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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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High School Love

Posted on : 12-12-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story



It was freshman year and I decided to go to a new tech school a few towns over which took from 13 surrounding towns. On the very first day we went through our classes and I saw this very pretty girl. As the year went on we became closer and closer and I was afraid to tell her I like her but i flirted with her a lot. So much that even my history teacher noticed it one day in class and made fun of me for it. Eventually as school ended and summer started we hung out and became even closer. After liking her since freshman year I told her I liked her and found out she liked me for the same amount of time. After a little bit I ended up asking her out and it was the best decision of my life. I can be myself around her she doesn’t care if I act like a complete idiot and she loves me no matter what. I love her sooooo much and even though we do fight sometimes nothing will ever be able to change how much we love each other. I hope someday I get the chance to propose to her and make her my wife 🙂 I love you to the moon and back babybooshka

(Screen) Name: Robert




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True Love or Not?

Posted on : 07-12-2011 | By : dezzi500 | In : Fictional Love Story, Romance Love Story

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She was fearfully clutching her keys, petrified and furious; Shawna decided she was going to leave. Makeup smeared down her bony face, her scrawny husband, Kevin, has been beating her. He wanted Shawna to leave on her own, not make her leave. They had a fifteen-year-old daughter, Alyssa; she knew that the reason her parents were fighting was all because of her. Neither her parents nor she wanted to admit it but it was the truth. Shawna didn’t want to leave her high school sweetheart but it was getting too terrible to deal with; it just wasn’t meant to be. Kevin thought he started to love someone else. Kevin won’t admit that he doesn’t know what love truly is. Is Kevin in love or is he going crazy?
He wanted to try to fix his marriage with his wife because of Alyssa; trying not to completely ruin his little girl’s life. So therefore, he was determined to tell Shawna to leave Alyssa with him and tell her to get out and find somewhere else to live. Shawna didn’t like his evil-looking face when he finally manned up to go tell her about leaving Alyssa here with him; therefore, she got mad and walked out of the room without him speaking one word. Kevin was puzzled at the fact she was mad before he could say anything. He wanted to tell her but didn’t know how. She was way too mad to talk to at the moment, so he waited for her attitude to ease down a little bit. Shawna was a very sour and introspective person. She always thought of her being “trashy”, scrawny, untidy tangled hair, and sagging cheeks. She wanted to be alone all the time; she didn’t like to make conversation with a lot of people. Shawna was an argumentative person though, she would argue over just about everything. Kevin would always get so mad at her for it too, he always swore he would go crazy one day because of his discourteous, impolite, and shrewd wife.
Alyssa never wanted her parents to fight or get a divorce, but she knew that it would be better for the both of them. She never understood why either of them stayed together all these years, fighting and skirmishing. She didn’t know if it was “true love” or “old love” keeping her parents together. What she didn’t know was they were staying together to keep her happy, when all they were doing was making her life horrible. Alyssa, unlike any ordinary child, wanted her parents to leave each other. After growing up with her parents always being abusive to each other and her, she was tired of it and wanted them to be done with each other forever.
Kevin and Shawna talked about getting a divorce but never actually did it. Shawna couldn’t leave her best friend and neither could Kevin, but he was trying to get away from their past and get on with his life. Although Shawna wouldn’t let go of her past with him, she was tired and stressed over all the hostility and aggression throughout her life. She just couldn’t move on from Kevin and Alyssa. Kevin was tired of all Shawna’s emotions and confusing mood swings. So he was determined to get rid of them both for good.
Kevin told Shawna to take Alyssa and leave. Shawna told Kevin to leave “her” house, and Alyssa. Kevin was finally being driven into insanity; he was bound determined to get them out of his life.
One Thursday morning Kevin got up early and left Shawna a note:
I am going to my brother’s house for the weekend and I will be back Saturday afternoon, if you aren’t gone by then I’m calling the cops.
Sincerely, Kevin”
When Shawna read the note she was relieved that he was gone, but didn’t want to leave her house to a single old man that would live there all alone. She wasn’t going to leave her home.
When Kevin showed up to the house on Saturday morning and Shawna and Alyssa were both home and asleep. He crept to Alyssa’s room and when the gunshot went off and blood was shed, he left his little girl lying there lifeless on her bed. Then with a tear in his eye he ran to his room where his wife lay frightened and awake, he drew the barrel up to her temple, and as he went to pull the trigger she screeched her last words “I love you!”

(Screen) Name: dezzi500




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more than stars and fish.

Posted on : 29-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story



this was the second longest relationship id ever ben in. like all the others there was hate, betrayal, lies, but the one thing that stuck out the most was the fact that i have never loved anyone or anything so much in my whole life. i am still very young and full of love and passion for her; still…

