to be my BESTFRIENDS for over 6 years and HATED ME for no reason when high school dropped… im talking years or sleepovers , trips , bhalbhalba.

anyway i would walk home like half way threw the school day so id skip my last 2 class’s to cut down the stress i already with took in the morning. .. when i got home i would jump on my computer turn up some tunes and just chilll and talk on msn messenger .. one day in May i was sittin on msn and Guess who Decides to Say Hello… it was Czar haha i havent spoken to her in years she used to be over at my house and shit alot with my sister they were best best best friends so when me and czar hit high school ( shes the same age ) she and my sister kinda stopped hanging out because my sister was in gr.7 and ya.. czar found her own group of friends and fit in with whoever.

anyway She Says Hi and Asks me how ive been and what not.. i tell her good blah blah blah .. then during the last few weeks of may.. i found myself constantly Wanting to go home not just because of the bullying.. but because i Had this URGE to talk to her more and more and more ( Weve Been Friends Since i was prob 7 like a kid.. so we know alot about eachother) anyway.. its a friday night and She Comes on Asking if me and my sister and my sisters boyfriend Wanted to Drink so we were down… we ended up goin to my sisters boyfriends cause his parents were outta town.

Anyway Were taking shots Smokin a lil weed just chillin us 4 watching some tv chit chattin and We End up going into his lil shed/hangout place in his backyard were sitting in there with a lamp and Theres 2 beds inside not really beds but seats kinda like really big cushions anyway… my sister and her bf were on 1 and czar was laying on the other and i went and layed beside her…

I Could Feel the Tension Running threw my veins I Knew she wanted Me And she knew i wanted her.. I Never felt this way Before i never felt this gutsy stomach feeling like i have 5454 butterflys flying around inside… we were laying in a position where i was facing the wall and she was behind me ( kinda like she was spooning me ) but we werent physcially touching eachother just laying beside eachother..

i slowly Raised my left hand and brought it up onto her thigh.. i started going towards her belt.. i undid it with 1 hand and was being really careful and gentle and kept rubbing her upper legs and her ass over her jeans.. i could hear her panting in my ear.. i could feel the cushion shaking uncontrollably like she was nervous and scared like a person in a cave with no flash light. 15 minutes go by as we silently touch and rub eachother ( not sexually….yet ) just legs..arms…hands that kinda stuff…

i was holding her hand and oh god… it felt so god damn good like everything was perfect rite then and there…she slowly started rolling ontop of me ( she was trying to lay infront of me ) so she rolled over and i was spooning her now.. she took my hand and slowly .. so so slowly brought my hand down into her Blue panties.. i couldnt belevie what was happening.. i never went past kissing with my first girlfriend ( katie ) .. i was touching my first Vagina ( as funny and lame as that sounds lmao ) … i had no idea what i was doing but neither did she.. so i was foolin around down there for about half a hour and she was foolin around down in my pants to.. it was the craziest moment of my life.. my sister and her bf suddenly get up ( we were being quiet this whole time if my sister knew this was happening shed FREAK and hate me and her both ) ..

so my sister and him get up and we get up and he says ( you guys should go now parents get home in a couple hours ) so me czar my sister all bike back to my house ( czar was originally spending the night at my house with my sister before The drinking came up ) so were all back at my house and my sister goes off to bed with czar… im sittin downstairs on the couch its like 4am.. its pitch black and im just sitting there… thinking.. pondering… what has happened

i Couldnt whipe the smile from my face.. i felt like I was the king of the world i felt like omg.. words cant describee.. anyway im staring out my window just in silenceee and i hear the stairs creaking.. it was her.. she snuck outta my sisters room and came down … she moved with such elogance and grace.. as she slowly walked towards me.. sat beside me and we both stared into eachothers eyes and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed for a hour non stop.

the next morning she leaves and were talking on msn… she signs on With 🙁 faces in her name … She was very very upset and angry and i had to know why.. so i asked

My dad is making my mom send me down to ontario… for a year… ( My heart smashed… rite when i read it .. this couldnt be true .. )

i leave… in 4 days..can we please spend as much time as we can togther before i leave..

so we meet up at around 2pm BEAUTIFULLL Day outside in the summer around junesh I just turned 15 on the night all this happened ( yes it was my birthday surprisingly )

anyway we meet up on this trail in the woods ( we live 5 min from eachother ) and we take a long walk to this Pond and we just layed in the sand for hours.. talking and trying to figure out what were gunna do….she asked if i would comeover tonight and see her.. so i agree’d OF COURSE 😛 lol.

anyway i crawl threw her bottom window ( shes in the basement at her house ) and im in her room with her =] shes in her pjs haha 😛 anyway were watching finding nemo and its really really quiet… just sittin beside eachother.. it was like Neither of us wanted to make the first move you know :p that awkwurd feeling.. you no what im talking about.

anyway i slowly move my right foot towards her feet.. and play footsies with her she looks over and smilesss ohh god did she smile =] she asked if we could go up on her bed and watch instead of sittin on the floor with the futon so i said ok why not…. we instantly go crazy mad on eachother like a New Toy your parents just bought you when you were 5 .. Anyway this happend everynight for the next 3 nights.. i never spent the night there id leave at like 4am run home.. and No We did not have Sex.. just little stuff.

anyway it Comes to the night shes leaving and a huge group of us are getting drunk for her leaving just like 7 of us… anyway theres this jada chick who was there and i was BLACKED OUT hammerd this was probably my 4th time ever drinking… 15 year old i was fucked up… and supposevly i was getting her to take off her bra to let me try it on ( not like watch her take it off , she took it off under her shirt and pulled it threw her arm sleeve , i didnt see anything nor wanted to see anything ) anyway after that happened all the cops came and we were all on a roof of a school drinking and chillin so the cops came and i ran and jumped off the roof and darted it for the woods, jada did the same and followed me.