the first time i met her i was in high school, she was dating my best friend at the time and i had the biggest crush on her. her my friend and i spent a lot of time with each other hanging out, laughing, just being high school kids. her and i always felt something in the air but never had the courage to admit it let alone act upon it. there were little times where i got to sit next to her in a car ride, or i would get to hang out with her while we waited for my friend(her boyfriend) to arrive at my house. like all high school stories this one too had drama and all that good stuff you remember from high school. long story short i lost touch with her and i went to school in another state, she did the same and we never spoke until one day i thought about her while living in another state. i dialed the number i remember she used to have and just like i hoped she picked up. with no die who was on the other line and absolutely no reason to believe it’d be me, i could help but play around and try and make her guess who i was. once the fun ended i told her who i was and story after story and this after that we stayed on the phone for hours eventually calling each other almost every day. we started visiting each other coming home on weekends from school to see each other or flying to each other, either way we started dating 2000 miles apart… after graduating school, having some fights because of me being stupid and not seeing the prize i have at home. i fly home to live with her at school. we’ve only been dating a couple months by this time so things were getting hot fast. i eventually ended up ending things with her because.. well.. because i was stupid and thought i needed time off because i didn’t know if i really deserved all the breakfast in bed, all the loving anyone could ask for, all the nights she made me feel like nothing could ever touch us. she then like anyone else did what anyone would.. find someone else to fill the void thats just been taking away from them. i didn’t want to lose her forever i just wanted some time off.. she had her time off.. then back on and the off again. this meant nothing to me because i knew she was mine. we finally move back home to live in each others parents house… pretty lame but we had a plan to leave and nothing was stopping us. things started to really become what i didn’t want. i saw her become more miserable everyday because of the nothingness our town had to offer. i had nothing to offer except for my love and a promise to never stop loving and taking care of her. its been almost two years we have been together and one day and opportunity to leave and vacation and get away popped up, and what better place than the tropical islands of hawaii. i don’t to see her for valentines day but i do get to see her for her birthday with is ok because i would get to be with her alone all day in her house with nothing to bother us but.. well.. nothing. she goes on vacation and we speak every day on the phone of via text. so the day she is to come home i wake up bright and early to go to the local flower shop and get about 100 red flower pedals that i carefully tossed around her room to welcome her home with candles, a candle lit dinner, and of course.. me:) i haven’t talked to her in 4 days but its ok because she’s probably just really busy having an awesome time, no big deal i get to see her today i thought to my self so i go over everything and say I’m ready but i am missing her favorite champagne!! its ok cause ill just call her best friend and she will tell me. i call and ask and before i get my answer i am asked why am i do this? well.. because she’s coming home today and i did all of the above for her. “Ha ha, you need to talk to her” “click”… what the fuck is that suppose to mean?… i finally send a text asking why her friend said this, she calls me… “hey baby how are you ?” “I’m good my love:) why did she say this?” “because I’m never coming home again” i still wear the promise ring she gave me.

its been nine months, and three weeks today since i have seen her.
she came home for the month of November 11′ with her new boyfriend. she sent me a text in the begging of the month letting me know she was home. i texted her later that day and asked if she really came home… she texts me back saying “no”. I’m driving one day and i see her… she looked so amazing i couldn’t believe it. i tell her i saw her and that she looks beautiful. i get nothing back. she calls me on thanksgiving crying about how she misses me and still loves me and how much better i treated her and how she took me for granted. everything I’ve waited to hear for almost 10 months given to me all at once. she tells me she wants to see me and i agree to. the next day she tells me to leave her alone. she’s going back to hawaii on the 30th of this month and i still never got to her. I’m still waiting for her and always will. come back beas

(Screen) Name: cootduck




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looking wihtin

Posted on : 28-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love



Looking Within
Love looks within to see what it can give to the desire, yet is wise to indentify the safety of the desire. Wise people step forward carefully with their mind, foolish people step forward quickly with their feet.
For God, also known as love did make us in his image and in his likeness. He is love. In ourselves, we find this likeness; we do not know how to explain it, yet we give it a name. We call it love. From the beginning of time, humans have been trying to explain and describe their inner feelings. Is it like, approval or love? Is it dislike, detest or hate? We all have likes and dislikes. We show our feeling through expressions and gestures as we did before we learned speech. If we dislike something, we push it away rather than draw it close. These choices go on daily in our lives. Simple example, it is too hot or it is too cold? These are choices made of our likes and dislikes.
Have you heard, “I like it,” “I like it a whole lot,” “I really, really like it,” “I like it so much I cannot tell you”. And then, I think I miss it, or I’m missing it” and now trying to describe the feelings, “I’m confused.” Is it love or just a feeling of super like? What does it give? What does it cost? Did it give first or take first? After measuring its quality, we discard it or keep it. If we keep it, then it is a desire. If we discard it, we have found no value or it may pose the slightest danger. If it is love now, then what is it later if it is discarded dislike, hate?
Going from love to hate may look like this, affection, adoration, friendship, tenderness, feeling, fondness, like, devotion, passion, ardor, amity, Darling, dear, dearest, sweetheart, honey, abhorrence, detestation, odium, [the middle] revulsion, disgust, dislike, animosity, aversion, distaste, loathing, abhor, detest, loathe, dislike, despise then hatred. If it is love, then goes back to hate, where did the measures of the other feelings go?
We do not recognize that we are making choices of love and hate. Like and dislike are smaller measurements of love and hate. Because choices of like and dislike do not seem important we tend to over look theses small feelings. Yet every choice that we make can grow to become love or hate, or the smallest choice of like or dislike can grow to feel like love or hate, but are strong feelings of like or dislike. Like and dislike grows to the portions of what can be mistaken for love or hate. If love and hate is strongest verbal expressions in our vocabulary. How can one say love, and then say hate? Is there an on/off switch one can be switch to cause an auto reverse of previous said feelings? Something happened to love that caused it to go into protect mode. We do not realize we are love and we are deciding what is safe for us.
What does love want? Love wants all good things that makes love comfortable and safe, in return gives back equal of the same or more to keep the attracted desire. Love will protect its desires and repel or eliminate the dangers to love. Love makes decisions through feelings controlled by decisions of like or dislike which lead to patterns of emotions. Theses emotions start at birth and build though out our lives. Repetitive inner agreements of likes or dislikes make our displayed emotions. Emotions come into play while making a solid decision of giving or receiving. In control of emotions, love makes a choice to draw near or repel. Likewise, loves desires as well are making a choice to draw near or repel. We are love who has control of all situations, good or bad.
When we show affection, adoration, friendship, tenderness, feeling, fondness, like, devotion, passion, ardor, amity, darling, dear, dearest, sweetheart, we are love because love is defined as such. How can one say for example, affection is not love? Affection is a part of the definition of love. If you show affection alone, then you are showing a product of love, therefore you are love because it is you affection comes from.
A mirror shows us the temple [body] of the human. Is it wise for the outside to be beautified and the inside not? True beauty shines from within. The product of one’s love shows the true self. Go to the mirror, look at the human temple, say to it, I am love, and then go see the products of your love with your eyes, ears, and feelings. Are they all happy?
What are the products of true love, they are, affection, adoration, friendship, tenderness, feeling, fondness, like, devotion, passion, ardor, amity, darling, dear, dearest, sweetheart, and honey. Love is the greatest of all appreciations. Definition for love @ [http://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/another-word-for/love.html]