I had no idea Where Czar Was this entire night.. i thought she was with her friends saying goodbye and waht not sharing a joint somewhere or something i dont no i was hammerd.

anyway im looking around for her and shes no where in site.. everyone has met in the woods everyone got away from cops and czar is no where in site… so i run to her house and shes already there in her pajams laying in her bed ( im knockin on her window )

she comes up to the window and opens it and says GO AWAY LEAVE ME ALONE and slams her window and shuts the curtains.. i was so fuckin hurt and confused WHY she just did that and said that..

the next morning she comes over to my house at like 9am to hug my sister goodbye and head to the airport… i was standing behind my sister when she hugged her .. i was awaiting to talk to czar and hug her .. kiss her.. she just walked away after hugging my sister didnt say bye to me didnt say anything didnt even look at me..

2 weeks pass… her dad doesnt let her use the computer much.. phone.. anything so im basically Dead inside for 2 weeks wondering why..why is this happening i just had the world in my hand and now i have nothing so fast…

anyway.. its almost been a month and a half weve spoken maybe twice for 5 minutes about nothing cause she never had time to talk..

so its like october.. she left in middle of september or something , anyway im sittin on my couch watching The flinstones just eating some cereal and my door bell rings… so im goin to answer it.. and i see Redhair threw the window ( its one of those windows where the design makes it hard to see threw like you cant see a face’s just body outline you know ) anyway i see a head of redhair and im like hm.. so i open the door and there she is… standing on my porch… i ran away from my dad…

i was fucking shocked beyond belief like WTF%$%$!! how did you get home like WHAT ??? my mom got me a plane ticket and a limo driver to pick me up at school… i couldnt beleive she ran away and flew back… for me.. it was like something outta the movies some epic ending to a chick flick or something..

anyway … long story short since ive wrote way to much.. could contact me if youd ever care to hear the full story..

anyway long story short.

– dated from 15 to 18
– We Broke up multiple times during , ( i ended up in the hospital for Suicide attempts )

– We were togther again after that for a while..until she Slutt’d out Drunk with my friends because of the ( jada bra thing when we were 15 it was one of the main problems in are realtionship because it was the night czar was leaving and i was with this chick the whole time and didnt see czar once… she was apparently crying in the soccer field by herself for hours , yes im a fucking idiot.. and regret it everyday of my life ) .

– anyway we were fighting and fighting to survive.. to make it work.. until she slutted out to my friends and was saying all this fucked up shit to them infront of me and saying she wants a 6 some and shit in bed..so i dumped her because she was acting like a skank who hated me for like 2 weeks and i was done with it.. so i dumped her.. she ended up fucking some guy she said she was friends with when we were 15 .. i always knew shed end up fucking this duche bag.. but not 2 years later when were 17 turning 18

so she calls me one night crying wishing and beggin for me back and i cant beleive i acutally agreed and we talked for hours… i was goin over to see her until she said… i slept with someone else.. i had to tell you.. please dont hate me

my mind went blank… it erased at that second.. there was nothing left.. not a single feeling not a single tear nothing.. i just sat there speechless and said…. bye and i hungup.. she called over 200 times in a row.. tryin to talk to me no joking 200 times… hours of calling non stop..

anyway i ended up getting backtogther with her ( ya i was that inlove with her that i didnt give a shit ) i was more inlove with this girl then life itself literally obsessed with her and not in a sick way…. we were crazy in love for years.

anyway i got backtogther with her and she ended up dumping me.. randomlly a normal day and she leaves my house.. gives me a kiss goodbye and dumps me on msn messenger the following day and its now may 24, 2010 and im yet to see her… and any time shes texted me or tried to talk ive been a Rude Giant Omega Asshole because she messed me up for a along time.. and i did nothin but treat her like a princess for years every single day.. every hour.. i didnt talk/hangout/ANYTHING with any other female the entire realtiosnhip we had she never knew what JEALOUSLY was because i made it impossible on purpose.. and she still some how fucks me over.. nice guys finish last is basically the outline of my realtionship.

anyway.. i dont no if its possible to Whipe your brain clean of Someones Excistence.. but i haven thought about her since like janaury.. at all literally not once and i havent seen except once a week ago at the liqour store.. she didnt see me but i saw her… maybe she saw me idk… anyway thats my story.. if i explained it in literal full detail… id make you all cry your eyes out but unfortunetly i dont have time to write up literally 48 hours of typing .. its 4am and i need some rest=] thats my story … thanks 4 readomg

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