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incredible love!!

Posted on : 16-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Internet Romance, Romance Love Story



Thought of writing whatever is in my memory until now from d very first day i.e., 20th Feb ‘09.

It was Friday that day. i remember i was checking my orkut account from my cell (which i rarely operate) n saw for the very first time a friend request from a guy of London (got excited ,a firangi has sent me request as i m always curious about foreign ,don’t know y)

anyways it was better to ask him some stuff rather than ignoring d request(which i always do with strangers).

D name of his account was ‘esoteric’ and d first thing i asked him was is he Indian as it sounded he was, from his profile n some of his pics.

after few hrs got a reply yes he was Indian:) don’t know y it was a very strange feeling with him always as if we r born to meet

got more excited after seeing his reply n added some more of my ever ending questions which he bravely faced.

all this conversation was going over phone nw. i asked my friend to operate my account from her computer as my gprs was slow(first crazy side of me for him)

HELLO it’s been just a day i know him n what i m doing !!! I begged many a time to my friend to help me in this.

Strange in his first conversation he gave me his no. but y???? i found it very strange n obviously doubted on his character as well 4 sometime.

D conversation ended as he told me that he is free in weekends so that we can chat more.

i dint had net at home n was not aware about mobile messenger that time so decided to go to my aunt’s place which was at walking distance from my home (next day was Saturday as well,HOLIDAY TIME)

got ready in afternoon n went to aunt’s house(one thing more that time i was a home sick person n rarely moved out alone but was going crazy to talk to him n went outsid!)

Anyways i got in d house. Had a little chat with aunt n other ppl n went directly to chat with him online 🙂 ok! There is lot of stuff to ask a stranger (didn’t feel like stranger though). He was online n that day we chatted for almost 4-5 hours continuously both were sticked to d computers like glue

he told me his name is ‘ARNAV GUPTA’, software engineer.24 years old n work in London but was once from my city only.

Ok good enough!

He asked me to add him in his orkut account to which i showed some hesitance as had some of my pics in my account. I deleted them all just to add him. Now he is my friend as per my orkut list’. it was night now almost 10:30 n i was still chatting. my aunt’s family ws raising their eyebrow as i didn’t move an inch since 5 hrs. n was not moving even for dinner.

In end he said good bye (might b he got tired) n so i headed towards home.

Recalled everything b4 going to sleep n a sweet smile took me to sleep :).

D next day too i went to aunt’s place n chatted for 4-5 hrs. things were going gr8.

I bombarded with every silly question of mine n he too in between was asking me like “do u know how to cook” ha ha ha i m not sitting here 4 a marriage proposal silly..

in d end of my conversation I told him that MY BOARD(12TH) EXAMS will b starting from 3rd march’11 n I won’t b online till d end of march

he showed intense grief to this n quoted “what will happen to me in this 1 month without u”

umm.. Hello its just 2 days we have known each other but somewhere i too was feeling same attachment .i said i will try to get online then

but i can’t go everyday like this to aunt’s place.. Need to think something girl!!!

Had computer at home which was more of a trash n hanged after every minute

but d excitement to know this guy was far more so i decided to gv it a try..

With all sort of ‘jugad’ i managed a net connection which too was slow like d computer i just need to b patient while working with this DIBBA. n so i did

we chatted for hrs for a week until i got complaints from him that i m too slow nt my fault dear this dibba is like this

again i used my unused brain n loaded a messenger in dad’s cell.


Hope it works n yes it worked!! i was so happy as if i have got a noble prize indeed

i gave him surprise by getting online through messenger n he was happy as usual but he gave all d credit to himself that it was his idea (ha ha ha ).

We chatted like this daily even during my exams as well. But d time difference was a big problem for me.

he got free at d time when in India its 1:30 AM n we chat till 5-6 AM 🙁 BAD!!! But i need to adjust n manage yaar..

so decided to study in daytime n midnight it was d lovely talking only next morning d first work which i need to do was to read all d last n8 conversation again n just imagine with a smile.

Hey while writing my exams i m thinking about him.y????? i have gone crazy man!!!

then one day in between my exams he told me that he has lost his job due to recession n is soon heading to India again

it was so disheartening to me as i myself has lost mine. i supported him emotionally in every possible manner.

Any how i finished my exams (slept just for 2-3 hrs b4 every exam) n came home on 23rd march’09.

in morning of d same day he proposed me indirectly to which i dint respond clearly (he played some sort of question ans just to know hw i feel about him)

i was happy that exams got over n now i can chat without any hindrance GUESS WHAT!!! We had a fight that day for d first time over some silly issue.

he need to leave from there on 28th march’09 n we cleared it all on 27th (we chatted that day till 7 AM n he was emotional this time it looked)

he asked me about d ans to his proposal to which i said NO n he was disheartened n called me heartless so i said i need some time to think upon.

After tht he mailed me that he has reached safely (thank god! he mailed i was dying each second to know about him) n first question he asked me was what’s my ans about his proposal.

i had no ans yet as how can i say yes to a stranger n most important how can i fall in a relationship with a internet guy

he asked like crazy every time i saw him online n i felt guilty every time of saying NO to him although i don’t want to say no we had all sorts of discussions, both good n bad! i told him about my reason to say NO but he was not ready to listen anything but a word i.e., YES!

i listened to my heart as always n said “YES i love u too” he was on top of d world now i was also happy. It was 4th April ‘09.

We decided that we will talk over phone 4 d first time on 15 apr’09 (my birthday day).

D day came n i was damn nervous. N then d night. He called me. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD it’s his call.

First word he said ‘hello’ umm. D voice was not that impressive (may b i expected a lot) but i talked.

He continuously wanted to listen his name n those 3 magical words from me 🙂 i said none!! ha ha ha.n again end up in fight he disconnected d phone in anger n i was DAMN hurt n cried even. But stopped myself from that n slept after missing mostly all wishing calls.

D whole day i felt low n again had some fight over some silly issue but still though i was falling in love deeply each day!

We decided to meet each other on 26th April ‘09. It was really a hard decision 4 me to take and a risk too..

i m actually taking a very BIG step to meet him without letting anybody know. By now my heart was pounding heavily n was counting seconds to meet my love of life!

we decided to meet at big bazar (safe place to meet)i saw him at last..Wait he is different from his pic. Not going to comment on appearance plz (doesn’t matter much) i was like dead yaar..Words nt falling from within. i was shy which i never was. N now i m sitting with him I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!

We parted after 45 mints n i headed forward to my friends place which was nearby. Hey i had tears in my eyes!! i m missing him!!

after some time i went to home n slept. nice meeting u my love

n d days passed like this with love n fights

one day on 22 may he told me something he never lost his job, was there on assignment n is 26 yr old!!! OH MY GOD it was heart breaking!! Tears didn’t stop at all..

N whatever i thought was wrong that a relationship can work at once so smoothly but its nt.. He tried to convince me but now d image was different. It was hard for me to believe him now but once again i listened to my heart 🙂 n continued!!!

It took me sometime to cm to d track again but i managed. i still loved him a lot!

Then one day he asked me about petition. What petition??

Well it was a marriage petition..

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!! it’s just two months i m in contact of him n have met him once. How can i marry him man!!! its not that i m cheating him by denying 4 that.. nt at all!! We again had strong fight over this n we decided to meet on 27th June ‘09 at Taj Mahal n Agra fort.

Had bad fight there too n he said “it’s better to forget each other if u can’t sign petition or can’t talk in ur family”

heyyyyyyy! What is this now. r u crazy i m just 19, have just completed my 12th n is youngest in my family..It will b silly to talk about a guy whom i want to marry..Is it nt???i was sure enough it will nt take me to anywhere but on his assurance i went ahead n told my mom d very next day n got some resistance as expected

so decided to end it at once n nt to take it far it was a HARD decision for me seriously !! conveyed this to arnav too n he was too emotional with this idea. so i decided to hold it 4 some time as parting is nt possible now..

Time passed n i got to know when he want marriage n all. Was a bit uncomfortable with d idea although as he wanted to settle down asap bcoz of his age n parent’s low health.

In October we came on d verge of break up again just bcoz it was hard for me to go 4 petition but i love him to d end !!

NOW my strength was my weakness !! Not talking to him a day was like nt taking oxygen.

Awesome guy he was. A Lovely person n very lovable. Anybody can fall 4 such a guy..BELIEVE ME!! Had wonderful memories with him 🙂 n the time spent with him was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was now more imp to me than anything else..

Come back, come back…

we were breaking up HW can this b possible man?????? It was diwali day i remember..n tears n pain was there in me..HARD TIME!!!

But he backed off from his decision after 2 days but on some condition of course..

i need to talk to my family members in nov’09. No option man so i need to agree..

from that day to November my every night passed in tears after saying him gud night 🙁 as i was aware d time i will speaking this in my family wroblems will start for us. I even risked my career but no way i wanted to loose him plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! i will prefer to die than to live without him..

After all d silent cries n tears November came. i spoke it in my family n got what was expected it was disheartened to listen all that from ppl u love n about someone whom u love too!!

Days passed in grief n tears i was getting every shit from everyone among family n relatives n was handling that all alone as d one 4 whom i was doing all this was too angry from me as according to him i was not giving 100% effort..

He believe i have never given any effort anytime.. it was more painful if ur strength is making u weak but believe me i did everything i cud have done decently n to b in limits!

i was not even able to concentrate on my exams n other things bcoz of d quarrels going every day..

What nt ppl put me through n there was no support from any where

i was broken completely n was dead from within. Thought of ending it several times too..

Days passed like this n then came my b.com exams.. Cried in examination hall too n ppl thought i got nervous bcoz of paper (ha ha ha funny).

Anyways i listened to everything bad he said from ‘fuck off’ to ‘bitch’ when he used to loose his temper


The person whom u have given everything is abusing u like this!!!!!! Listened to that too with no complaints..

I was abused in every possible way by every1… life seemed like nothing..

M i living 4 this???????

I never gave weight age to money, status, looks, or anything else but just love n this i m getting..


But main thing is y i can’t say anything in return to him?? bcoz I love him (that means he don’t love me??) or i m too weak to say anything?????

I DONT KNOW n don’t want to know coz that will make me more crazy

then May came n he came home as what it was decided n in end it was agreed by both parties that i should b making my career first n then go for any relationship..Happily decided by both sides.. Thought it’s all sorted but d game is not yet over.. How can it b so easily..

He always thought my family is fooling him don’t know y..i think he knows my family better than me or may b i have myself created such image abt my family?????

Whatever but through all this period i have been going through HELL.. really he almost ignored me when i needed him d most, abused me like anything

n what i got in return just tears but i m cried more bcoz of d good times we shared n spent together

hw can some1 who love u can ignore u let it b any reason..(he believed making distance frm me wl make me strong for carrying on dis fight wid my family for him)

I know its difficult for him too but for me it’s too not easy but i make sure I act calmly especially with him..

I even left home at that time (though he convinced me to return back) when my dad can’t even got up from bed (met wid serious accident), without thinking about his condition, fought with ppl at that crucial time when he needed me d most but I still went with my love.

Didn’t care about anything n what I got????????


Its sad when u message yourself “i love u n there for u always” on ur no.with d name of the person u love just for the support.

i have no written records with me now but nobody can erase it from memory..

n i have truly loved him with no conditions still he doubt. Don’t knw y??????????

Where i m wrong that i m getting such reaction!!!

Y i m to b blamed for everything..

Well complaints will lead me nowhere as no one is listening either..

It feels good when u write as there is no one to listen to u not even d one whom u need d most!!!!!

One thing i always did n do is I wish him every 20th (d date we first met) but every time, i get negative response or sometimes, no response
i was broken within all these months till January n fought shamelessly with my family for him. Cried, shouted, went on hunger strike n what not but it seemed my family didn’t had heart.

after going through long trauma n fights for 5 months finally my family decided to call his family home in jan’11 to talk about us(a ray of hope finally ) I was not allowed there n d matter was handled by elder ppl of both families along with Arnav.

As usual my family gave another shock to them n me.. OUR HOROSCOPES DONT MATCH AS PER D ASTROLOGER. Though d score was 30/36 but it’s not about score only.My family told them that being both manglik i shud marry after turning 24 n that is a right age too to get settled. Listening to this arnav boiled with anger as he was expecting this kind of story only from them. His family was in no mood to wait for another 3 years as arnav himself was 28 by now. So they made excuse that they will decide n let my family know soon. Main reason for my family’s denial- my cousin is unmarried yet n it wud b difficult for her if i got married b4 her.(which arnav failed to understand).one thing more my family is a firm believer of all these horoscopes. It is almost impossible to make them agree on dis front.

When they all went home my family turned hostile to them bcoz of d heating conversations both parties had during the meeting. They were nt at all happy dont know y but i think my family is more allergic to ‘love marriages’ than anything else.

i didn’t had d courage to message arnav even as i was afraid of his reaction n feedback. Got a message after 4-5 hrs from him, complaining that y i didn’t message him for so long though he added that its better that we don’t communicate from now as dis relationship can’t go anywhere (i almost collapsed listening dis) he ended d call n dropped a msg saying FINAL GOODBYE i tried to hold him back all that week through talks but I guess he was tired n determined by now n his family too.
i felt soooooooo empty each day n helpless too. Life was dead n aimless.

Months passed by n i used to wish him every 20th through mails to which he never responded.

One morning of May i received a long n prolix mail by him when he was in USA (went for work)it was heart melting n touchy but was rude n full of anger too. He was complaining that i have made his life hell n made him suffer so much by not taking any action for this relationship. He said he still loves me n goes crazy without me. His life is full of misery n sorrows n ppl no longer can bear him bcoz of his frustration on them.

I felt so guilty after reading d mail n cried a lot(a usual habit now) i mailed him back comforting him a lot n told him about d same condition n life i m facing without him. But now his love changed more to anger n frustration. He was continuously nagging n complaining n blaming me for d worsening of d matter.

From May to October we exchanged rude n bitter words to each other hoping the other side will change things n we can b together once again but something was holding both of us to take extreme action.

i can’t talk in my family b4 my sis gets married n he can’t wait anymore as his family is pressurizing him to get settled asap.


Then came my exam (October end) which was in Delhi n near to his native place (noida).so i planned to meet him. He refused at once first of all n abused me a lot but later came to meet me..Seeing him after1.5 years was a feeling which no one can explain. We roam in mall n sat at barista. After staring at each other he collapsed in tears..I tried to stop him but don’t know how as was stunned to see that gesture. People around us were gazing at us as they found a new story to talk about..
‘Dude !! Handle ur life don’t buzz in our matter’ i was thinking.

we got up after sometime n spent 2 hrs together complaining n expecting from each other to turn things good as expected no one understood d other side problem. He dropped me at a place where my friend was waiting for me. I remember he addressed me ‘bhojh (burden) to which i almost cried as it hurted me so much. How can he say such a word to a person he love just bcoz he dropped me d other side of d road by bike when usually ppl cross it (whats a big deal?? i was new to d city anyways, u have to take care of me no matter what)

After he left I messaged him ‘love u, thanks for coming’ to which he replied ‘hmm’. (at least he replied this time ) for my 5 day stay in Delhi he fought a lot through messages day n night n i tried to calm him down but only my talks with my family can please him now I know this thing for sure..He asked me to take back all d gifts i gave him as they haunt him n make him sad n nostalgic(he cant throw them either bcoz of feelings attached with it).

He wants to start a new life n can’t stay in a limbo state anymore. i thought he will b strong after meeting me but he got more weak indeed.i returned back home n all this time in d journey he showed concern about my well being by asking me my whereabouts through messages. that was good n comforting as soon as i reached home he said ‘goodbye’ as he only was communicating with me all through d journey out of concern for me n need to stop all this now. he said he will not communicate with me n soon gave me ultimatum to talk in my family about him n if I won’t do now he will change everything even his no. n will leave no mode by which i can contact him. d whole week went like hell for me n I was helpless too as talking to 22 members of d family b4 cousin’s marriage was like banging head against wall in which i will b suffering ultimately like before.

Since that time I m not in touch with him..Everyday i wake up with his thought n sleep taking him in memory. Hoping things will turn good n he won’t get fixed with some1 else.

Expecting each message in my cell to b his but till now no news I have about him. don’t know y we r so attached to each other when we started facing all these problems right after 7 months of our relationship.ppl usually don’t like to hold such a short period journey with such heavy n big problems but i m sure something is there which is holding us together against the odds n that supreme power is LOVE!!!

DATE: 17.11.2011

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The one I’ll always love<3

Posted on : 15-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Long Distance Love, Romance Love Story



It all started the summer of 2009. I started a work program to make some money, they posted me at a county barn where I had to weed eat, mow, paint, etc. There was so many guys working there, some cute ones too, I had my eyes set on this one guy, he was tall, tan, blonde hair, toned stomach, broad shoulders, (sounds like a fantasy, I know) anyway I had my eyes set on him, always flirting around. One day I was put on a crew with me, my brother, and an old friend. We were painting a cemetery pavilion green and silver. I love painting so I didn’t mind.

Our supervisor would take my brother and leave me and my friend there alone, we would always talk and reminisce about school and people we went to school with. Later I found out he was starting to like me. I was happy, I thought I’d finally found a boyfriend. But I was wrong, dead wrong.

The main lady from the job program I was on showed up for us to sign our pay checks, it was raining this day, and we were told to weed eat and mow around the shop. So I picked up a weed eater and it hit me in the eye, to my surprise a guy I hadn’t even thought about liking, took the weed eater away, wiped the grass from my face, and smiled at me. I knew this was gonna be a great chapter in my life. While outside mowing, his weed eater ran out of gas, he walked over to where I was push mowing a ditch and started talking to me, I soon then realized that I had previously ignored a friend request from him on myspace and facebook, we started talking about previous jobs, and I did find out I knew his sister. We clicked, I knew we were gonna end up together.

Later that day we said our Fischer for the weekend. Oh how I thought of him and couldn’t wait for Monday. When Monday rolled around we were setting across from eachother once again, he never said a word, just smiled. Our boss was giving our job assignments for the day, when we realized I was the only person on my crew that day and he was the only on his, so we were put together painting that day. Before we got out he grabbed my hand and smiled. That made my heart melt. We finished painting the pavilion an was put on weed eating, we went back to the shop and gathered our weed eaters and gas, when our supervisor took forever to come out of the shop, so we set there waiting when to my surprise he kissed me! My heart pounded, it was amazing beyond belief, at the end of the work day je took me home, and kissed me aging, when I arrived home he gave me his number and I invited him swimming with me an my brother that day.

I arrived at my grandmas and used me uncles phone to text him as we were headed to the lake, he was already there, we arrived an hour before dark. We talked and swam around and had fun. That’s the day we started dating.

Two weeks later he broke up with me on facebook, he said his parents didn’t want us together because of our age difference, 6 1/2 years. A week later we were together again. Two months went by and we were so happy, he said he loved me and I believed him. One night we had sex. And exchanged some dirty pictures. My mom found out the next day. 🙁 she called the cops and tried to get charges filed. The police wouldn’t press charges because 16 is legal consent and because I didn’t file charges they dropped the case.

Three months went by and I haven’t heard a word from him, I thought it was over. I always talked about him with my friends at school when my bestie did the unthinkable. She found him on myspace and started talking to him, I knew nothing about this until she came to school the next Monday and showed me the messages, he still loved me and he said It never ended. That was the happiest moment of my life, I spent two years not seeing him but borrowing my cousins and uncles phone to talk to him for a year, I had my own phone the next year. Two years talking on the phone was my only communication with him. At the end of the second year I would stay the night with me brother who let me leave late at night to see this love of mine. I did this for a few months when my mother found out, but at this time I was 18 and it didn’t matter. I moved in with him the day after I turned 18. And we bought a house, which we live in now.

Honestly I do believe he loves me from the first time he said it. I am still waiting on a proposal after 2 1/2 years but I think it’s worth the wait. He held on through the police and everything. How many guys would stay with a girl if their parents tried to put them in jail? Not very many. So if he could hold on two years I think I can wait a little longer as well.

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      dream love

      Posted on : 09-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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      after breaking up with my long term boyfriend, i lost hope of ever finding love again. Thus i just told my mother to find anyone she likes and I’d simply marry him. she didn’t take any action about it until she found the exact carbon copy of my ex. we both didn’t know each other then but he used to visit a relatives house we normally go.

      mom and the relative, both together tricked me into texting him, saying that he gave his number and that he wants to marry me. i tried my best not to text him but they persuaded me to do so. upon texting him we both found out what had really happened. so i said sorry and he said its okay. and thus i told my mother that it was over. however after that we remained as friends and also exchanged our email addresses. the best thing he liked about me was that i was honest to him. he trusted me as if i was an angel.

      he was very caring and helpful. THE BEST!.. one day he brought up the topic on how we met and i said in reply ‘that’s long gone’. and he said ‘yeah it was nothing’. after some more months, someone called my mother and asked for my hand in marriage. mother asked me whether i was willing to do so and i thought, ‘why not? that guy doesn’t like me anyway’.

      i did feel like i should tell this to the guy at least indirectly but thought he wouldn’t care anyway. and i knew it would hurt me if he didn’t care, because i had started to like him. so i said ‘yes’ and both families began to talk about marriage. just about 2-3 days after, he asked me in a conversation whether my mother found me someone. it was the second time he was asking me. the previous time[sometime back], i had said no and he had replied with a simple smile.

      this time, however, i replied with a yes and he went silent. he wanted to know what was my response to the relationship request and i told him that i had said ‘yes’. he got angry and said if he knew that he wouldn’t have talked to me this way and asked why i didn’t think it was necessary for him to know it before i said yes. and thus he called me a cheater and wont call out to me online.

      i didn’t dare call him out either since i knew his anger was because i was going to get married and that was something i couldn’t change. we spent like a month without talking. from the beginning he was very much concerned about his privacy and had asked me not to even mention his name to anyone. however, upon knowing that he had feelings for me, i ran to my mother right away and cried.

      it was totally not me to cry in front of anyone and so my mother took it very seriously. She discussed about it to my brother and he asked for the guy’s details. when i refused to tell, my mother told him about one of our relatives who would know. my mother assured me that i could still have my way, but i didn’t want to do anything that would lower the status of my family in front of everyone. that’s why i chose to sacrifice my love. one day while i was online, that guy cursed me and called me a liar. i begged him to tell me what was going on but he wouldn’t. he told me to delete all his msgs, emails, etc and got offline.

      i was shocked. what really happened was that my brother got the guy’s email address and actually shouted at him online[the guy was abroad by then]. my brother didn’t shout at him for calling me a cheater or whatsoever untold love between us, but because during those days when we talked, i used to ask my brother things that which used to contradict his beliefs and when my brother would ask who said that? I’d simply reply, ‘someone’.

      my brother was curious to know who i was talking to and this was his chance to get back at him and so he did. i asked my brother what he had said at him about me and my brother replied that the only thing he said at him about me is that ‘you are the one who is brainwashing my sister, so its you whom i want to talk to’. i quickly sent him a message and explained that i didn’t tell my brother anything about him. and that it was my mother who discussed about him. i also told him how my brother had reached him.

      however, he just cursed me again and called me a liar and got offline. i was shattered. just two days after he had cursed me the first time, i had a seizure while sleeping. doctor said that it i must’ve been in high stress because all the other factors were normal. i was admitted in hospital and had to go through a lot of tests, during which i missed him so much but i didn’t tell him anything, because i felt he wouldn’t care. i also had counseling to forget him but in vain.

      anyway, when i had seizure my going to be husband and his family drifted away. we didn’t care about them n so we didn’t care checking on them. after like 2 months we heard from them and by then my father was angry and he refused to take this relation any further. i was so excited! felt like i should rush to the guy and tell him everything but now we had some other reason of anger between us which wasn’t very clear to me.

      lately, my brother told me that, that guy is trying to be very friendly with him and calls out to my brother himself. i felt jealous. whatever reason he hates me for, it is [atleast partially] because of my brother. if he can be so cool with my brother then why not me? i didn’t get online much after my seizure and we rarely met online. i decided that i should tell him what I’ve gone through, and that i was single again. so i tried talking to him online and he did respond to me every time i called out.

      however he seemed so distant and he kept his reply as short as he could. i didn’t get much of a chance to really talk about it anyway, because i was afraid to. finally i thought that i should rather not tell him anything and just forget him. so i called out to him and asked whether he was busy. he kept writing, writing, writing until i got disgusted and said, ‘i want to talk to you. wont take much of your time, allow me’.

      i wonder what he kept writing for about 2-3 minutes, because he responded with an ‘OK’. i told him that whatever i wanted to tell him before, i think its better not to tell. and i also told him that its better i dont try to make him understand things anymore, but to know that I’m not a deceiver or a liar. he kept saying ‘OK’ in reply to whatever i kept saying. finally i cut it short and finished it with a ‘be happy’ to which he said ‘OK’.

      since then I’m trying my best to pretend I’m happy and cool. i did show my relationship status on my profile as single too, but he didnt seem to care. neither did he greet me on the previous festive season, when he greeted everyone else. And perhaps i’m thinking of agreeing to marry someone who has been begging for my hand in marriage. you know what they say: be with someone who knows what they have when they have you..

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      Posted on : 08-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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      It was the time when I was gearing up for the departmental sports meet,way back in 7th standard. Everyday practice made me tired , and I returned home with a tiring face. Finally the day arrived. Without bothering about the results of my race I celebrated the victory of my school.
      In the same athletic meet i couldn’t help but notice the guy who was about six feet tall. Later, it happened to fall to my ears that he was the best athlete present there on the ground. Without bothering about his presence I moved on to celebrate the victory of my school.
      Three years since then on, it was all the same as it could be. Then came one of the supposedly most important exam of my life. Co-incidentally he was in the same block that i was in. I found girls around me noticing him but, i never bothered. Those twenty days just passed.
      One and half years later when I was jus about to complete my pre-university, a friend of mine gave my cell phone number to the same guy whom I had come across co-incidentally, many a times, ever since my higher primary school. It seemed funny, but I behaved as if everything was normal. He texted me and didn’t know who it was. After a chat of some hours he told me his details. Though I was excited enough, I never made him realise I was. I refused to talk to him when my conscience asked me to do so. Then after ten days came the festival of lights. He was off to a holy place called Tirupathi. While he was on the way to the place he proposed me for the first time. My heart skipped a beat. I was in a state of shock. Again, I behaved normal. Since then for two months, there wasn’t even a single day when he didn’t ask me out. The one line that he always repeated was ’that’s ok if you don’t like me. You can be frank and tell me if it is so ’.
      I never thought the day to come would turn out to be the D-day. It was 31st December night. Both of us happened to land up at the same party spot to celebrate the welcoming of a new year. I knew he was leaving to Mangalore the very next day. I couldn’t believe I was not comfortable with the fact that he was going. I missed him in the real sense. That night when he proposed again, I couldn’t help it, but say yes.
      Things went on well for really a good amount of time. Trouble showered four days after his first birthday, with me being in a relationship with him. I got to know something which wasn’t pleasing to my ears. Soon things got resolved and we were back together like before.
      The two dates that I can never forget were 28th and 29th of march when, we for the first time kissed and hugged each other. Before things could get normal for a longer period petty fights began to emerge and the worse part of it was that we never celebrated birthdays and anniversaries together since destiny never allowed us to remain without quarrelling when those dates approached.
      Slowly time passed by, and reasons of fight grew to be bigger and it seemed as if things could never get normal after all that had happened.
      Today, when I look back it feels that my feelings still remain and, will always remain the same for him but, I have failed to realise what went wrong that its not the same with him. I fail to understand why he cannot have the same feelings that I do.
      I believe the love story has been weird to here. But with all the thick and thin moments that I have been through, I still believe they were the best moments of my life.
      (Tanu and Vishak – Not together anymore but are still together somewhere.) …….. love, Tanu…!

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      love and hate

      Posted on : 07-11-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Long Distance Love, Romance Love Story



      I m raja. raja means king, and yea I had a attitude like king, careless, fearless and ready to fight with everything. but suddenly everything changed,

      I m 21 year old, I m doing my graduation but i hardly go to school when I m alone in my room I go to facebook and that kinda site for just time pass. about a year ago i met a girl tiph on facebook, she was so insecure and depressed, always complaining about her life and how she look. well this not beginning of the story,
      we not used to talk much at that time. may 2011, we started chating for hours, we both become good friend, she told me she is 33 year old, she has a son, but she wasn’t married. she has a boyfriend from india, the same place where i live. i still remember the day 18th may, she had a fight with his boyfriend, she was sad, and after a long conversation she told me what happened. she told me how much she love her, she used to talk about unconditional and pure love. I was very impressed by her. I started giving her all my time, chat with her for the whole day until she go to sleep. i start to stay up for the whole nite to just talk to her. and she never used to get bored of me, she used to wake up early just to chat with me, even if she go to pee she take me with her. i always forget to keep track of time when i chating with her,i make some stupid joke and she always laugh on it, she told me everything about her. i m not going into that. well i sucked in my exam for this. but i was very happy.
      She was having issues with her boyfriend, he used to make her sad and cry, he didn’t have time for his own girlfriend. i still don’t know why one of them never tried to go to visit their love. I m always confused with their love. whatever coming back to my story, we become more then just friends and she agreed to it, i never wanted to get married but i told tiph that i m in love with her. one day tiph had a big fight with her boyfriend she was crying like hell and that day I felt how much I love her , I proposed her to marry me, she said if his boyfriend doesn’t marry her she would marry me. I was ok with it. I still dont care that I m just an option for her, I just care how I can make her happy. these days were the best days of my life. she made me feel I m very special. I m a short height boy with not so cute appearance, but she made me believe that i m awesome. later she promised me that she would marry me whatever happen. i got addicted to her. now i need her every second i m awaken. and she used to be with me all time. we used to say i love u to each other like a million times in a day. she used to dream of me every night, and at the morning when she tells me the dream i get very happy.
      But god had some other plans for me, he makes my life better just to make it worse. her boy friend bijay, he is a cute guy, lots of girls dying to get her, he is employed in a well known company and always busy with friend at holidays. about two month ago bijay started to being very nice to her. tiph was very happy because his boyfriend is giving her more time. at that time she changed for me, she doesn’t talk to me anymore like she used to. she said i m everything for her and we r so perfect but suddenly she just went away from me. we used to fight everyday after that. i wanted to leave her. but i couldn’t. then i realized i have given up everything to her. it was very frustrating. at same time she was having issues with bijay , they used to fight always. and he makes her cry. tiph always tell me when she has any problem. i cant see her crying, doesn’t matter she love me or not, i used to explain to her that bijay is not a bad guy and how he is right and she should be with her. i said all that just cause she doesn’t cry. she said she is leaving him. and at the same time i said to her that if she wanted to marry me she had to prove she really love me cause i felt she doesn’t love me she just used me as a boyfriend when bijay wasn’t there for her. well after that she chooses him. and she dumped me like i m a piece of sh#t. i now she cant leave bijay cause he is a guy every girl wants. she doesn’t love me anymore but she doesn’t love bijay either but only because of bijay is strong enough to leave her and hurt her she doesn’t want him to go. i m not that kinda guy. i tried to kill my self when she told me few days ago that she cant live without bijay. i dont care about what she have done to me , i still care about how i can make her happy. she stil chat with me , not like the old days but thanks to her she still reply and call me when i ask her. she still says she would marry if bijay doesn’t want her. yea i hate to be a 2nd option now but what to do i don’t have an option, i cant live without her. now i have planed to go there, and get any job i get and then help her anyhow possible. i still love her more than my life.she is everything for me.

      (Screen) Name: raja




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